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    Awesome Roadtrips From Bhopal

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    Road trips are one of the best options to explore the magnanimous places scattered around any particular locale. Just imagine renting a car, hitting the road at your convenience, no jostling with strangers. It sounds quite fun, right? Well, road trips not only feed the travel-hungry souls with delightful destinations but they also educate you on the go. The heartland of India is dominated by the state of Madhya Pradesh which has beautiful and off-beat destinations dispersed not too far away from its capital city Bhopal. Also, known as the city of lakes, this jaw-dropping locale encompasses loads of interesting places on its fringes for the intrepid travelers. Historically rich and boasting of unique architecture, road trips from Bhopal are all you need to satisfy the inner wanderlust inside you.

    Best Time To Visit Bhopal

    The state of Madhya Pradesh is landlocked from all sides due to its geographical positioning. However, the best time to visit Bhopal and its nearby places will be from October to March as the climate remains pleasant. Another time slot to visit the city will be in between the months of July to September as the weather remains cool to explore the nearby places.

    Road Trips From Bhopal

    There are many places near Bhopal that serve to be great spots for planning a road trip. They offer mesmerizing views that will satiate the traveler in you like never before. Take a look at those places and note them down!

    1. Pachmarhi – 206.4 km From Bhopal
    2. Dhana – 187.1 km From Bhopal
    3. Mandu – 275.2 km From Bhopal
    4. Hoshangabad – 75.2 km From Bhopal
    5. Ujjain – 191.1 km From Bhopal
    6. Indore – 194.1 km From Bhopal

    1. Pachmarhi

    Pachmarhi Mountains

    Image Source

    The list of places to visit on a road trip from Bhopal starts off from Pachmarhi. Picturesque in every way the hill station is the pride of the state. Green valleys, rugged mountains, cascading waterfalls, and above all historical places to visit, Pachmarhi has it all. Sitting at an elevation of above 3350 feet, the hill station is bedecked with Buddhist caves and has the famed Sanchi Stupa within its boundaries which is also a UNESCO heritage site. So next time you are in Bhopal, just visit the beautiful landscapes of Pachmarhi which is like a scenic dream taking shape before the eyes.

    Things to do in Pachmarhi: Sightseeing, Wildlife tour
    Ideal for: Adventure, family, friends, etc
    Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days etc
    Distance: 194 kms
    Best Mode of Transport: Car, Bike or Jeep
    Weather: 24℃
    Best time to visit Pachmarhi: Throughout the year, but preferably monsoons

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    2. Dhana


    Image Source

    Well, the second locale to make it to the list is Dhana. A quaint little town tucked away in the Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, the place is famed for sky diving activities. For all those who love to infuse a dose of adventure in their day to day lives, should head to the locale. The sparsely populated town challenges every adventurist out there to try the sky diving activities from their heap. An experience of a lifetime, get ready to enjoy an eternal view of the town from thousands of feet above.

    Things to do in Dhana: Skydiving
    Ideal for: Adventure, friends, etc
    Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days etc
    Distance: 200 kms
    Best Mode of Transport: Car, Bike or Jeep
    Weather: 30℃
    Best time to visit Dhana: Throughout the year, preferably from March-June

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    3. Mandu


    Image Source

    Claiming the third spot on our list is Mandu. The town is located on a plateau and poses as a historic and romantic retreat for one and all. Dominated by forts, lakes, and caves, the area also houses lots of ancient tales that are hidden in the vicinity of the forts. Speaking volumes about the Afghani architecture the small town spreads across 20 sq kms and is witness to the epic romance between King Baz Bahadur and Queen Roopmati. Scenic from all aspects, this beautiful town is also listed as a UNESCO heritage site and invites tourists to feast on the historical sites.

    Things to do in Mandu: Sightseeing
    Ideal for: Family, friends, etc
    Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days etc
    Distance: 287 kms
    Best Mode of Transport: Car or Jeep
    Weather: 29℃
    Best time to visit Mandu: October-March

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    4. Hoshangabad


    Image Source

    The city of Hoshangabad has a unique reputation of its own due to the numerous ghats and seasonal ponds and lakes lined up along the course of the road. This beautiful piece of nature is situated around the ghats of the sacred river and has wonderful marvels within its perimeter. Apart from taking an evening walk on the banks of the river, one can also visit the prehistoric rocks at the nearby Adamgarh hills. And if you are someone who loves visiting the wildlife, then the Satpura Tiger Reserve is the best place to kill the time. At a distance of over 77.4 kms from Bhopal, the place can be reached roughly in two hours and is best for a road trip with loved ones.

    Things to do in Hoshangabad: Sightseeing, Wildlife tour
    Ideal for: Family, friends, etc
    Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days etc
    Distance: 77.4 kms
    Best Mode of Transport: Bike, Car or Jeep
    Weather: 30℃
    Best time to visit Hoshangabad: March-October

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    5. Ujjain


    Image Source

    Replete with temples dedicated to the most powerful god of the Hindu Trinity “Lord Shiva”, Ujjain is always thronged with devotees from all around the world. The overall journey between Bhopal and Ujjain is covered at a distance of 191 kms and is prone to changing landscapes at every interval. While spirituality is heavily infused in the air, the town of Ujjain also has its fair share of historical monuments to delight the visitors. Located on the banks of the Shipra River, this beautiful city is a must-stopover from Bhopal on a road trip.

    Things to do in Ujjain: Sightseeing, Pilgrimage
    Ideal for: Family, friends, etc
    Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days etc
    Distance: 191 kms
    Best Mode of Transport: Bike, Car or Jeep
    Weather: 29℃
    Best time to visit Ujjain: September-March

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    6. Indore


    Image Source

    Indore is one of the picturesque cities on the map of Madhya Pradesh with a rich history. Not only the town is awe-inspiring from all aspects, but the entire journey from Bhopal to Indore has also various surprises for the travelers. Giant windmills, wheat farms, organic fruit orchards all take an active part in the changing landscape between the two places. Start off early in the morning and soak in some of the amazing views which you inch closer towards your destination. And to satiate the taste-buds an equally refreshing breakfast of Poha-Jalebi at the Dodi Highway is a must.

    Things to do in Indore: Sightseeing, Pilgrimage
    Ideal for: Family, friends, etc
    Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days etc
    Distance: 193 kms
    Best Mode of Transport: Car, bike or Jeep
    Weather: 29℃
    Best time to visit Indore: October-April

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    7. Bhimbetka


    Image Source

    Taking the last spot on the list is Bhimbetka! Located at a distance of 45 kms away from Bhopal, this prehistoric cave site is located at the southern fringe of the Vindhya Hills. The caves are an ideal hangout place for every adventure lover, historian, and nature lover. Home to various folklores and mythical tales, the place is well connected through the Hoshangabad road. One of the ideal times to visit the place will be from February to August as the hills get covered with flowers amplifying natural beauty.

    Things to do in Bhimbetka: Sightseeing, Trekking
    Ideal for: Adventure, Family, friends, etc
    Ideal trip duration: 1 day etc
    Distance: 45 kms
    Best Mode of Transport: Bike, Car, or Jeep
    Weather: 28℃
    Best time to visit Bhimbetka: February-August

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    How much exhilarating they may sound, road trips are the best ways to hop from one destination to another. Refreshing, cool, and totally inviting these road trip from Bhopal are the best way to break the monotony of your life. So, take a chance, gather some friends, and head out on a trip to Madhya Pradesh to witness nature’s glory up and close. Another reason why road trips are such rage is that you have the freedom to go wherever you want at your convenience. Therefore, stop thinking and book tickets now for the onward journey from Bhopal to these amazing places.

    Disclaimer: TravelTriangle claims no credit for images featured on our blog site unless otherwise noted. All visual content is copyrighted to its respectful owners. We try to link back to original sources whenever possible. If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish them to appear on TravelTriangle, please contact us and they will be promptly removed. We believe in providing proper attribution to the original author, artist or photographer.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Road Trips From Bhopal

    Q. How can I reach Sanchi from Bhopal?

    A. The town of Bhopal lies approximately 190 kms away from Sachi. The fastest and the most convenient way to reach the place will be by hiring a taxi as there are no direct trains between the two destinations.

    Q. What is the name of the hill station in Madhya Pradesh?

    A. Pachmarhi is the only hill station in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The locale is situated at a height of 3350 feet above sea-level and dotted with waterfalls and rugged cliffs from all around.

    Q. What is the distance between Bhopal and Pachmarhi?

    A. The overall distance between the two destinations comes around 195 kms that can be covered in 3 3-4 hours on average. The most preferred way of reaching the hill station will be via taxi.

    Q. Why is Sanchi Stupa famous?

    A. The stupa at Sanchi is one of the oldest monuments in the country. It was created by Ashoka the Great and according to the legends he distributed a part of Lord Buddha’s ashes in this particular place.

    Q. How to reach Mandu from Bhopal?

    A. The historical plateau of Mandu is located at a distance of 287 kms away from Bhopal. One of the best possible ways to reach the place will be by hiring a jeep or a taxi.

    Q. How many days are required to visit Mandu?

    A. On average, a trip to Mandu can be completed in a day. But to experience the destination in full details it is highly advisable to stay for two days and enjoy all the sites around the locale.

    Q. Why is Dhana famous?

    A. Dhana is a small town located in the Sagar district of the state. The destination is famous for the sky diving activities and is hugely popular with all the adventurists out there.

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