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Auckland is not only a beautiful place where people can walk around at leisure. There are places for the adventurous souls too. You can go paragliding, snorkeling, and scuba diving in Auckland. It is not a very huge city but the landscape of the city is diverse. It is not just beautiful, it is full of scope. There are mountains and waterfalls to take off from. You can play with the water and flirt with the winds in Auckland. The best thing to do in Auckland is enjoying thrilling adventures in the serenity of nature.

4 Places To Go Scuba Diving In Auckland

Those who are interested in scuba diving in Auckland, New Zealand, do not be scared. You will always be safe as long as you follow the rules. Do not miss out on the golden opportunity to witness the world under the blue curtains of the ocean. It will be worth your time.

1. Hammerhead tour

Hammerhead shark

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Get the best out of Auckland’s charter scuba diving tour. Explore the Hauraki Gulf. Check out the hammerhead shark from Warkworth. Don’t be afraid, you will be safe. The young hammerhead sharks find their way to the Pacific Ocean through here.

This diving is for open-water-certified divers though. Also, they need to have an experience of at least 10 dives. But beginners can enjoy the experience too. All you need to do is pay for a guide. It is good for your own safety. Divers, get ready for one of the most thrilling adventures at this scuba diving club Auckland has arranged for expert and beginners.

You actually get a two dive opportunity in the Hauraki Gulf. You get to take a boat ride from Warkworth to the dive sites. You will be supplied with the tanks, the weights, the scuba uniform, and with everything you need to scuba dive.

You will also be provided lunch because this is a full day charter that you are paying for. But feel free to carry your own food. Try not having anything too oily or fried though. You want to keep a healthy gut to go underwater and enjoy the beauty of the world under the sea.

Don’t miss it. Be there before 8:30 in the morning because that is the time to register. You will be surprised to see the queue. After you register, you have to drive to the site of launch and then you need to take a boat to the exact site where all the fun and adventure is waiting for you. The boat ride itself will take about 45 minutes or even an hour. So, do not get too worked up. Enjoy the ride.

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2. Goat Island Marine Reserve

Large fish in sea water

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If you have a good scuba diving training Auckland will give you some of the best locations to flaunt your skills in. The Goat Island Marine Reserve, New Zealand is one of the places you will enjoy. This is again a site you reach from Warkworth.

This area between Goat Island and Tawharunui is protected. You will get to see stingrays, crayfish, snapper, and more. You might get to see dolphins or sharks too if you are lucky. In fact, if you visit in the season dolphins come around this area, you will definitely see some.

The best thing about this protected area is that it is not only safe for marine animals, but it is also safe for you too. If you are not very experienced, only a beginner, you can still scuba dive here. The currents in this area are mellow. However, the same rules apply. If you are a beginner with less than 10 dives in your pocket, you need to hire a personal guide.

This is a full day charter so you get two dives. You get a lunch break between the two dives. You will enjoy your lunch in a very beautiful setting. Your appetite will be huge but don’t eat too much because the second dive is always more fun for beginners. The first one is more like a trial run and you might be a little scared if you have not gone scuba diving in a long time. The second one is the one you can enjoy freely.

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3. Hen Island

Many of small fish in sea water

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This one is slightly different because you reach the site by private boat. You take a private boat on charter and sail into the Northland. The beauty of this place is different from that of Warkworth. So, even if you have already had a dive from Warkworth, do go for this one.

Now, this one again is a full day charter so you get two dives. Do take it seriously, they are Hen Island and Chicken Island. These are the two islands you get to dive around. This area is for experienced divers so beginners need to hire a local guide to dive with them. Don’t ‘chicken’ out. You will be safe. Aucklanders make sure their tourists have a good experience.

Talking about guide, scuba diving club in Auckland prices their guides reasonably so that nobody has to be left behind. Hire a guide even if you are not a beginner but just not confident anymore. There is no judgment. You will be surprised to see so many people take a guide, not just children or young adults.

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4. Little Barrier Island

Little Barrier Island

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The Little Barrier Island is right at the mouth of the Hauruki Gulf. It is a protected reserve. The wildlife here is fascinating, most of it is on land though. Since it is so close to the Gulf, the currents are strong. This experience is only for experienced divers. This is your ideal place for scuba diving in Auckland if you want to go for a real scuba diving experience with your other experienced friends, or alone. This is no place for a beginner or anybody who does not have the confidence.
If you have been on this scuba diving trip already, you might end up at a slightly different location the next time because the exact place depends on the current and weather. What you will surely have is a 45 minute fun boat ride to the location, two dives with one nice lunch in the middle, and the opportunity to casually snorkel around in the nearby bays. Of course, the marine life is there to stare at with wonder.

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The dive site will be assigned to you depending on your level of experience. You can totally go to an easier location to stay with the team but you cannot go to a tougher location. So if you must go to one of the tougher locations, you need to part ways with your beginner friends. No worries, meet them back where you started. Scuba diving in Auckland is fun and memorable. Do it as many times as you can. If you are into scuba diving, start planning a New Zealand tour now!

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