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Ranikhet is a trekkers’ paradise with several trails that offer mesmerising views of the Himalayas. Ranikhet is a hill station and cantonment town, near Almora Town in Almora district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Meaning ‘Queen’s Meadow’, Ranikhet is a tranquil cantonment town tucked away in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. Ranikhet In December can get extremely cold, with the mercury level rarely rising above 15 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature being -3 degrees Celsius. Nature lovers from all over the country visit this beautiful place, famous for its natural beauty and apple orchards.

About Ranikhet

Beautiful mountain view of Ranikhet.

Image Credit: Harshit SR for Wikimedia Commons

Ranikhet is a hill station and cantonment town, near Almora Town in Almora district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is the home of the Military Hospital, Kumaon Regiment (KRC) and Naga Regiment and is maintained by the Indian Army. Ranikhet Cantonment is spread over a total area of 4,176.031 acres, of which 2,580.135 acres is the Reserve Forest area, 920.328 acres is the Station area and 675,568 acres is the Military area. The Ranikhet Cantonment area is home to several tourist places. The KRC Museum, maintained by the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army, has a collection of pictures and artefacts, mainly focusing on the contributions of the Regiment during the World Wars, the Sino-Indian War, Indo-Pakistani wars of 1965 & 1971, the Kargil War and Operation Pawan.

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Ranikhet Weather In Winter

Snow-capped mountains of Naina Devi Peak In Winters.

Image Credit: Harshit SR for Wikimedia Commons

Winters in Ranikhet can get extremely cold, with the mercury level rarely rising above 15 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature being -3 degrees Celsius. Usually starting from October and remaining till the end of February, winter months in this region welcome large crowds of people who come to witness the magical snowfall and head out for numerous adventure activities, along with sightseeing. The average temperature in Ranikhet in December for a typical day ranges from a high of 66°F (19°C) to a low of 43°F (6°C). Some would describe it as moderately chilly. For comparison, the hottest month in Ranikhet, May, has days with highs of 91°F (33°C) and lows of 64°F (18°C).

Best Things To Do In Ranikhet In December

Everyone loves to travel in cold weather to see the mesmerizing views. There are many top things to do in Ranikhet during a visit in December. Some of them are as follows.

1. Explore Chaubatia Orchards

See the Chaubatia Orchards in Almora at Ranikhet

Image Source: Shutterstock

In a remote hill station in India- Ranikhet, a town better known for its cantonment, Chaubatia Gardens is a beautiful orchard complete with a fruit garden. Chaubattia is best known for its botanical garden and fruit orchard, which are popular with tourists to the region. The gardens contain predominantly apple, peach, plum and apricot trees. The Chaubatia Gardens are perched at an altitude of 1800 m and sprawls over 600 acres of land. It boasts more than 200 exotic varieties of fruits and flowers. This place is renowned for its orchards of delicious apples, peaches, plums and apricots.

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2. Visit Jhula Devi Temple

A Hindu shrine to seek blessings in Winter.

Image Source: Shutterstock

This old temple, dedicated to the goddess Jhula Devi, features many hanging bells. One of the major tourist attractions in Ranikhet, Jhula Devi Temple, is dedicated to the goddess Durga and is well-known for its cluster of elegantly designed bells. Adorned in the verdant hills of Kumaon, the Jhula Devi Temple is near the Chaubatia Gardens. In a popular temple with visitors, people obey the goddess deity by tying small bells and making their wishes.

3. Walk Around The Ranikhet Golf Course

Enjoy the golf in the beautiful landscape of the Golf Course in Ranikhet

Image Source: Shutterstock

A colonial cottage in the middle of the course provides a breathtaking break to the visitors. Built in and around 1920, this lush 9-hole golf course is a prime tourist attraction. The golf course remains open to the public. One of the highest golf courses in Asia, the famous Upat Golf Course, also known as Ranikhet Golf Course, is situated only 6 km away from Ranikhet. Even if you don’t play golf, walking around the course is refreshing and offers splendid photo opportunities. The green meadow of the Upat Golf course, which is at such a high altitude, has a breathtaking view. And it also has membership plans for tourists as well. The green meadow of the Upat Golf course, which is at such a high altitude, has a breathtaking view. And it also has a membership plan for tourists as well.

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4. Trek To Bhalu Dam

Aerial view of a Bhalu dam situated in the cedar forest and Himalayan Oak.

Image Credit: Harshit SR for Wikimedia Commons

Bhalu Dam is the place of an Artificial lake that offers a panoramic view of the snow-capped wide range of the Himalayan Range. Bhalu Dam is a semicircular masonry dam constructed in 1903 by a British Viceroy as a source of drinking water for the soldiers. A small reservoir is 70 m long, 6.6 m wide, and 9 m deep. The surrounding areas of this pristine lake offer mesmerizing views of the Himalayan peaks. The small but beautiful garden near the dam is a wonderful site. The cool breeze and snow-capped valleys make the dam area a perfect holiday spot for nature-loving tourists.

It is also a popular spot for camping and picnicking. The dam is about 3 km trek from Chaubatia Orchard. The road to Bhulu Dam is in pretty bad shape, as are the directions. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 2 h 18 min to complete. This trail is great for birding, hiking, and walking, and you’ll unlikely encounter many other people while exploring.

5. Enjoy The Snow

Snow-caped mountains In Ranikhet

Image Source: Shutterstock

December can bring snowfall to Ranikhet, transforming it into a winter wonderland. Ranikhet’s winter season usually spans from November to February. During the day, temperatures usually hover around (6 -19°C), while nights can get considerably colder, dipping to around (4°C) or even lower. Pack thermal wear, sweaters, fleece jackets, and a heavy winter coat. Engage in snow-related activities like building snowmen, snowball fights, and simply enjoying the snowy landscape. Don’t forget your sunglasses, scarf, and a good moisturiser to protect your skin from the cold, dry air.

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6. Admire The Sunset At Majkhali

Picturesque Sunset of the Majkhali near the Ranikhet

Image Source: Shutterstock
Majkhali is a beautiful village town located at 12kms from Raniket. It is surrounded by forests & mountains. The place is best visited between February and November to witness these breathtaking mountains and sunsets in all their glory. The tranquillity of this hill station provides a peaceful backdrop for romantic moments, whether it’s watching the sunset over the mountains. Majkhali is famous for the Goddess Kali Temple. Ranikhet has many sunset points that provide a view of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains. The most prominent include Machkhali, located near Wood Villa Point between Transit Camp and Ganiadeoli.

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Now that you have a list of things to remember for your next vacation to see Raniketh in December make sure you plan your trip to Uttarakhand to these fabulous spots for the experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on these opportunities, and book your tickets now!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Raniketh In December

How much time will be required to reach Ranikhet from Delhi?

Around 250+ kilometres separate Ranikhet from Delhi. The bus is the most direct route from Delhi to Ranikhet. About seven hours pass.

What to buy in Raniket?

Famous for its flannel fabric shawls, jackets, kurtas, and shirts is Ranikhet's Mall Road. KRC Shawl and Tweed Factory and Outlet are two more shopping destinations in Ranikhet.

What are some tourist attractions in Ranikhet?

The Jhula Devi Temple, Haidakhan Babaji Temple, and Chaubatia are some of the great places to visit around Ranikhet.

What is the Climate in Ranikhet like?

Ranikhet, 0 feet (0 meters) above sea level, has a dry, humid subtropical climate in the winter. The district experiences an annual temperature of 21.5ºC (70.7ºF), which is -4.47% colder than the average for India.

How many days are sufficient to cover Ranikhet?

2 to 3 days are sufficient to cover the town. However, if you really want to soak in the atmosphere and vibration then you can easily spend 3-4 days in Ranikhet.

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