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Deciding on the next family vacation is never easy, but when it comes to finding homestays in Khajjiar, it is never difficult. Situated in the range of Himachal Pradesh, Khajjiar is famously known as “Mini Switzerland” due to its impeccable rolling meadows and dales, and this place is perfect for numerous adventure activities, which makes it more favourable to families. In this blog, we are going to discuss the five best kid-friendly homestays in Khajjiar for your family.

Best Homestays In Khajjiar For Families

Explore the most popular homestay facilities in Khajjiar for families and select the one that will meet your needs and expectations. Whether one is in search of all the luxurious amenities of contemporary living or the earthen feel of a house, these homestays in Khajjiar have it all for a comfortable stay. Here are the five recommendations mentioned below that are well-suited for families with kids:-

1. The Green Meadows

a charming homestay covered with lush greenery.

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Offering among the best homestays in Khajjiar for families wanting to get a taste of a quiet and pleasant environment, The Green Meadows is located in the heart of the Khajjiar hills. Featuring a homely atmosphere and a homey feel, this homestay has a number of well-equipped and well-lit rooms with views of the beautiful landscape. For instance, it is preferred by vacationers since it is strategically located near most of the major tourist destinations in Khajjiar.

The Green Meadows has many child-friendly facilities, such as a garden that is spacious enough to contain kids, and there are also games that can be played indoors. The friendly atmosphere and responsiveness of the guests at the homestay make the stay very engaging for families and other groups of people. Whether individuals want to spend their vacation with their family or without kids, The Green Meadows ensures that everyone will have a relaxing stay amidst beautiful surroundings.

Price: Rs 1800 onwards

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2. Cozy Cottage

Rustic homestays in Khajjiar's serene landscape, offering cosy comforts and unforgettable experiences.

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Capture the simple and elegant experience of homely comfort at one of the top homestays in Khajjiar, Cozy Cottage. Located in the serene region of Himachal Pradesh, Cozy Cottage gives you a beautiful view of nature and options to make your stay comfortable. Comfortable and clean accommodation with spacious and equipped rooms, offering splendid views of the surrounding geographical features, puts Cozy Cottage on the map for guests. Whether it is a need for some nice time amongst mother nature or seeking an adventurous trip, this Khajjiar homestay has got you covered.

The children can entertain themselves with numerous indoor and outdoor activities, whereas the adults can take advantage of the calm and soothing environment and get real relaxation. When it comes to catering to the needs of every client and customer, Cozy Cottage has been renowned for going the extra mile to ensure that the time any family or any traveller spends during their time on vacation is the most comfortable and enjoyable ever. Check out Cozy Cottage for great holidays.

Price: Rs 900 onwards

3. Snow View Homestays

Snow View homestays in Khajjiar: cozy accommodations amidst picturesque landscapes, offering a serene retreat.

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Khajjiar is so charming that you must stay at Snow View Homestay to not only feel comfortable but witness the snowy mountains. Being one of the most popular homestays in Khajjiar, Snow View offers a warm and comfortable stay surrounded by the stunning beauty of the outside world. Accommodation is in large, comfortable rooms equipped with tastefully chosen furniture to ensure that the guest is comfortable during their stay. Snow View Homestay Khajjiar provides a child-friendly environment with amenities and places where the children can have fun and be entertained, such that the parents and guardians can as well enjoy their vacation.

They must wake up to the fresh mountain air and enjoy home, which includes locally sourced recipes for meals. From breathtaking views or activities to simply a quiet time to relax and enjoy your vacation, Snow View Homestay is the right place for you. Amuse yourself with sightseeing the beautiful scenery, go for nature trails, or just stroll in the beautiful outdoor gardens. Snow View Homestay offers a nice homely stay that will be a vacation to recall in the Khajjiar area.

Price: Rs 2000 onwards

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4. The Wooden Retreat

Wooden retreat offers a serene ambiance, perfect for relaxing getaways.

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Take a little tour to witness the beauty of The Wooden Retreat, where one can get the best homestays in Khajjiar. Surrounded by the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh, this warm home boasts wooden interiors that are both contemporary and colonial in nature. Lavish family accommodations and stupendous mountain views make The Wooden Retreat one of the most peaceful family resorts. Savour tasty home-cooked meals that you can get from foods from the local markets in an atmosphere that will welcome you from the comfort of your home.

To keep the children busy, there are sources for entertainment both indoors and outdoors; there are beautiful natural green gardens for play. The proprietors of The Wooden Retreat are always available to provide and offer the guests the services and attention that they need. No matter, if you are enjoying the sequence of fire in the wooden house or the mesmerizing beauty of Khajjiar, The Wooden Retreat, has every promise to give the best moments to all. Check out this wonderful homestay now, and enjoy the peace that awaits you in this quiet place.

Price: Rs 3,500 onwards

5. Highland Homestay

Highland homestays in Khajjiar offer tranquil retreats amidst stunning natural beauty and warm hospitality.

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Bordering some of the most beautiful scenery in and around the Khajjiar region, Highland Homestay is ideal for families who want to have a pleasant stay in this area. Being one of the highest-ranked homestays in Khajjiar, Highland Homestay offers large family rooms, delicious meals cooked at home, and a vast area covered in the garden where children can play for hours at least. Someone reviewing the homestay will realize that it can easily access some of the most popular tourist sites; thus, it will be an ideal place for guests of all ages.

Anticipating and executing guest’s needs from the heart comes in the form of attentive and warm hosts, ensuring that guests enjoy the best of their stay. Catering to the needs of families and tourists who are seeking homely and comfortable accommodation, Highland Homestay is safe and the perfect place to celebrate a vacation in Khajjiar. From the green fields nearby to extraordinary moments spent quietly around the shire, guests should prepare for a delightful stay at Highland Homestay.

Price: Rs 1500 onwards

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Homestay In Khajjiar  Convenience

beautiful Khajjiar buildings to get a relaxing stay

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Homestays in Khajjiar afford families remarkable convenience and freedom in their choice of travel itineraries. This is one of the reasons that distinguishes homestays from hotels since guests in homestays are made to feel more like they are at home. With hotel accommodations In Khajjiar, you can arrange your own itinerary and participate in any activity that you prefer without the limitations that are instilled by the times for check-in and check-out and the crowded, busy foyers.

Furthermore, the majority of facilities that are involved in providing homestays also provide other facilities, like kitchenettes, which are fully equipped to meet the nutritional needs of the guests in case they have any special diets. In the case of Khajjiar homestay services, the family can be assured that their vacation trip is perfect, depending on their desired mode of accommodation.

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Selection of the best homestay in Khajjiar is critical for making the trip a great experience for the whole family. These homestays are professional in their service delivery, safe for tourists, and offer accommodation at reasonable prices to guarantee a relaxed stay in the beautiful region of Khajjiar. So plan your trip to Himachal today and get started on the most memorable family holiday!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Homestays In Khajjiar

What services does one get to enjoy while staying in the best homestays in Khajjiar?

The homestay should provide accommodation facilities such as spacious rooms, a beautiful garden, a playground for children, homemade meals, and personalized services.

How much does it cost for homestays in Khajjiar?

Yes, homestays in Khajjiar are mostly cheaper than hotels since they are an excellent choice of accommodation for families.

Which are the most recommended homestays for families in Khajjiar?

The best homestays in Khajjiar for families are Green Meadows, Cozy Cottage, Snow View Home Stay, Wooden Retreat, and Highland Homestay.

Are there any adventurous activities that can be done around Khajjiar homestays?

Yes, in a number of homestays in Khajjiar guests are allowed to indulge in nearby adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, and nature walks.

Is Wi-Fi available at homestays in Khajjiar?

Most homestays in Khajjiar come with Wi-Fi connectivity so that the guests can enjoy an internet connection during their stay.

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