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    Pulau Tengah Cover

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    Does your heart desire a vacation right in the middle of an exotic island? Do you dream of walking on a white sandy beach that shimmers like silver and look as far as your sight can reach to see the horizon? Are you wishing for a getaway that is luxurious in its true sense? Then a private island vacation would be the perfect solution to all your holiday cravings. While these private islands take exotic vacation a notch higher, one such blissful destination is that of Pulau Tengah. Nothing can stop you from falling in love with this tiny little gem once you step your foot on it, and once you’re there, there is no looking back!

    About Pulau Tengah

    Pulau Tengah

    Image Source

    Off the coast of Mersing, you will find an adorable patch of land studded in the blue waters of the South China Sea. Tengah island seems to be squeezed in between two of its larger neighbours that means ‘Middle Island’. A tropical paradise would be the most apt description for this stunning island which is governed by Malaysia. This island is a part of the Johor Marine Park and is one of the best places in the world to get up close and personal with the most exquisite sea life. It is a private island operating as a privately owned resort welcoming families, groups of people and even corporate teams for a luxurious getaway.

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    6 Best Things To Do At Pulau Tengah

    1. Watch The Turtles Lay Eggs

    Turtles In Pulau Tengah

    Image Source

    At the end of October, you will find turtles nesting at this place who arrive at the shore to lay their eggs. Who wouldn’t want to witness a unique thing such as the mother turtle laying eggs. Join the volunteer team and be a part of protecting the turtle population. You can support turtle hatcheries and conservation projects by adopting a nest or generously donating towards the good work that scientists and locals are doing here. Your single gesture can go a long way in protecting these stunning creatures from the brink of extinction.

    2. Explore The Beautiful Underwater World

    Marine life

    Image Source

    Besides admiring the wonderful sandy beaches on the island, indulge in snorkeling adventure and enjoy the beautiful underwater world. Explore the exotic marine life and many sea turtles. The water is crystal blue with calm waves and renders an incredible experience when you are in touch with it. Bring your kids with you and it will be a thrilling experience for them as they enjoy snorkelling too. Don’t fret because Batu Bata dive team runs many youth scuba diving programs for everyone above five years of age.

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    3. Go Island Hopping Via Boats

    Island in Pulau Tengah

    Image Source

    Take a boat trip to the Palau Tengah island and explore the beautiful neighbouring islands. Adults and children alike can have plenty of fun on the way witnessing the island’s eight white sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs. Also, there are boats which can take you deep into the island sea. The ones who want to enjoy the deep waters, can reach there with the help of the boats at the resort.

    4. Indulge In Some Yoga

    Yoga in Pulau Tengah

    Image Source

    If you want further relaxation and wish to set yourself free from the chatter of the mind, you can participate in the yoga classes on the island. Feel at ease, slow the moments down soak the pleasant scenery of the island around while you indulge in some yoga.

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    5. Watch Unique Plants

    Plants at Pulau Tengah

    Image Source

    Pulau Tengah is the land abundant with wide-range of flora and fauna within its boundaries. There are an estimated 213 types of rare flowering plant species blooming in this biologically rich island. You must take a glimpse at the many unique plants here for a truly fulfilling experience.

    6. Stay At Bata Batu Private Island Resort

    Batu Batu Island Resort

    Image Source

    Whatever is your version of a fun packed and a relaxing vacation, the Bata Batu Private Island resort can rightly fulfill your top holiday fantasies. Set amidst coconut grooves, rocky outcrops and powder white sand beaches, this island resort delivers eye candy galore. Built from a variety of Malay kampung style hardwoods it’s by far the most beautiful island resort in the world which will blow away your senses.

    Besides spellbound beauty and architecture, it’s a super cosy and splendid place to stay for honeymooners and vacationers at Pulau Tengah. Featuring 20 one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas set amidst the island’s wild and natural environment, the luxury island resort also has eight white sandy beaches and colorful reef that showcase breathtaking vistas.

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    How To Reach Pulau Tengah

    Boat ride

    Image Source

    Pulau Tengah island is just about 3 km in its perimeter but has about 10 beautiful, serene and secluded beaches. The island is well connected to its neighbouring islands as well as the mainland. Tourists have to reach the port of Mersing from where boats travel back and forth to Tengah island. It is situated at around 9 nautical miles or 16 km away from this this port. Traverse over the vast blue waters for about 20 minutes and your dream destination is right before your eyes. For those who are traveling from Singapore, there are private bus and taxi companies offering comfortable services.

    So what are you waiting for? The enchanting island of Tengah is simple, laid back and exotic at the same time. A perfect fit for the travelers who are looking for an extremely enriching experience, should make it a point to visit this gem of the sea at least once in their lifetime on their next trip to Malaysia.

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