Shopping – when you hear this word, it lights you up and no matter what mood you are in, you suddenly are brimming up with energy. That’s what shopping is for many; it’s therapy when you are down or depressed. And when you are traveling, a visit to any place is not complete without the shopping; more so when you are in Portugal. It is said that one of the budget-friendly places to shop in the whole of Europe is in Portugal. Shopping in Portugal is a delight.

11 Places For Shopping In Portugal

There are so many things that are unique to this wonderful country, where the sun always shines brightly. Here is a list of places you can head to in Portugal for shopping:

1. Under the Cover

Under the Cover

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It is one of the best shopping outlets in Lisbon, Portugal. A short distance from the wonderfully arranged Gulbenkian park, this shop moves worldwide magazines of dazzling assortment. 'It's simply things we need to find out about,' shrugs guardian Luis Kuna – a too-unassuming portrayal of this world-class party of allurements. A manual for the overlooked laborers' designers of Istanbul sits alongside phantasmagorical photos of submerged free-jumpers by Francesca Rivett. 'We consider the paper as well,' says Kuna. 'The structure, the smell; the physical part of perusing a magazine means the world to us.'

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2. Galaria Tereza Seabra

Galaria Tereza Seabra

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Part display space, part workshop, and store, this previous eighteenth-century pullover manufacturing plant is loaded up with characterful current European adornments. You will probably discover two or three planners working at their work areas to the drone of John Coltrane. Youthful Swedish diamond setter Anna Norrgrann's pieces especially emerge (shell-like fine metal, sheeny with shrouded hues). In any case, the work by proprietor Tereza Seabra is significantly beautiful, reusing nineteenth-century Portuguese coral with shining new rose gold. It is the best shop to do fabric shopping in Portugal.

3. Maison Nuno Gama

Maison Nuno Gama

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Fittings for made-to-quantify fitting in the atelier of Portuguese menswear originator Gama are a hoot. One divider is fixed with tuxedos in dandyishly dynamic silk, while another prompts an enthusiastic barbershop. Gama has an affection for decorating within the most solemnly exquisite wedding-suit coats with customized weaving propelled by the sentimental society craft of Portuguese émigrés. 'I adore a decent jacket, it's key to me,' he says, ever-occupied in his studio at the back, where the dividers are fixed with books by the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa. It is considered as the place where luxury shopping in Lisbon is possible.

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4. Casa Amora

Casa Amora

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Set along a pretty road polished with quintessential Lisbon tiles, in the inventive neighborhood of Amoreiras, is this townhouse with a bunch of rooms. From its garden (a high-walled cavern of disintegrating blocks and ivy) voices ever-burble, with visitors eating unstable custard tarts for breakfast and staff prescribing neighborhood eateries and strolls, all under the shade of a gigantic avocado tree. The stylistic layout is exquisite retro, the palette distinctly quieting – suitable given it's so near the absolute best lanes for shopping, including the Avenida da Liberdade and Rua de São Bento for absurdly extravagant and must-see collectibles. It's additionally just a short stroll from the best gelateria in the city: Nannarella. Duplicates from about £70. It is the perfect place for shopping in Portugal.

5. Albufeira


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Many intriguing trinket shops keep running in the city, so travelers go to World In store for essential blessings. An extensive variety of brilliant dress and handcrafted materials are dependably on offer. Here, you can buy charming splendid cushions, hair extras, infant garments, dream catchers and hand-sewn youngsters' toys. Ladies will discover vivid sacks and outfit jewelery. The experience of shopping in Albufeira Portugal is the best experience of shopping you can have her.

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6. Colombo Mall

Colombo Mall

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It is one of the largest malls in the country and is a must-visit for those who travel to Lisbon. The amazing exteriors and the interior of the mall is magnificent. The mall houses more than 340 shops; you can shop till you drop…literally! This is what luxury shopping in Lisbon looks like. This mall is a one-stop shop for everything that you want to buy. While you are shopping, your children can hang out in the outdoor garden or the play area.

7. Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet

Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet

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One of the best shopping outlets in Lisbon, Portugal, this is also a place where you can go crazy shopping and carry back loads of stuff home. It is a huge shopping outlet, just 30 minutes drive from the capital city and has also the top brands like Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabanna and there is a year-round discount at this place, where at times it goes up to even 70%! At times, there are also free makeover sessions and stuff like that too happening. You can spend an entire day here and finish all the shopping that you want to do for carrying back home.

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8. El Corte Ingles

El Corte Ingles

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This place is not unique to Portugal as such but is one of the best options when you go shopping there. It is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, and is the biggest department store in the whole of Europe. From clothes to books to even furniture, you can shop for absolutely anything here and the best part is, it is one of the cheapest shopping destinations you will find in Portugal.

9. Feira da Ladra

Feira da Ladra

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What can be a cheap place to shop than a flea market and Lisbon's Feira da Ladra is one of the capital city’s best-kept secrets. Vibrant and colorful, the name Feira da Ladra, literally translates to "Thieves' Market", Ladra meaning woman thief. But, don’t you fear…this is just another name. Ladro also means antique and that is what you will find in plenty here. You will also find a lot of clothes, books, hand-made goods, home décor, coins, and even military objects. The market is held every Tuesday and Saturday, from dawn to the early afternoon.

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10. LX Factory Sunday Market

LX Factory Sunday Market

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This old, abandoned industrial site has got a ‘Hippie’ makeover. If you are a fan of all things quirky and vintage, this place is the right place for you to shop in. Though it is home to a number of start-ups and hip restaurants and also to the upcoming artists to showcase their works, this turns into a shopping paradise every Sunday. Lined up along the main street every Sunday, the artists showcase their funkiest works, from vintage to local designer clothes, handmade jewelry, vinyl, and old-school CDs, this place is a hit among the locals of the city. With some amazing food and great music, this a great way to add some quirkiness to your shopping list.

11. Casa Dos Tapetes De Arraiolos

Casa Dos Tapetes De Arraiolos

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If you are wondering where you can shop for the amazing and unique fabric that Portugal is so famous for, look no further than this place. Be it rugs or tapestries, the products and the designs you will find here, are made with the popular Arraiolos stitch. The material they use is the wool yarn and the best of its kind. The Madeira designs on it are so soothing and come in a lot of varieties of flowers and leave design. They are all exclusive and, if you cannot carry it home, they will do that for you, at an extra cost.

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A perfect balance of malls, factory outlets, flea markets, and boutiques – shopping in Portugal is an experience in itself. There are so many things that are unique to this wonderful country, where the sun always shines brightly. Also, being one of the cheapest destinations to shop in, you can splurge on shopping for the best and the most unique products like the cork-based products; now, where in the world will you find those and that too in so many designs and varieties! So, whenever you make that plans to travel to Portugal , make sure you have enough room in your luggage to carry back these a little bit of the country with you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Portugal

What products are authentic to buy under the beverages category while shopping in Portugal?

Portuguese wines are the best to buy once shopping in Portugal. This is because the Douro Valleys’ port wine is the world popular one.

Which is the best product to take home by a pescatarian once in Portugal trip?

The pescatarian must shop for canned sardines in Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa. You can also buy them from many of the departmental stores and supermarkets present in Portugal.

What to shop once in Madeira Island, once in Portugal holidaying?

You must buy the authentic Madeiran embroideries once in Madeira Island. You can buy baby, kid, men, and women fabrics with Madeiran embroidery work. You can also buy tablecloths and bedding.

Why to buy Portugal’s Claus Porto once in Portugal tour?

This product is a 100% natural soap in a beautiful art design packing. You can gift this to your friends and relatives as a sign of Portugal’s visit. People of all ages can use this soap.

Which is the best place to buy lifestyle accessories in Portugal?

You must visit flea markets in Lisbon to buy lifestyle accessories at an affordable cost. Here, your bargaining power can bring down the price that the vendor fixes first.

Where to shop the authentic Protegees handicrafts?

It is advisable to buy Protegees handicraft products from any of the Sunday markets in Portugal. They are much more affordable than shops meant for handicraft products only.

Which is the best place to land in Portugal for the shopaholics?

The shopaholics must land in Lisbon and visit Colombo Centro Comercial. It will take a day to explore its outlets and buy your preferred brands and authentic Protegees goods.

Do big shopping malls are the best to spend a day on entertainment, tasting food and beverages along with shopping?

Yes, big shopping malls have a kid’s area, entertainment facilities, restaurants. It is the best place to come with your family and spend an entire day in a shopping mall with entertainment and food.

Why visit Centro Vasco da Gama’s once in Portugal?

You must visit this water theme-shopping complex for a different feel.

Are there high-end shopping malls present in Portugal?

Yes, you must visit the Marina shopping complex for high-end shopping in Portugal.

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