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While you are still hooked up on the scenic beauty of more popular Indonesian islands like Bali and Java, the exquisiteness and exoticness of Seram Island will be too much for you to process. The largest island in the Makulu Province of Indonesia, Seram Island is a place straight out of your dreams. The stilted bungalows over the sea, the sensational backdrops, and the peaceful remoteness lure avid backpackers and explorers to pack their bags and travel to this little piece of heaven. 15 times larger than all of the Hong Kong, the flora and fauna of Seram Island know no bounds. It is literally located in the center of the world’s marine biodiversity. However, be wary of the crocodiles in the water.

Top 7 Experiences In Seram Island

If you love traveling to places far off from the mainlands and have an admiration for wildlife and marine biodiversity, then Seram Island has a lot in store for you. Here are a few must-experiences you should have if you ever decide to visit Seram Island in Maluku Indonesia.

1. Manusela National Park - Opt For Trekking


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If you are a tough jock, climb Mt. Binaiya (9905 ft), the highest peak on the island. While there is no doubt about how majestic the whole island looks from the top of the park, the verdant trekking trails in the rainforest also provide the opportunities to spot rare and unique species of birds. The multi-day trek is one of the adventurous things to do on Seram Island if you are bored of lazing off around the island.

Keep in mind: Accommodation can be found on the way since there are a few villages inside the park. However, you will need to hire a guide and porter to guide you through the forests.

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2. Ora Beach Bungalows - Have A Relaxing Stay

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In Seram Island, accommodation places are adequate in the main town. However, if you are looking for an exhilarating experience, Ora Beach Bungalow is the place to stay. The stilted colorful cottages are located in the astonishing settings of nature. The lush green mountains in the backdrop and the crystal clear waters of the sea create a calm, peaceful surrounding.

Tariff: INR 5,000 per night

3. Beaches - Snorkeling And Diving

Dive Water Snorkel Fish Sea

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Find yourself lucky to be on Seram Island of Makulu Province because it is the center of marine biodiversity. Dive deep into the ocean and spot the never-seen-before marine life and beautiful corals at the Seram Island beaches. It is really an enthralling underwater experience as you get surrounded by electric fishes and stonefishes. Even if you do not have the snorkeling gear, the ocean is enticing enough to take long swims.

Keep in mind: There are hardly any dive shops in Seram. Even if there are, the experience will cost you too much. If you love snorkeling and diving you will have to bring your own gear and stuff.

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4. Birdwatching - Explore The Biodiversity Of The Island

Moluccan Cockatoo

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One of the top Seram Island things to do is bird watching. The island is alone home to 21 endemic species of birds. For those who find absolute delight in walking through Manusela National Park can enjoy the chirping and the spectacular Moluccan Cockatoo and the beautiful Purple-naped Lory. Why you should go for a bird walking tour is because you will not find these birds anywhere else in the world.

Keep in mind: While Manusela National Park is one of the places for birdwatching, Sawai and Wahai are other places where you have a good chance of spotting these birds.

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5. Local Food - Enjoy Eating Fresh Durian

Durian fruit tree

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The island of Seram is flourishing with the most notorious fruits of Asia called Durian. The fleshy fruit has a spiky exterior which can only be impregnated with a machete. The fatty, custard-like fruit inside is a mix of sweet, sour, and sulfurous flavors. While eating the bizarre fruit is a unique experience in itself, plucking it from the long trees adds thrill to the whole affair.

Keep in mind: Relishing a durian fruit is an acquired taste. The fruit can be notoriously smelly and build up gas after consumption.

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6. Sawai - Visit The Beautiful Village

village in indonesia

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The beautiful village of Sawai is one of the main attractions on this island. Set in the gorgeous backdrop of mountains and over the turquoise bay, tourists who visit Seram Island come straight to the local village on the north coast. Time comes to a standstill when you are at Sawai which makes it a perfect destination to relax. Get introduced to the people and local culture of Seram Island which is in itself a one-of-its-kind experience.

Suggested: Choose to spend maximum time on your trip in Sawai since it has decent accommodations, snorkeling and swimming sites, and astounding views.

7. Goa Akahi - Crawl Through The Caves

caves of seram island

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Embark on a day-trip to Masohi located on the south coast of the island where the caves of Goa Akohi awaits you with wonder and amazement. The stalactites caves near the village of Tamilouw will impress you with its amazing structure and stalactites formations. The further you go, the narrower the caves get.

Tour cost: INR 250

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How To Reach Seram Island

There are flights from all over Indonesia to Amahai Airport located on the south coast of Seram Island. You can first take a flight to Jakarta and then catch a domestic plane to the island. The return trip to and from Seram Island may cost you as around INR 145,000.

Alternatively, you can take a flight to Ambon Island, the historical island of the Maluku Province. You can then either take a connecting flight to Seram or board on a ferry from Ambon Island. The flights from Ambon Island to Seram Island airports cost around INR 8,000.

Points To Remember

  • Seram Island, Indonesia is still far away from the commercialization which means that even though you will find a lot fewer tourists compared with the famous Indonesian counterparts, the infrastructure here has not been fully developed. The cottages and accommodations provide you with least of the basic amenities such that you might have to carry your own toiletries and towels.
  • Beware of the tourist scam on Seram Island. You may be charged more for the same room if you try booking online. Even the drivers will extortionate you for money.
  • Since the infrastructure is poor and tourism has not flourished in the region yet, you might have to pay exorbitant prices for the experiences and facilities on the island of Seram.
  • Enjoy local cuisine and seafood during your stay on the Seram Island. While rice served with either fish or chicken is the staple dish of Seram people, enjoy savoring the mouthwatering plates of shrimp.
  • The population on the island speaks Indonesian language and hardly understands English. Learning a phrase or two in the Indonesian language may come in handy. Here are a few phrases that will come in handy on the island:

Selamat pagi = Good morning
Berapa harganya? = what does it cost/how much is it?
Jam berapa? = what time is it?
Permisi = Excuse
Terima Kasih = Thank you
Kembali = Welcome
Tidak = No
Di mana tempat penukaran uang di sekitar sini? = Is there money changer around here?

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Seram Island is a perfect destination for the backpackers who want to get away from all and explore on their own. For those who like handcrafted experiences can always choose to holiday in Bali to admire the sprawling beauty of Indonesia.

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