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Every trip should be a memorable one and the factor that creates a beautiful memory depending on various factors which will attract the tourists. Moldova is a beautiful European country which is surrounded by lovely cities like Romania, and Chisinau. Moldova is very well known for its red vineyards, natural’s forts and also for the best shopping in Moldova. With all these well-known spots how to make your tour the best one. Moldova is famous for wine production and a trip to Moldova gives you a fair reason and opportunity to taste the newly brewed wine. Moldova is also very famous for shopping. Ever interested in shopping within your budget? Moldova is the right place for shopping within a budget.

10 Best Places For Shopping In Moldova

The streets of Moldova are filled with antique things and many more products which will let you satiate your shopper craving. And if you’re looking for the best places around then make sure to visit these 10 best shopping places in Moldova.

1. Piata Central

Piata Central

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Piata Centrala is located in the capital city, Chisinau. This place is a wholesale open market where you can buy anything from fresh fruits to the latest electronics. The streets of this place are divided into multiple categories depending on the products. This place is very well known for fresh fruits and special varieties of cheese.

Location: Bulevard Bd Stefan Cel mare si sfint, Chisinau.
What to buy: Fresh fruits, cheese, and electronics.

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2. Andrei Mudrea

Andrei Mudrea

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Andrei Mudrea is one of the best places to visit in Moldova if you are interested in modern art. This place is very well known for the collection of original and unique artworks. Though this place is filled with classic and unique artwork it stays hidden from the minh city. Every piece of art in this gallery requires a creative mind to reveal the perception of the creators. This place also has a section which includes artworks designed from daily usage products and recycled material.

Location: Chisinau,Moldova
What to buy: Modern art unique creations from junk, wall paintings.

3. Greenmarket center

Greenmarket center

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Greenmarket center is a huge market which offers edible items from fresh fruits to fresh fish and so on. There are different sections for fruits and vegetables, fish and cheese and also non-season and imported products. The best thing about this whole market is that you can taste any item you would like to buy. This place offers the best quality food at a minimal price without any compromise in the quantity also. This is one of the best local markets in the country where you can buy fresh farm harvested fruits, vegetables, and nuts for the cheaper price.

Location: Tiraspol, Moldova.
What to buy: Dry fruits and nuts, eggs, homemade cheese, homemade butter, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh fish, hot pastries and so on.

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4. Bucuria


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Are you candy level? We have the best place in the city who produce candy of all varieties. Bucuria is an authentic Moldovan chocolate and confectionary shop. They have various varieties of chocolates, biscuits, candy, marshmallows and so on. This company is in the business from 1946 and they are the best in chocolate industries. You can taste the best and authentic Moldovan chocolates and pastries as much as you can in five minutes. This place is an ancient yet authentic candy shop in the center of the city.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Homemade chocolate, homemade confectionaries, and marshmallows.

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5. Istanbul Bazaar

Istanbul Bazaar

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A trip ends with a gift to your loved ones. A trip to Moldova is always made the best with the gifts and ornaments which can be purchased from the unique creators in Istanbul Bazaar. This bazaar has a different section for every item from the experienced and talented creator. You can find carpet merchants clothing, antique, and shoes. This place enables you to experience the cultural importance of this place by providing traditional and cultural clothing and antiques. You can also buy Turkish groceries, spices, nuts and many more from this market. This market is a very well known place for gift articles.

Location:Chisinau, Moldova.
What to buy: Turkish groceries, Turkish delight, Turkish spices, antiques, antique jewelry, carpets and many more.

6. Cahul central market

Cahul central market

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This place is the center of shopping avenues in Moldova. Every shopping center can be easily accessed from this center market. This place contains many open market and open shops. This place is famous for the open fish market where you can find almost every variety of seafood which is fresh and cheap.

Location: Cahul, Moldova.
What to buy: Sea foods, candy and so on.

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7. Mihai Eminescu Street

Mihai Eminescu Street

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This Street is one of the best shopping streets in Moldova as it is a collection of every branded item in the city. Here you can find various choices of fashion from Hugo Boss, Zara, and Benetton to any brand you wish to buy.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova.
What to buy: Fashion clothing, accessories and so on.

8. Chisinau Art Square

Chisinau Art Square

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Chisinau Square is filled with multiple stalls selling traditional and cultural items like hand-woven blankets, carpets, embroidered boots carvings rugs and blanket.This is the first opened market in Moldova and is one of the famous shopping places in Moldova.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Handmade rugs, blankets, carpets, and textiles.

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9. Fantezie


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Fantezie has the name described is the best place to buy souvenirs to help you with your fantasy throughout the trip. You can buy famous maps to help you with your trip, standard mugs, and magnets traditional shirts and dolls.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: traditional mugs, maps, and souvenirs.

10. Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

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Last but not least, Carpe Diem is the best place to taste the authentic Moldovan wine direct from the cellar. This place is famous for the small winery products and also is the best-suited place for the night owls who love to get boozed and party at nights. This place allows the visitor to taste the best wines in the city which makes it even more special.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
What to buy: Best wines direct from the cellar

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The above are some of the best places famous for shopping in Moldova and there are many more places in the city special for many products. This city is filled with streets where you can buy almost any product and as the country’s currency value is less in the market, you can buy multiple times the regular quantity than usual. This list of famous shopping places in Moldova will help you to enhance your visit to Moldova and thus will make your trip special with the list of all items you can get from different cities of Moldova at a cheaper price with the best quality. Choose Moldova for a trip to Europe , utilize the trip maximum for shopping and make it the best experience!

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