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Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and its largest and most interesting city. Located on the North-eastern coast of the Java island, Jakarta is popular with tourists for its rich cultural heritage and historical monuments. While tourists usually associate only Bali with beaches and a tropical vacation, little do they know that the Jakarta beaches offer as much fun and plenty of serenity. In fact, Jakarta gives easy access to some of the most underrated but beautiful beaches you will see in all of Indonesia.

The 10 Most Stunning Jakarta Beaches

Here is a roundup of the best beaches you will find near the iconic city:

  • Ancol Beach
  • Bidadari Island
  • Anyer Island
  • Carita Beach
  • Pasir Panjang Beach
  • Sawarna Beach
  • Ujung Genteng Beach
  • Peucang Island Beach
  • Tunda Island Beach
  • Pahawang Beach

1. Ancol Beach

Ancol Beach

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The Ancol beach is closest to the city and is the only one of Jakarta beaches that you can reach without a boat. The beach is actually pretty popular with city dwellers and tourists that visit the city as a weekend getaway. The beach has been partitioned into six different sections. Besides, the Ancol beachside has the best beach resorts near Jakarta, with a number of them having seaside views. The Ancol Beach is also amongst the best beaches near the Jakarta airport.

Distance from city: 12 kilometres

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2. Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island

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Jakarta is surrounded by a cluster of a thousand islands, and Bidadari Island has the best beaches around Jakarta. One can get to it by simply taking a 30-minute boat ride. The cottages facing the seaside are the perfect setting for a stress-free weekend away from the bustle of life. There are also a number of hikes and trails that you can follow to explore the volcanic island that is covered in tropical forests.

Distance from the city: 36 kilometres

3. Anyer Island

an old lighthouse at the coast

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It is located about 150 kilometres from Jakarta. The beaches here face the West and have the best views of the setting sun and Mount Rakata. There is an old lighthouse at the coast in Cikoneng that offers the best pictures of the sunset. Besides the natural sights, all kinds of adventure sports are available here including parasailing, diving, and snorkeling at several points off the beach.

Distance from the city: 120 kilometres

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4. Carita Beach

 Carita Beach

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Carita Beach is a shock of white sands, located to the west of Jakarta in West Bantan. The beautiful Jakarta beaches here are especially popular with tourists for swimming off the coast, and a lot of them simply sunbathe in the warm sand. You will find a lot of other activities available at Carita Beach including diving and snorkeling where tourists can click pictures of the brilliant marine life found around the coral reefs here.

Distance from city: 155 kilometres

5. Pasir Panjang Beach

Pasir Panjang Beach

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If your idea of a tropical holiday involves scuba diving and swimming with fish, then the Pasir Panjang Beach at the Sangiang Island is one of the best beaches in Jakarta. The Sangiang Island is one of Bentens seven wonders, and the absolutely gorgeous beaches here are testament to this popular saying. The various dive points here are full of clownfish coming in different hues and that is something that you just have to see.

Distance from city: 195 kilometres

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6. Sawarna Beach

Sawarna Beach

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Sawarna Beach, literally the golden beach, is the best place to go if you are looking for a refuge from crowded Java beaches. No direct buses or another mode of public transportation comes here, and the only way to come here is if you have your own car. The Batu Layar is a large rock formation that is a popular tourist attraction. The beaches here are great for surfing because the waves are relatively small due to the shape of the island.

Distance from city: 280 kilometres

7. Ujung Genteng Beach

Ujung Water Palace

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These beaches first came under the radar when green turtles showed up here. While efforts to conserve their population are being led by World Wildlife Fund, the Ujung Genteng Beach is now recognised as one of the most pristine beaches in all of Java. Its blue-green waters are surrounded by a coral reef that houses the most dazzling array of marine animals that you will see scuba diving anywhere in Java.

Distance from city: 209 kilometres

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8. Peucang Island Beach

Peucang Island Beach

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The Peucang district has some untouched tropical destinations that you must visit if you are planning to visit Jakarta Indonesia beaches. Peucang Island Beach, situated inside the Ujung Kulon National Park, is one such spot. You can get here by taking a trip on a speedboat from the Carita Beach. This literal heaven in the Westernmost part of Java island has untouched sand and the most scenic views of the ocean, but the island itself is home to a rich and diverse ecosystem and tourists are often able to see deer roaming by the beaches.

Distance from the city: 188 kilometres

9. Tunda Island Beach

Tunda Island Beach

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Tunda Island Beach is another beauty of the Baten province. Slightly further away than Sangiang Islands, the islands have a rich marine life and a healthy coral system which make for sights for all divers. The beach is spread over much of the coastline against a backdrop of palm trees and green-blue waters make for spectacular holiday locations for weekend getaways.

Distance from the city: Karangantu Port is 108 kilometres from Jakarta

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10. Pahawang Beach

Pahawang Beach

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Distance from the city: 158 kilometres to Bakauheni Port, thereafter 2 hour boat ride

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The Jakarta beaches are a surprising combination of exotic off-coast beaches and commercial luxury beach fronts framed with 5 star hotels. Make sure you visit them all on your tropical getaway to Indonesia!

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