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    Bali honeymoon trip

    Redefining love, and embarking on a new journey of life begins with a romantic honeymoon for all the newlyweds. And with a dream of crafting some beautiful moments together, Rohit and Kirti went on an exquisite Bali honeymoon that was a perfect blend of fun, adventure, love, and romance.

    While their romantic sojourn comprised of waterfalls, beaches, temples, shopping, and much more, here’s what they wrote about their dreamy escape to this beach paradise.

    Trip Details Our Bali Honeymoon

    Trip Type: A romantic honeymoon trip with a pinch of adventure
    Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
    Budget: INR 114,999 /-
    Travel Agent: Shoes On Loose
    Inclusions: Flights, accommodation at the Kana Kuta Hotel, and Transera Grand Kancana in Seminyak, breakfast, airport transfers, local transfers, Candle Light Dinner at the Grand Mirage Restaurant, jet skiing, parasailing, sightseeing, full day Kintamani tour, and much more
    Exclusions: Visa, travel insurance, lunch, dinner, and anything not mentioned in the itinerary

    Couple on Bali honeymoon

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    Being ardent travelers, we were looking forward to a honeymoon destination that had a bit of everything. So we went ahead with our research of a perfect honeymoon package, and it was during this time that one of our friends referred the leading online travel portal of TravelTriangle to us.

    Itinerary Of Our 7D/6N Bali Honeymoon

    Day 1: Arrival | Check-in at the Kana Kuta | Candle light dinner at the Grand Mirage Restaurant on Nusa Dua Beach
    Day 2: Local Sightseeing | Journey through the artisan villages | Full day Kintamani Tour | Coffee Plantations
    Day 3: Dolphin Tour | Gitgit Waterfall | Temple Hopping | Visiting Tanah Lot | Rejuvenating Spa Session
    Day 4: Leisure Day | Full Day Turtle Island Tour
    Day 5: Watersports like Parasailing, Jet Ski & Banana Boat Ride | Visit to the Dreamland Beach | Transfer to Seminyak
    Day 6: Day at the Private Pool Villa | Shopping in Seminyak
    Day 7: Check-out from the resort | Airport transfer | Departure

    Couple on the beach in Bali

    And while we were closing on the destinations with the help of TravelTriangle, we finally picked Bali as it had a mix of everything ranging from waterfalls to mountains, temples to beaches, and shopping to watersports. From candlelight dinners to beach activities, we wanted our Bali honeymoon to be a perfect blend of romance and adventure, and TravelTriangle personalized our holiday just the way we wanted it to be!

    Day 1: Starting Our Bali Honeymoon On A Romantic Note!

    On the first day, we arrived at the Denpasar airport and were received by the driver who later transferred us to the prebooked Kana Kuta hotel. It was a great property and the friendly staff welcomed with drinks and sweets.

    Couple on Bali honeymoon
    Female traveler
    Couple on a Bali honeymoon
    Bali honeymoon

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    Post finishing the check-in process, we rested up for a while and revived ourselves for the evening. The best part about our Bali honeymoon was that we got to start this journey with the most romantic candlelight dinner by the beach.

    Couple enjoys candlelight dinner in Bali
    Female traveler in Bali
    Couple on Bali honeymoon

    We were taken to the Grand Mirage Restaurant on Nusa Dua Beach where everything was set and it was indeed an awesome moment for us. Not only we were welcomed with a beautiful bouquet but we also got to witness a mesmerizing sunset on the beach. While we feasted on the delicious Indian food, it felt just great to begin our new journey in such a special way.

    Day 2: Full Day Tour Of Kintamani Volcano & Ubud Area

    Our second day was dedicated to some local exploration and a full day tour of the famous Kintamani Volcano. So post finishing a delicious breakfast in the morning, we started our day by witnessing the entertaining and mythological Barong dance in Ubud which was an eye-opener towards the rich culture of Bali.

    Female traveler in Bali
    Male traveler in Bali
    Couple enjoys on a Bali honeymoon
    Female traveler in Bali
    Male traveler in Bali
    Female traveler in Bali

    Later in the day, we explored some of the beautiful traditional artisan villages before gearing up for the Kintamani tour. Passing through the rice fields, we also went on to the coffee plantations and tasted many varieties of tea and coffee, and each flavour was so unique and refreshing.

    Couple on a Bali honeymoon
    Couple in Bali
    Tea tasting tour in Bali
    Female traveler in Bali
    Couple in Bali

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    Then we proceeded with the Kintamani tour which turned out to be a little disappointing as we couldn’t enjoy the views clearly due to bad weather and dense fog. We were hoping that it would turn out to be the best highlight of our Bali honeymoon but unfortunately we couldn’t experience much of the Kintamani Volcano.

    Couple on a Bali honeymoon
    Female traveler in Bali
    Male traveler in Bali
    Bali honeymoon

    In the later half of the day, we got talking to the locals and the friendly villagers who greeted us with much love. While we went on to explore the handmade products made out of wood, we witnessed how the artisans transform a simple piece of wood into a fine piece of art, and in the end, it turned out to be a wonderful experience indeed.

    Day 3: Waking Up To The Dolphins & Witnessing The Charm Of Tanah Lot

    We started the third day quite early than the usual time which is around 3 AM as it was time to go and meet the fascinating Dolphins. It was clubbed with a early sunrise experience which turned out to be one of the most romantic experiences of our lives.

    Beaches in Bali
    Female traveler in Bali
    Sunrise on the beach
    Couple in Bali
    Couple in Bali

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    We boarded the boat and welcomed the day in the company of the friendly Dolphins post which, we proceed to explore the famous Gitgit waterfalls. Cascading from a great height, the clean and rejuvenating environs of the waterfall left our senses totally refreshed and we loved every bit of it.

    Female traveler at Gitgit waterfalls
    Couple at Gitgit waterfalls
    Temples in Bali
    Couple in Bali
    Traveler in Bali
    Couple at Tanah Lot Bali
    Couple at Tanah Lot Bali

    Having captured a lot of fun moments at the waterfall, we later went on to visit the utterly gorgeous Tanah Lot Temple. Of all the temples that we visited during temple hopping, we found Tanah Lot to be the best one in terms of beauty, architecture, and the breathtaking views that it offered. And to end the day in the best possible way, we also enjoyed a two-hour long session of luxury spa.

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    Day 4: Touring The Turtle Island

    Though the fourth day was meant to be a leisure day, we thought of exploring Bali some more. And as we had planned, we set out for a full day tour of the popular Turtle Island. The journey and the island transfer in a private boat was so captivating that it left us in an awe of how beautiful the Turtle Island would be.

    Couple on a Bali honeymoon
    Boat ride in Bali
    Traveler in a boat
    Bali honeymoon
    Traveler at Turtle Island
    Traveler at Turtle Island

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    As we reached, we were totally excited to explore the island. We saw numerous turtles ranging from all sizes along with some other reptiles like snakes, and lizards. All this while we were scared of snakes and to have held one in hand, sent chills down the spine. Though it was scary, it was equally thrilling.

    Turtles in Bali
    Traveler at Turtle Island
    Man holding a snake in hand
    Couple on a Bali honeymoon
    Beaches in Bali

    Later in the evening, we relished some of the refreshing coconut water with snacks as we explored the island a bit more. Capturing the beauty of this gorgeous island, it was only in the end that we realized we would have missed a great experience if we had not planned to visit this island.

    Day 5: Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Dreamland Beach, & Much More!

    Our fifth day was totally filled with fun, and adventure as we had planned this day to enjoy the thrilling watersports. And as we had thought, without experiencing the thrills of couple parasailing, our Bali honeymoon would have been so incomplete.

    Couple enjoying watersports in Bali
    Couple enjoying watersports in Bali
    watersports in Bali
    Couple parasailing in Bali
    Couple parasailing in Bali

    Post breakfast, we headed towards the Nusa Dua beach and had the time of our lives while experiencing couple parasailing. Other than that, the jet skiing and banana boat ride were also a part of our itinerary and they were equally thrilling and awesome.

    Dreamland Beach Bali
    Couple on Dreamland Beach Bali
    Traveler in Bali
    Male Traveler in Bali
    Traveler in Bali

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    After enjoying a whole day of fun, we later went to explore the Dreamland beach and enjoyed all the peace and quiet that the island had to offer. The cool breeze, crashing waves, and the whole atmosphere was just perfect to spend some quality time with each other while we strolled along the shoreline.

    Female traveler on a beach
    traveler on a beach
    Couple on Bali honeymoon
    Bali honeymoon
    Couple at a private pool villa

    In the evening, we checked out from the hotel and were transferred to the plush private pool villa in Seminyak. The property was just amazing, the friendly staff greeted us with a warm welcome and we relished a lip-smacking dinner before calling it a night.

    Day 6: Embracing Every Bit Of Seclusion In Seminyak

    female traveler playing dart
    Bali honeymoon
    Honeymoon in Bali

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    The sixth day of our Bali honeymoon was totally full of leisure as we got to do nothing and just be ourselves. We relaxed at the pool villa which was an unique experience in itself.

    Bali honeymoon
    honeymoon in Bali

    Going on a shopping spree at the nearby market in Seminyak also helped us reviving our energies. The retail therapy always works for the couples and we ended up buying a lot of cute little gifts for our family, dear ones, and friends.

    Day 7: Bidding A Heartbreaking Goodbye To Bali

    Couple on a Bali honeymoon

    On the seventh day, nostalgia had already struck us by the time we got up and went for breakfast as it was the last day of our Bali honeymoon. The days we spent on this island were incredibly blissful that left us totally enchanted.

    As we finished the check-out process, the staff bid a final goodbye to us and soon we were on our way to the airport. Though we wished to stay for long, we finally bid adieu to the beautiful Bali and embarked on a safe journey back home!

    Overall Experience With TravelTriangle

    On the whole, our Bali honeymoon was wonderful beyond our expectations. Everything was well-managed, coordinated, and our travel agent was courteous enough to assist us whenever needed.

    Couple on Bali honeymoon

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    Overall it was a hassle-free experience, and we’re pretty positive on booking our next trip with TravelTriangle soon. Would love to recommend TravelTriangle to our family and friends. Cheers!

    Highlights Of Our Bali Honeymoon

    • Beachside Candlelight Dinner
    • Beautiful Gitgit Waterfalls
    • Tanah Lot Temple
    • Relaxing Spa Session
    • Parasailing and Jet Skiing
    • Exploring The Dreamland Beach
    • Stay At The Private Pool Villa

    Low Points: None as such. However, we faced problems in terms of finding vegetarian food. It’s very rare that you might find some pure veg restaurant in Bali.

    Tips For Future Travelers

    • Make sure you include beachside candlelight dinner, and a stay at the private pool villa in your itinerary.
    • Do not miss out on the Turtle Island. We did not include it in our itinerary but it turned out to be an amazing experience. It is a must-visit place for all the travelers.
    • Let there be a bit of adventure and enjoy watersports to the core.
    • For all the pure vegans out there, make sure you take some ready-to-eat food as it is a bit difficult to find vegetarian food in Bali.

    Loved their experience? Then why wait any longer? Craft your own happy moment and embark on a romantic journey today. Book TravelTriangle’s customizable Bali honeymoon packages, and let Rohit and Kirti’s magical experience bring your vacation to life as you explore the never ending fun and ever blossoming love at this beach paradise!

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