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    Feel The Love In The Grand Ambience Of Istanbul

    It is a custom all over the world to go on a honeymoon for couples after they get married. Nowadays, most couples travel abroad for their honeymoon and visit some of the best places and cities in the world. There are romantic spots and major honeymoon destinations all over the world. The top global metropolises of the world are often included in the list of top honeymoon destinations as couples find it a great idea to enjoy a honeymoon and also explore some of the world’s best cities at the same time. Romantic vacation for couples may not always be just the honeymoon at the start of the marriage. Couples love to take private vacations whenever they can to spend quality time together and explore new places at the same time. Older couples, newly married couples and also groups of couples all enjoy romantic vacations in major cities of the world.

    About The City Of Istanbul

    modern, multicultural and diverse city

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    Istanbul is a top city in Western Asia and has a population of over 15 million people. This is a modern, multicultural and diverse city with the great hotels, bars, restaurants, and a reputed nightlife. Istanbul is a large city for tourists to explore and the exotic cuisine, bazaars and various tourist destinations and landmarks of the city makes it an ideal choice for tourists visiting this city. Istanbul is also part of many group tours for tourists that include cities in Turkey and Greece in one tour.

    Romantic Places in Istanbul

    A romantic vacation in such a historical city is a great idea as tourists can spend days exploring the beautiful city and also spend time with each other and visit some popular romantic destinations in the city. The following are some of the major romantic places to visit for couples while on your trip to Istanbul:

    1. Turkish Baths Massage

    wonderful massage and a cleansing routine

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    The Turkish Baths are famous all over the world. A Turkish bath is a public bathing place with an elaborate structure and architecture. Couples can enjoy a Turkish bath at Aga Hamami or any other historical Hamams in Istanbul. Couples can get a wonderful couples massage and a cleansing routine which is a popular romantic thing to do while visiting Istanbul.

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    2. Camlica Hill Istanbul

    great romantic spot for couples

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    Camlica Hill is a popular tourist attraction in Istanbul. This is a hill in Uskudar district of Istanbul and a great romantic spot for couples to drive to in the city. It has a panoramic view of the Bosphorus Bridge and the mouth of the Golden Horn. There are many cafes, restaurants, public parks, gardens, fountains and tea houses on this hill where couples can have a great time.

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    3. Dinner Cruise of Bosphorus

    romantic evening exploring the city

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    Bosphorus is a natural strait and a waterway that runs right through Istanbul and the city has developed on both sides of its coast. There are many dinner cruises that run every day on the Bosphorus Strait. As most of Istanbul’s landmarks are visible on either side of the Bosphorus Strait, this dinner cruise is a great way to spend a romantic evening exploring the city.

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    4. Galata Tower & Maiden Tower

    medieval stone tower

    Image Source

    Galata Tower is a medieval stone tower in Karakoy in Istanbul. This is a Romanesque style tower built in the 14th Century. The Maidens Tower is also known as Leander’s Tower is situated on a small islet at the entrance of the Bosphorus Strait. There is a romantic tale involving these two towers and so they are great places to visit for couples.

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    5. Romantic Restaurants & Cafes Ortakoy

     cafes for couples and have a lovely time

    Image Source

    Ortakoy is a wonderful multicultural neighborhood to visit in Istanbul for couples. It has beautiful, luxurious hotels like the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul Hotel which is one of the best hotels in the world. This area has a lovely coastal pier, art galleries, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and cafes for couples to explore and have a lovely time while visiting Istanbul.

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    6. Visiting the Bazaars

    Turkish culture and its historic past

    Image Source

    Istanbul is a true representation of the Turkish culture and its historic past. Couples visiting Istanbul, generally, love to shop for exotic merchandise in this city. Exploring the famous Bazaars is a popular choice for tourist visiting the city. The grand bazaar is one of the largest covered markets in the world and has over 4000 shops and 61 covered streets. Jewelry, carpets, furniture, clothes, leather goods, exotic spices, different variety of teas, food stalls, and restaurants are all part of the grand bazaar. Besides the grand bazaar, couples can explore ancient streets and other bazaars of the city like the Mahmutpasha Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar on their exotic and romantic vacation in Istanbul.

    7. Visiting Prince Islands

    Couples can enjoy the clean air,the gorgeous beaches

    Image Source

    Of the coast of Istanbul lies Prince Islands, this is a group of islands that has only one mode of transportation. This mode of transportation is the horse and cart. These are laid back islands with European Architecture, romantic hotels, gorgeous coastline and are perfect for a romantic getaway for couples who visit this city. Couples can enjoy the clean air, the romantic streets, the gorgeous beaches and the lovely scenery on these islands and truly spend a few days with each other on these beautiful islands.

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    Istanbul is a very romantic place to visit for tourist. As mentioned above, there are plenty of romantic spots throughout the city for couples to enjoy and explore while visiting this city. Istanbul is close to Asia, Africa, and Europe and so it is a short plane ride away from most parts of the world. Planning a romantic Istanbul trip with TravelTriangleis easier as you can also avail some of the customised packages to suit your needs.

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