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Skydiving is one of the most thrilling adventures in the world. All you have to do is sit in a plane and jump and you go plumming down to the Earth. If sky diving has been on your list for a long time then maybe it’s time to tick it off. There are many places where you can experience sky diving but it is always better to do it from one of the best places and the places that are known for it. Skydiving in South Africa is very famous. The experience is unreal and you get to see some spectacular views once you become accommodated to the falling and stop shouting.

Places To Skydive In South Africa

Places To Skydive In South Africa

There are various places in South Africa where people can go to try their hands at the best sky diving in South Africa. Different places showcase different types of views that can be enjoyed by people. When skydiving in Cape Town, you will experience something absolutely surreal. The landscape that you will witness consists of Table Mountain and Table Bay Harbour. You will also spot Robben Island and the Atlantic.

In Grahamstown, you can choose to go and skydive with EP Skydivers who have been in the business for the last 30 years. Their instructors are highly trained and will prepare you well for it. If you are a memner you will get personal attention and they will make sure that you are getting better at it with every plunge. Other places where skydiving can be done in South Africa are Durban, Plett, Johannesburg, Knysna, Mossel Bai and Melkbosstrand where you can enjoy the coastal beauty if the place.

Best skydiving in South Africa can be experienced in one of these places.

Different Types Of Sky Diving In South Africa

If you thought that skydiving is just one kinds then you are wrong. There are various trypes of it depending upon the difficulty level and how much of a daredevil you are.

1. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

For all the people who cannot think of freefalling from the airplane and fastly falling towards the ground, indoor skydiving is the option for them. All you have to do is dress up like any other skydiver minus the parachute and take yourself to a vertical tunnel chamber which consists of strong and consistent stream of air generated by fans. And the result would be you flying up in the air. There are various places where people can try indoor skydiving in South Africa.

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2. Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is one level higher. If you are daring enough to sit on that plane nut do not think that you would be able to jump then you can opt for Tandem skydiving. This type of skydiving allows you to get the adrenaline rush without having to know all the theory and must know as you would be strapped to a Tandem instructor who would do all the work for you. Tandem skydiving in South Africa can be experienced in many places.

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3. Solo Skydive

Solo Skydive

If you are someone you take life with a little bit of spice then you must experience solo sky diving in South Africa. You would be going through rigorous training and would have to know every detail about it. Get dressed and sit in the plane that will take you to the exact spot where you would have to jump on your own. Yes, for all the people who think that they have it in them can opt for solo skydive and experience all the emotions on their own.

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4. Formation Skydive

Formation Skydive

Formation skydive is for the one who is a pro at it. Have you ever seen people jumping off planes and making various formations? Well, that is what exactly formation skydiving is.

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Cost For Skydiving In South Africa

The price of skydiving in South Africa varies from place to place and depends on the type of skydiving you are indulging in. A tandem skydiving would cost anywhere around INR 10000 without a video camera and photo. But if you want to record your experience then that would cost around INR 14000 to 15000. Solo skydive can cost anywhere between INR 15000 to 16000.

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Tips For Skydiving

Tips For Skydiving

1. Do not go on an empty stomach. Eat a moderate and healthy breakfast. In fact, pack in a few snacks too.
2. Have a good night’s sleep a night before. This will help you be all calm and more attentive.
3. Dress appropriately. Wear fitted layer clothing so that they do not run away when you are skydiving.
4. Record your experience. Yes, you do not want to forget what you felt and experienced during your fall. Get it all recorded for your memories.
5. Be like a banana. When falling your body needs to be in the shape of a banana. Your back arched, head tilted back, eyes in front, arms extended to the sides and legs all relaxed.
6. Breathe. This is the most important tip. Do not forget to breathe. Take it in all slow and let it all go. Breathe and you will enjoy this experience to the fullest and without any panic.

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You will definitely love your experience skydiving in South Africa. There are various skydiving clubs in South Africa that people can be a part of and enhance their skills. You would experience things like never before. One plunge and you would look for places where you can skydive more often. It is one of the most enthralling experiences and especially in South Africa when the view is this mind-blowing. Plan your trip to South Africa with TravelTriangle and get ready to take the plunge.

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Skydiving in South Africa and all other details you need to know about it

What are the places for skydiving in South Africa?

If you want to try skydiving in South Africa then you can visit Knysna, Melkbosstrand, Model Bai, Plett, Durban and many more.

What should you know before you are skydiving for the first time?

Before you are preparing yourself for skydiving for the first time you will have to practice a lot of things and prepare yourself physically and mentally. You need to dress appropriately and eat properly to ensure that you are having a good first-time experience.

Is there any age limitation for skydiving?

Yes, there is an age limitation for skydiving so one needs to be at least 16 years old. Moreover, if your age is between 16 to 18 then you will have to sign the consent paper from your legal guardian or parent.

Is there any weight limitation for skydiving?

Yes, there is a weight limitation for skydiving as well. So a person can be maximum hundred kgs to opt for the tandem skydiving.

What is the cost of skydiving in South Africa?

If you are opting for the introductory packages of tandem skydiving then you will have to spend R 1 750. Apart from that, you will have to spend more on the ground school, level 1 and training.

Is skydiving dangerous?

Skydiving is not so dangerous if you are taking the safety measures properly. The chances of facing any type of fatal accident are 0.00 6% which is very low.

Can one breath during skydiving?

Yes, one can breathe when they are skydiving, even in the free fall. One will get enough oxygen that will help them to breathe.

Are there any skydiving clubs in South Africa?

Yes, there are several skydiving clubs in South Africa which will help in enhancing your skills and prepare you for skydiving. Nobody is going to expect you to perform skydiving without any preparation.

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