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    Best Of Rishikesh In December

    Winter is coming, and every weekend will be perfect to head out and tick all the places off your bucket list. While we are sure your list must be endless, we don’t want to miss the chance of ensuring that you kick-start the weekend getaways in the most kick-ass way by planning a visit to Rishikesh in December.

    This city in the Himalayan foothills is an ideal place for a quick escape and rejuvenating one’s mind, body, and soul, and even you would agree with us!

    Weather In Rishikesh In December

    While the best time to visit Rishikesh is throughout the year, the Rishikesh weather in December makes it an ideal time to experience the best of the city! Wrapped in slight chill, the temperature drops as low as 8 degree Celsius and goes as high as 28 degrees Celsius. It isn’t the coldest month, but actually the most pleasant if you’re a winter baby. Also, this is the best time to indulge in adventure thrills like rafting, kayaking, and more.

    10 Must-Have Experiences In Rishikesh In December

    1. Indulge in river rafting

    rive rafting

    Being the one experience which the city is most known for, be it any season of the year, Rishikesh rafting in December is an activity you must indulge in during your winter getaway. The weather is pleasant throughout the day and the little chill in water is enough to get drenched in the thrill.

    Cost: INR 600 to INR 1,800 depending on the route

    River Rafting Routes:

    • Kaudiyala- Marine Drive (10 kms)
    • Marine Drive- Shivpuri (11 kmsI)
    • Shivpuri-Brahmpuri (11 kms)
    • Brahmpuri-Lakshman Jhula (9 kms)

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    2. Stay in a camp near the Ganges

    camping near ganga river in rishkesh

    Camping in Rishikesh in December is certainly one thing you need to do to stay close to nature, and closer to adventure. A camp stay near the river offers unique experiences and so there is absolutely no hotel in the city that can match up to its goodness.

    Famous Camps: Wildex Camp Rishikesh, Camp Ganga Riviera, Camp Roller Coaster Rishikesh, Cradle of Life, Jungle Swiss Camp, and more

    3. Calm your mind, body, and soul with yoga

    yoga and meditation

    Popular as the ‘yoga capital of the world’, Rishikesh is one place that calls you for unwinding like never before. With such a pleasant breeze around you, getting to taste the real pleasure of Yoga is all you need to enjoy a relaxing vacay.

    Best Ashrams For Yoga: Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Omkarananda Ganga Sadan, Sivananda Ashram, and Shree Mahesh Heritage School

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    4. Go cafe hopping

    Coffee Cup

    Image Source

    With famous cafes like the Little Buddha Cafe, The 60’s Cafe, Bistro Nirvana, and more that serve a variety of cuisines, your trip to Rishikesh in December will surely be a gastronomical joy-ride. The rustic setting with a gorgeous view of the river and the mountains is perfect for witnessing the culinary revolution in the city.

    Must Try: Traditional Garhwali food at the famous Chotiwala Restaurant, filter coffee with a well-made masala dosa at Madras Cafe, and more.
    Cost: The cost per person depends and varies from cafe to cafe.

    5. Rejuvenate yourself with the best Ayurvedic therapies

    ayurvedic massage in rihsikesh

    Being a heavenly abode of Ayurveda, Rishikesh is the best place to get your skin glowing and relaxing with the right massages & therapies. And no time can be more perfect than December itself to get some warmth for yourself.

    Best Ayurveda Centres In Rishikesh: Hemadri Ayurveda Centre, Ayurveda Bhavan, Ananda in the Himalayas, and Braham Yoga and Healing

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    6. Enjoy bungee jumping

    bungee jumping

    Image Source

    Of all the things to do in Rishikesh in December, bungee jumping offers the most thrill and joy. It has India’s highest fixed platform at a height of approximately 273 feet, a jump from where gets your adrenaline kicked in and fear kicked out.

    Cost: INR 3,550 per person (excluding the charges of video of the activity)
    Duration: 3 to 4 hours
    Timings: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM everyday (closed on Tuesday)
    Location: District Puri Garhwal, Mohan Chatti, Uttarakhand

    7. Walk across the Lakshman Jhula

    lakshman jhula

    A hanging bridge over the Ganges and one of the major tourist attractions in Rishikesh, the Lakshman Jhula is a serene place to take a walk amidst the cool breeze. After crossing from one end to another, you can explore a number of restaurants and shop to satiate both your hunger pangs and shopping desires.

    Cost: There is no entry fee for visiting this bridge.
    Timings: 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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    8. Shop your heart out like a local

    shopping in rishikesh market

    Shopping knows no time, day, or season, and so Rishikesh in December is undoubtedly a great place to shop some souvenirs for your loved ones. From clothes to jewelry and precious stones to spiritual things, you can buy anything from here at reasonable prices.

    Cost: The price for shopping depends from one market to another. However, the Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula markets are costlier than the main market near the Triveni Ghat.
    Famous Shopping Markets In Rishikesh: Lakshman Jhula Market, Ram Jhula Market, and Rishikesh Main Market

    9. Taste the thrill of Parasailing and Paragliding

    Parasailing and Paragliding

    Image Source

    Another popular experience out of all the things to do in Rishikesh in December is indulging in parasailing or paragliding. Both the activities give an opportunity to fly like a bird, embrace the chill on your skin, and make memories for lifelong.

    Cost: Around INR 4,500

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    10. Spend your evening at the Triveni Ghat

    triveni ghat rishikesh

    Apart from exploring the fun side of the city, Triveni Ghat is one of the top places to visit in Rishikesh in December to discover its tranquil side. You can sit by the ghat and enjoy the pleasant weather, and also witness the famous Hindu culture by attending the Ganga Aarti from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

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    Cost: There is no entry fee for visiting the Triveni Ghat.
    Timings: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM everyday (closed on Thursday)
    Location: Mayakund, Rishikesh

    Packing Essentials For A Trip To Rishikesh In December

    • Sturdy shoes
    • Full sleeves light, warm comfortable clothes
    • A couple of windcheaters
    • A moisturizer, balm, and essential toiletries
    • A torch
    • Medicines and a mosquito repellent


    Q. Is it advisable to visit Rishikesh in December?

    A. Rishikesh is a great place, which can be visited throughout the year. The weather in December makes it an ideal spot for tourists looking to witness the city at its best. The temperature stays between 28 degree Celsius to 8 degree Celsius, which ensures that it is absolutely advisable to visit the city in the winters.

    Q. What is the best time for visiting Rishikesh for river rafting?

    A. The best time to do rafting in Rishikesh ranges between October to May, when the weather stays pleasant and not much humid. The river during this time experiences good tides unlike the monsoon that stretches from June to September, making it difficult for tourists to indulge in every experience possible.

    Q. What are the few tips to keep in mind when traveling to Rishikesh in December?

    A. Carrying good sport shoes, medicines, a torch, and a windcheater are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling to the city in December.

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    Know of more such adventurous places to visit in December for an ideal weekend getaway? Plan a trip To Rishikesh and Let us know in the comments below!

    Long Weekend Trips Starting @ Rs 3299/-

    Take a trip to spend the upcoming long weekend with your buddies.
    Stay at 4 star rating hotels with local sightseeing, meals and transfers.
    Travel in AC coach round trip (from Delhi).
    All Inclusive Deal– Camping, Jeep Safari & Trekking as per itinerary
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