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    Shopping In George

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    George is a very famous place in South Africa. If you are planning to go on a trip to South Africa then George must be visited. It is for sure that you will really be amazed by the awesome view and beautiful nature of George. Apart from this, if you have visited a place you will definitely want to shop for some items. So shopping in George will be a noble decision. There are numerous things that are sold here. Apart from this, there are many shops and stalls that are located in various corners of the city. It is always better to first roam around the market and then go for the best one from the list.

    10 Best Places For Shopping In George

    Now let’s have a look at some of the best places for shopping in George. It would really be nice to gather some relevant information about these things.

    1. Outeniqua Farmers' Market

    Outeniqua Farmers' Market

    Image Source

    It is a great place for early morning adventure and shopping for fresh foods and vegetables. The market covers about five-hectare area and is ideal for local foods. Most of the farmers bring local vegetables and fruits from the field and sell in this market. If you wish to taste something pure and fresh then this would be the right place. The price of the products are very reasonable and within the reach of common man. It has been seen that Georgetown shopping is really a unique experience.

    Location: George 6530, South Africa
    What to buy: You can easily get a wide variety of things commencing from berries to bread and vegetables. All the products are genuine and pure.

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    2. Garden Route Mall

    Garden Route Mall

    Image Source

    This mall has a good variety of shops and ATMs too. You can shop for various types of items. Apart from shopping, you will also like to taste a wide variety of coffees and types of foods. The mall also provides good parking facilities for its visitors. There are many open spaces within the mall. The washrooms are very clean and well maintained. Georgetown DC shopping will be really an amazing experience.

    Location: 72 Knysna Road | Intersection of N2 and Knysna Road, George 6529, South Africa
    What to buy: Apart from buying apparels, people can also buy various types of home decors.

    3. Cape Palette Art Gallery

    Cape Palette Art Gallery

    Image Source

    It is a perfect place for buying all types of paintings. The store was formed in 2002 and it has a good collection of items that can enhance and increase the beauty of your house to a great extent. The shop also provides good parking facilities for the visitors. The store also conducts various types of exhibitions on a regular basis.

    Location: 34 Airway Road | Heatherpark, George 6529, South Africa
    What to buy: You can get various types of beautiful paintings in this store at a relatively reasonable price.

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    4. The Fudgemaster

    The Fudgemaster

    Image Source

    This is a great place where one can get and purchase various types of tasty fudges. They are also a pioneer in catering. Most of the products are preservatives and gluten-free so they are safe for consumption. The price of the items is very nominal. The store has also received many awards for their extraordinary products.

    Location: Knysna Road | Garden Route Mall, George 6529, South Africa
    What to buy: You can buy a wide variety of sweet dishes. They are so tasty that you will never forget the taste.

    5. Wonki Ware

    Wonki Ware In George

    Image Source
    If you have a great passion to decorate your house with handcrafted pottery works, then this place is the ideal one. All the items are made and manufactured on the spot. So no need to worry about the quality and other related things. Each of the items is very unique a one will not match with the other.

    Location: 42 York Street, George 6529, South Africa
    What to buy: If you wish and dream to decorate the house with wonderful items, then this place is the best one. All handcrafted items are available here.

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    6. Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre

    Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre

    Image Source
    It is a lovely place for shopping in open air. You will really enjoy a lot while shopping at this place. There are ample shops inside this mall and the items are mainly used in daily life. There are ample parking facilities for the visitors. So no need to worry about parking vehicles. The ambiance is very nice.

    Location: Knysna Road, George 6529, South Africa
    What to buy: Apart from getting daily items, you can also get various types of household items in this store.

    7. Arms Tackle & Outdoor World C C

    Arms Tackle & Outdoor World C C

    Image Source
    It would really be a great experience to shop in this type of stores. The stores have a good stock of various items. You will really love shopping at these centers. Apart from this, the prices of the items are relatively low in comparison to other places.

    Location: Shop 10 -12, Redefine Boulevard, George, 6529, York St, George, 6530, South Africa
    What to buy: You can easily shop for various type of fishing items at a much-discounted rate.

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    8. Meyer Von Wielligh Furniture

    Meyer Von Wielligh Furniture

    Image Source
    It is a great furniture house where you can get various types of furnitures with unique types of designs. The quality of the furniture is of top quality. The designs too are very nice. You will really feel nice to shop the items. All the furniture’s are made of pure wood.

    Location: South Africa, 9 Diamant St, George, 6536, South Africa
    What to buy: You can buy any type of wooden furniture at a very good price. The quality will be very nice and the shop is very reliable.

    9. Sports Center George

    Sports Center George

    Image Source
    This is the place where you can various types of sports item. Each of the items is very nicely made and good fabrics are used for stitching sports garments. In fact, this is the right place for buying sports items. They are also a wholesale manufacturer.

    Location: 94 York St, George Central, George, 6530, South Africa
    What to buy: If you are wondering to buy any type of sports item then this is the right place indeed.

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    10. Golfers Club

    Sports playing in ground

    Image Source
    Most of the golf items are available at this shop. The products are all of high quality. Any type of item that is not available in any place is easily found in this shop. The service of the shop is very nice and can be appreciated.

    Location: 43 York St, Dormehls Drift, George, 6529, South Africa
    What to buy: Any type of golf item is available in this shop and above all the price of the item is very reliable. The shop remains open throughout the week.

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    George is really a matter of great fun. You will really enjoy a lot while shopping at this place because, besides shopping, you can taste various types of food items. There are many people who usually visit George for shopping for various types of items. You can start shopping from early morning by buying fresh vegetables and then other household items. Most of the shopping places are located in good positions. This is really a great advantage for the visitors. So, plan a trip to South Africa and shop till you drop!

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