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    Reasons why women make for poor travel companions

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    Nobody can disagree with this, women are a real pain to travel with. Adventure, maps, directions, packing, relaxing, these terms are just so alien to them. With constant cribbing, redundant luggage, and uncountable stoppages you’d rather travel with owls and dodos than with women.

    Have a trip with your girlfriend/wife in the offing? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should drop the plan now. Trust us boy, you can’t stand women on a trip.

    1. Women pack stuff they haven’t used on a trip for a decade!

    Even if luggage size is humongous - the pointers for necessary items cannot be missed

    Image Source
    Zaid Ali’s ‘aunties keep everything in their purse‘ video is just so right. We bet you have never used the scissors and medicines and gluesticks and special oils they pack each time.

    2. Women talk too much and don’t enjoy the silence that the serene places offer

    Her giggle and sweet talks can make your day better

    Image Source
    Having them beside to cuddle and pamper is not romantic for sure!

    3. Who wants real food, woman! There is so much junk to hog on!

    Women never let you starve or live off junk food

    Image Source
    You just hate the gourmet meals they order, don’t you! With those intestines of steel, you could live off hamburgers and canned food for weeks.

    4. Women force you to stay cooped up inside a room

    She will enjoy the adventures as much as you will

    Image Source
    They are never game for fun things like a bike ride, impromptu hikes, and adventure sports like bungee and scuba.

    5. Actually, women are not adventurous at all

    Women have fun while exploring adventures with you

    Image Source
    Not at all!

    6. Women just refuse to come out of the hotel room and enjoy the sun

    Women like to relax in the sun and have some down-time

    Image Source

    7. For women, outings on a vacation are all about shopping and expensive spas

    Woman enjoying on a sandy beach with her man

    Image Source

    8. Women don’t understand how men love their unkempt beds and smelly socks to eternity

    Women acquaint you to the world of luxury

    Clean laundry and cozy rooms are not for men.

    9. And if you fall sick on a vacation, women are the last beings you’d want around

    They take care of you in different situations where you need it the most

    Image Source
    Along with medicines, you can buy warmth too, right?

    10. And any day, drunk and passed out guys are so much nicer than a beautiful caring woman

    She has the potential to make any commonplace occurrence, more beautiful and more memorable

    Image Source


    They motivate you to keep you vacation as a vacation not as a drunk party

    Image Source

    If you still didn’t get the sarcasm, you need a doctor who’s a woman, to fix all that’s wrong with your mind, heart and body. And if you did, share it with everyone who thinks women can’t be fun travel companions.

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