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    The secret backwater of Kerala

    Pristine beaches, serene backwaters, healing ayurveda and luscious surroundings- this is what Kerala is for you. Right? Well, there are obscure facts about Kerala that we know, but then, there are mysteries and secrets that are unknown! The inconsequential things about God’s own country have many hidden mines which have been clothe by the Keralites. The virgin beaches and beautiful islands have truths yet to be discovered.

    Explore the buried reserves that have been inhumed in the hearts of Keralites.

    1. The only Smoking Gold – Kerala Gold Or Idukki Gold

    Kerala Gold

    Image Source
    Have you ever thought of smoking a pot on the immaculate beaches of Kerala? Probably not! Then maybe it’s time to try it! Kerala Gold, the infectious infamous herb is the clone of  Malana cream. This Idduki produced grass has made way to the beaches of Varkala, making it a popular hippie getaway in the country. Heading to Kerala already? Wait, there’s more that you should know!

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    2. The only Floating Mall of the country in Alappuzha

    Alappuzha has the floating mall in Kerala

    Image Source
    How about a mall with all your requirements floating on a backwater of Kuttanadu area? The Triveni super store sells anything and everything ranging  from grocery items to TV, refrigerator at subsidized rates. The mall is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and for safety reasons only 20 people are allowed to board at a time.

    3. Kerala houses the one and only ‘Gyps Bengalensis’ Vulture

    Extinct Vulture - Gyps Bengalensis

    Image Source

    Kerala is a home to the only living White Rumped Vulture or the Gyps Bengalensis. This species of vulture is endangered and almost extinct from the planet. The beautiful bird is huge with wide wings.  For bird lovers and the wildlife photographers capturing it will be a paradise.

    4. The only living Tribal King in India without a palace or food

    The only tribal king still ruling

    Image Source
    This king does not have a palace with beautiful sculptures unlike the fairy tales that we have heard of. He is the only king of Tribal Kingdom in the entire Kerala.

    His life was tougher than any other normal human being of his kingdom. So much so, that he was not employed considering he is a king. He literally scorched for basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.

    5.  The beautiful secret route owned by the soul of a Chieftain- Lakkidi

    Lakkidi hill station in Kerala

    Image Source
    Long back, a tourist came to Kerala to see this nature’s utmost beauty. He happened to hire a chieftain named Karinthandan to discover the secret routes between the ghats of Lakkidi. On reaching his destination, the tourist killed an unknown adivasi who, he claimed, was trying to take the credit of finding out the same way. But why did the tourist do so?

    It is believed that the route was discovered by the chieftain- Karinthandan who had died years ago and his soul had possessed the tourist. Post a series of such incidents, a priest was called. The priest tied the soul of the chieftain with a chain on a tree. It is now believed that the chain grows with the tree.

    6.  The Hidden Story Of A Meandering Ghost- Sabarimala Temple

    Haunted Sabarimala temple of Kerala

    Image Source
    Around a 100 years ago, thousands of pilgrims had come to attend the annual festival of Makaravilakku at the temple. On the day of the festival, a jeep crashed in the housebound of a pilgrim, whose shouts and pleads for help went unheard amidst the religious chants.

    People who live nearby can still hear the voice of a man wandering around and asking for help. But, he is not seen or heard during the festival when pilgrims from all over the world come to attend the festival.

     7.  The Symbol Of Love – Chembra Lake

    The heart shaped Chembra lake in Kerala

    Image Source
    A popularly visited spot for sure, but did you know that India’s one and only heart shaped lake existed in the terrains of Kerala? This naturally formed body attracts travelers for its gorgeous views, salubrious weather and serene atmosphere.

     8. The World Without Customs – Dowry Free Zone

    Dowry free area in Kerala

    Image Source
    The only area in Kerala where dowry system is actually not practiced at all! Here, Kerala proves it’s highest literacy rate in India. We can proudly say that we are not so far from building a better society.

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    9. Religious Beliefs Or Punishment? Garudan Thookkam

    Hanging on hooks at Garudan Thookkam

    Image Source
    Do you think flagellating your flesh during Muharram is insane? Then, Kerala is keen to welcome you to the festival of Garudan Thookam. The festival is celebrated with Garudan dance performances and dangles where people are hooked on a shaft. Yes, you read it right, hooked on to shafts! The devotees of lord Kali surrender themselves to her and show their love by such painful ceremonies.

    10. Dancing With Fire- Theyyam

    Have you ever heard about God possessing humans? You might have; but God possessing his follower & letting him burn is bizarre! It is said that the people dance with fire because they are possessed by the almighty. Well, you’ll have to see Theyyam to believe it!

    11. The Largest Growing Ground Of Cashew – Kollam

    Cashew refining in Kerala

    Image Source
    Kerala has the largest cashew production in the world! Around 118,600 hectares of land is covered under farming. Imagine fairly 140,000 tonnes of cashew is produced every year which is used for export and consumption in India.

    12. The Gift Of God- Kallu or Toddy

    A man relishing the Toddy drink

    Image Source
    The state of coconut water has a holy drink in the form of alcohol. The villagers are licensed  to make this drink, popularly known as kallu by localities, by taking out sap from the buds of coconut flowers and fermenting it throughout the day. They say, that your skin gets golden after having this drink of God. Try it this time, maybe?

    13. This state wants you to walk through the jungles at night

    The freaky night treks which are not so common in India

    Image Source
    Want to go trekking in the wilderness at night with horror effects like movies? Kerala has got it for you! Periyar forests allows you go on a night trek. The journey starts at around 7:00 pm in the evening and lasts for 3 – 4 hours. You can take 7 people along with you. The sanctuary provides protection watchers for you to complete your trekking safely.

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    Intrigued? I am equally baffled. Now, share this with your friends and surprise them! If you know of more such hidden secrets about the God’s own country, share them with us!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Secrets Of Kerala

    Q. What can I bring back from Kerala?

    A. You can easily have a long shopping list for things that you can shop from Kerela. But one particular thing that Kerela is quite famous for are its Cashews.

    Q. Why Kerala is known as God’s own country?

    A. According to a popular Hindu mythology, Lord Parsurama who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, once threw his axe from Kanyakumari towards the north which landed in the ocean from which rose a land that we know as Kerela.

    Q. Why is Sabarimala Temple famous?

    A. Sabarimala, which is believed to be the place where Lord Ayyappa meditated after he killed the powerful demoness, Mahishi. Sabarimala is a quite popular pilgrim centre in India and is located towards the east of Pathanamthitta district in Kerala.

    Q. Was Ayurveda established in Kerala?

    A. Yes. Ayurveda originated in Kerela almost 5000 years ago.

    Q. What is the drink of God?

    A. The villagers of Kerela are licensed to make a drink which they make by taking out the sap from the buds of coconut flowers and fermenting it throughout the day. This alcoholic drink is considered holy and is called the ‘drink of the Gods’.

    Q. When is the best month to go night trekking in Kerela?

    A. Any time between March to May would be a great time to experience the wild and enjoy night trekking.

    Q. Where can you see Theyyam?

    A. Kannur and Bekal are some of the most popular hubs where you can witness Theyyam.

    Q. How do I get to the Chembra lake?

    A. The easiest way to reach Chembra lake is by taking a train to Kozhikode which is 79 km from Chembra Peak Base Camp. If you plan to travel by car, you will have to get down at Kalpetta and from there take a bus or taxi till the Forrest Office.

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