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Standing at 600 ft, Sathorn Unique Tower sticks out like an eyesore in Bangkok’s skyline. It was meant to be the pride of the city. However, due to a financial crisis and a murder plot, it was abandoned. In 2024, it will be known as the Ghost Tower of Bangkok. It remains popular amongst tourists and urban explorers who pride themselves on discovering old structures. If you are planning to go on a Sathorn Unique Tower tour, do read on. There are several things that you must know before visiting this eerie high-rise.

History Of Sathorn Unique Tower

An alleged murder plot and financial crisis led to the abandonment of Sathorn Unique Tower.

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Sathorn Unique Tower has an interesting history. Thailand witnessed a huge economic development in the late 1980s. In large numbers, office spaces, residential suites, and retail spaces were needed. People were investing heavily in real estate. The focus was the urbanisation of Bangkok. Sathorn Unique Co. Ltd. took advantage of this economic boom as well. They launched the development of the Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok and its sister, the State Tower, in 1990. Rangsan Torsuwan, a famous architect, designed both projects. These towers were meant to be the iconic landmarks of Bangkok. Their unique designs were intended to draw international attention and tourists and display the city’s development.

A financial crisis in 1997, paired with Rangsan’s case, did not help the building’s construction. Over 300 high-rise projects were left unfinished, but over time, they were completed. One of the finished buildings was the State Tower, the sister of Sathorn Unique. Today, this building has become subject to urban exploration. It cannot be developed due to its shambled state or demolished due to its large scale. Sathorn Unique is now known as the Ghost Tower and is subjected to several superstitions by the locals.

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Tips For A Successful Trip To Sathorn Tower

Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok is widely known due to its amazing city views. Some insider tips can help you enjoy your visit even more. Plan for the best experience, and think about when to go and how to get there. Some of the most essential tips include:

Why Is The Sathorn Unique Tower Called The Ghost Towers?

Sathorn Unique Tower earned the term Ghost Tower because many people believe it is haunted.

Image Credit: Alexander Blecher for Wikimedia Commons

Wat Yan Nawa temple is adjacent to the high-rise. Its shadow falling on the temple is regarded as the reason for the temple’s incompleteness. This Tower in Bangkok is considered inauspicious among them.

But that’s not the only reason why the building earned the name “The Ghost Tower”. It is because of its deserted conditions and devastating depreciation of the structure. Meant to be the shining light of Bangkok, it stands incomplete. The building has become a hotspot for thefts and drug trafficking. As time went on, such incidents compelled people to believe that this luxury high-rise was haunted. It only brought failure to those who had stayed in this building. All these events together led to the naming of the Sathorn Unique Tower as the Ghost Tower of Bangkok.

Tip: If you are planning to visit this megastructure, do not miss out on Wat Yan Nawa temple.

The Architecture

The Tower was meant to be the Crown Jewel in the real estate development market in Bangkok.

Image Credit: Chainwit for Wikimedia Commons

At 607 feet, the Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok has 47 storeys and two underground units. It was planned to hold 600 units. This luxury condominium was built for the wealthy. The building is connected to a 10-storey parking area and covers approximately 34,000 sq feet (Two rai) of land.

This  Tower is located between Soi 51 and 53; the skyscraper would have boasted Neo-Grecian designs. It is reflected in its columns and balconies. The idea was to use different styles from different eras liberally without restraint. It was branded as exultant post-modernist architecture. With capital support from Thai Mex Finance and Securities Company, the construction began in 1990. At the time of its abandonment, the core structure of the building was 80 to 90 per cent complete. The interior work and the infrastructure remained incomplete.

Tip: You can also check out the sister building of the Sathorn Unique, known as The State Tower.

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Climbing The Sathorn Unique Tower

It is important to note all the instructions before climbing the Tower.

Image Credit: Alexander Blecher for Wikimedia Commons

The entrance fee of Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok is used to comprise a bribe to the security guards of the building. Since it is illegal to enter the building due to its derelict conditions, tourists have been sneaking inside.

On the Tower location tour, you are likely to encounter abandoned construction materials, graffitied walls, dark corridors and an incredibly creepy silence. The building does offer the most spectacular views of the city, though. Getting to the top floor is akin to scaling a mountain. It takes a lot of time and stamina to make your way there. You will need excellent shoes, hard hats, some food and lots of water. If you are a rule breaker, be sure to carry your camera to the top because the sunsets and the skyline are marvellous!

Tip: Rather than climbing this structure, you can easily connect with the locals to discover some of the many ghost stories revolving around this tower.

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If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, head to downtown Bangkok to see this magnificent skyscraper. Even in its mangled state, it stands tall and proud. The vision for this structure was ambitious, but its journey has been disheartening. When you plan your trip to Bangkok today, you can witness modern history with your own eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sathorn Unique Tower

How do I get to Sathorn Unique Tower?

Situated on Sathorn Road, you can hail a taxi or rent a vehicle to reach the unique tower. You can also get into a Tuk-Tuk and request them to drop you nearby. For those planning to travel to Thailand, you should rent a Tuk-tuk rather than a personal vehicle as that can be heavy on the pocket.

Why is Sathorn's Unique Tower called the Ghost Tower?

Speculations of the tower bringing bad luck, drug trafficking, thefts, and death lead the locals to believe that this tower was haunted. The name was earned over time, and now it is known as the Ghost Tower of Bangkok.

How can I enter the Sathorn Unique Tower?

It is illegal to enter the Sathorn Unique Tower. Tourists have managed to explore the building by bribing guards. But in 2018, the guards were fired. Metal bars were set to bar tourists from entering the building. Sathorn unique tower entrance fee stands at Nil. However, you can meet the locals and gain their perspective on the building.

Can I climb Sathorn Unique Tower?

You can climb the Sathorn Unique Tower location, but it is illegal to do so. Getting to the top of this towering structure requires considerable strength and stamina. Do not forget your safety gear either, as the devastating state of the skyscraper makes it prone to accidents.

Is Sathorn Unique Tower haunted?

While there is superstition amongst the locals that this building is haunted, the only thing claiming this building so far has been bad luck. Too big to be demolished and too old to be developed further, the Sathorn Unique Tower stands out in the concrete jungle.

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