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    Rose Garden in Chandigarh

    Filled with the sight and sweet aroma of over 1,600 different species of roses, the Rose Garden in Chandigarh is a blooming exhibit of nature’s endless beauty and the largest garden of its kind in all of Asia. Officially known as the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, the garden is named after the former president of India and is spread over an area of 30 acres. The garden also has 32,500 varieties of trees and medicinal shrubs that include the likes of Bel, Bahera, Harar, Camphor, and Yellow Gulmohar.

    A sight for sore eyes, this attractive garden is decked up with an opulent variety of flowers neatly planted in carved-out lawns and flower beds that are maintained regularly by the Government of Chandigarh. Replete with colorful flowers in every direction and some misty mountains in the backdrop, this garden is the perfect place to relax, which is why it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chandigarh, especially among nature lovers.

    Basic Info Of The Rose Garden In Chandigarh

    Hadamar Rose Garden Rose Flower Roses Blossom

    Image Source
    Rose Garden Chandigarh location: Jan Marg, 16B, Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160016
    Rose Garden Chandigarh timings: 6 AM – 10 PM
    Rose Garden Chandigarh ticket price: INR 50/- per person
    Established in: 1967
    Rose Garden USP: 1,600 different species of roses
    Ideal duration of visit: 1-2 hours

    Rose Garden Chandigarh Map

    Best Time To Visit Chandigarh

    Best Time To Visit Chandigarh

    Image Source

    The best time to plan a holiday in Chandigarh is between the months of October to March. The Chandigarh weather during this period is pleasant and favorable for sightseeing in this city. While the temperature stays at a moderate 20-30 degree Celcius, it starts to drop rapidly at night owing to the replete greenery in this city. In the month of January, the minimum temperature staggers to a whopping 2 degrees Celcius many times.

    While the nearby cities are blazing in the summer months, Chandigarh enjoys a comfortably warm and somewhat pleasant summer season courtesy its lush greenery, the presence of a cool lake, and the city’s close proximity to the hills. The monsoon rains additionally bring in some relief in July, bringing down the temperature considerably. However, if one wants to visit Chandigarh when it’s not crowded, they should take a trip in August or September.

    Best time to visit Rose Garden in Chandigarh – The ideal time to visit the Rose Graden is between mid-January and March. During this time, the roses and other plants are in full bloom. Also, the Rose Festival is held inside the garden premises during these months.

    How To Reach Chandigarh

    Tail View Plane Landing Clouds Sky Passenger Jet

    Image Source

    Chandigarh is well connected to other cities of India and easily accessible by various means of transport.

    By Air – Chandigarh manages daily flight traffic of Indian Airlines and Jet Airways to and fro Delhi as well as bi-weekly flight traffic to and fro Amritsar. There is also a weekly flight to and fro Leh from this city. It takes not more than 50 minutes to get to Chandigarh from Delhi by air. The airport is situated merely 11 km from the main city, and one can easily get a cab or tuk-tuk to anywhere they wish to go in the city upon checking out.

    By Rail – The Chandigarh Railway Station is just 7 km away from the city center and is well connected to the major towns and cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur, Bikaner, and Jodhpur.

    By Road – With a smooth road network, Chandigarh is connected to almost every city and town in northern India. You are sure to enjoy a road trip to Chandigarh through the pretty fields of Punjab! If you’re looking for a rather economical means of road transport, you can hop into any of the frequent AC buses plying to Chandigarh from Delhi, Haryana, Himachal, Jammu, Rajasthan, and other cities of Punjab.

    Once you’re in Chandigarh, getting to the Rose Garden is child’s play. You can easily reach this garden located in sector 16 by either hailing a taxi, hopping into a shared tuk-tuk or getting on any of the local buses that run in Chandigarh. Since the garden has a dedicated parking space for cars and bicycles, you can conveniently get here by personal transport as well.

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    Things To Do At The Rose Garden In Chandigarh

    There are several things to do at the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden for people from all walks of life. See which of these activities you’d like to indulge in while you’re there:

    1. Go Picnicking

    Go Picnicking

    What could be a better place to have a picnic with your friends and family than a lush garden filled with colorful roses. The enormous park with its well manicured rose beds, thick canopies of tall trees for shade, and ample space for kids to play around, making it the perfect place for a relaxing family picnic. However, one should make sure that they do not litter if they bring food items inside the park for the purpose of having a picnic.

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    2. Take A Stroll

    Take A Stroll

    Image Source

    The garden has various entrances as well as a parking facility for vehicles and bicycles. There are several outlining and intersecting trails in the park alongside the long stretches of green grass where people can walk, jog, or ride a bicycle. There are also plenty of benches placed under the shade of the trees for people to sit and relax. These long stretches and curved walking paths spread all over the park are perfect for a morning or evening walk or jog for visitors.

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    3. Attend The Rose Festival In Chandigarh

    Attend The Rose Festival In Chandigarh

    Image Source
    The Rose Festival is a famous calendar event of Chandigarh held in the month of Februrary every year when the roses in the garden are in full bloom. Organised by the Chandigarh Administration in association with Chandigarh Tourism Department, the fiesta hosts a variety of engaging events ranging from a photography exhibition, a flower display show, a beauty show, dance performances, and lots more. Food stalls, unique, decorations, and upbeat music dominate the scene during this mega celebration of nature. The Rose Festival in Chandigarh is among the oldest in the city and is organised on a huge scale, attracting over 20,000 people from all over the country each year.

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    4. Witness The Musical Fountain

    Witness The Musical Fountain

    Image Source

    Located smack in the middle of the market of Sector 17 in Chandigarh, this fountain lights up every night. Though it’s not as extensive as other musical fountain shows around the world, it still is a fascinating sight for onlookers who gather around to watch the water dance around to the rhythm of music with a spectacular display of lights. The show lasts for about 30 minutes and is absolutely free of cost! It’s a great experience for locals and tourists who visit this market, and many of them especially gather around the fountain at night to witness this vivid feat.

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    Tips For Visiting The Chandigarh’s Rose Garden

    • Do not pluck the flowers at any cost.
    • Do not litter. Keep the garden premises clean. Use bins to discard waste.
    • Visit early in the morning or before sunset to fully enjoy the beauty of this garden (the park opens at 6 AM according to the Rose Garden Chandigarh timings).

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    The Zakir Hussain Rose Garden in Chandigarh surely is one exciting avenue that you just can’t miss on your holiday in Chandigarh. Don’t forget to put it down in your itinerary when you sit down to make one. And while you’re at it, check TravelTriangle’s range of customized tours for a hassle-free and comfortable trip experience with your near and dear ones.

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