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    What’s all this fuss about Sri Lanka being an awesome tourist destination? Well, I beg to differ, I think there’s nothing special about the place that’ll make me want to go there or anyone else. And, you agree with me on that, just keep reading! Apart from being boring and unpleasant here are some of the reasons why you should never visit Sri Lanka

    31 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Sri Lanka

    Here are 31 reasons why you should never visit Sri Lanka for vacation. Keep scrolling down and read along!

    1. To begin with the scenery is a big turn off

    Colombo beach

    Image Source

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    2. Yep, the place is a dump!

    St. Clair's Falls

    Image Source

    3. The capital city, Colombo doesn’t even have a decent skyline.

    The capital city Colombo

    Image Source

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    4. This small island country is so disconnected from the entire world that you’ve no other option but to swim through the Arabian Sea to reach there!

    Sri Lankan airways

    Image Source

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    5. Also, why would you want to go to a war stricken country with rampant terrorism? It’s scary!

    Sri lankan monks

    Image Source

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    6. I mean there’s no peace and harmony at all – Zilch!

    School children sri lanka

    Image Source

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    7. There is no place to spend sometime in peace and tranquility.

    Sri lankan tea gardens

    Image Source

    8. The beaches are swarmed with people and so damn filthy!

    Colombo beach

    Image Source

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    9. And what’s all the fuss about profound spirituality in Sri lanka?

    Temples in Sri Lanka

    10. With the presence of all these temples and religious places you can only imagine how overly religious and conservative the Sri Lankans are.

    Beach Party in Sri Lanka

    Image Source

    11. So, obviously foreigners are treated with suspicious eyes

    Foreigners in Sri Lanka

    12. Wonder who on earth finds those gigantic Asiatic elephants cute to visit their orphanage?

    Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

    Image Source

    13. Can’t see why people would want to climb up a big ol’ ancient rock to check out a not-so-spectacular view

    Sigiriya Rock

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    14. Oh and the lion entrance guarding it can’t be more lame

    The lion entrance guarding

    Image Source

    15. Besides, what’s so awesome about the culture and tradition of Sri Lanka that everyone’s been talking about?

    Tradition of Sri Lanka

    Image Source

    16. People dancing in giant masks on the road can’t possibly be fun!

    People dancing

    Image Source

    17. Nothing cool about the lanterns at Vesak Festival either!

    The lanterns at Vesak Festival

    Image Source

    18. Nope, nothing at all

    Beauty of Sri Lanka

    Image Source

    19. The wildlife expeditions are just unimpressive

    The wildlife expeditions

    Image Source

    20. You wouldn’t find anything you don’t see in your day to day life.

    Sri Lankan Snakes

    Image Source

    21. It’s absolutely sick to touch and play with those rare sea turtles!

    Baby sea turtle

    22. All that hype about duty free shopping isn’t that impressive either!

    Duty free shopping

    23. Also, there’s just nothing to do other than visiting temples and shopping.

    Surfing boards in Sri Lanka beach

    Image Source

    24. You’d wonder what young people do to keep themselves occupied out there.

    Avicii concert in Sri Lanka

    Image Source

    25. Sri Lankan food?! Trust me, you wouldn’t want to put it inside your mouth!

    Sri Lankan seafood

    Image Source

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    26. Especially vegetarians- there’s nothing for you to eat in Sri Lanka!

    Dosa-Sri Lankan Vegetarian Food

    Image Source

    27. Not to mention the horrible accommodation options

    The horrible accommodation options

    Image Source

    28. To all the honeymooners, it’s a big No-No for you

    Place for honeymooners

    Image Source

    Plan A Romantic Honeymoon To Sri Lanka With TravelTriangle.com!

    29. So, what’s so great and unique about Sri Lanka?

    Style of fishing

    Image Source

    Well, their style of fishing for one…

    30. Why go there and get bored out of your mind?

    Sea Surfing in SriLanka

    Image Source

    Plan An Adventure Trip To Sri Lanka With TravelTriangle.com!

    31. So, just stay home and scratch it off your bucket list! Sri Lanka is just not the place for you…

    Sri Lankan Beaches

    Image Source

    But your heart says otherwise, doesn’t it? Now that all your inhibitions are cleared you can jump on to the next flight to Sri Lanka.

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    And, if you still want to visit the country, we can’t help it. Plan your vacation in Sri lanka with Travel Triangle with Travel Triangle and get ready to be disappointed. Like the article? Share your views in the comments section below.

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