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    The amazing view of the Midnight Sun while a man walks his dog in the snow

    Are you one of those people who’s into bright, sunny days that never end and find yourself wishing it never got dark out there? Well, then you need to head up into the northern hemisphere. In fact, head way up north of that hemisphere itself! Here’s a list of all the unbelievably stunning destinations in the world that experience the Midnight Sun, that is, they are places where the sun either never sets, or goes down only for few hours. Like really few hours…

    1. Stockholm, Sweden

    A stunning view of the harbour of Stockholm

    Image Source

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    2. St. Petersburg, Russia

    A magnificent evening view of St. Petersburg where the sun hasn’t set

    Image Source

    3. Helsinki, Finland

    A gorgeous night view of Helsinki still illuminated by sunlight

    Image Source

    4. Iqaluit, Canada

    A man walks his dog in the snow in Iqaluit in evening while the sun still shines

    Image Source

    5. Dawson City, Yukon, Canada

    A family ride on a sleigh pulled by dogs while the sun shines in the evening

    Image Source

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    6. Reykjavik, Iceland

    Snow gleams over the houses in Reykjavik and the midnight sun shines above them

    Image Source

    7. Fairbanks, Alaska

    The light of the midnight sun illuminates Fairbanks

    Image Source

    8. Longyearbyen, Norway

    The coloured houses sparkle by the midnight sun in Longyearbyen

    Image Source

    9. Riga, Latvia

    The aerial view of the marvelous city of Riga, shining under the sunlight

    Image Source

    10. Salisbury, England

    The amazing view of the Stonehenge and the midnight sun over Salisbury

    Image Source

    11. Paris, France

    The Louvre sparkling under the midnight sun

    Image Source

    Imagine setting down for dinner in one of these gorgeous locations while the sun shines bright outside your windows! A beautiful idea, ain’t it? Why don’t you share this with your friends and find out if their thoughts match yours. Don’t forget to tell us too in your comments below.

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