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Snorkeling is a great activity to pick up when looking for an adventure sport related to water. This is a calming activity that will make you see and admire the beautiful underwater flora and fauna that is hidden from the rest of the world. If you are scared to go for deep sea diving then snorkeling comes to the rescue where you can swim or float on top and see some of the most magnificent views that are usually hidden and is a different world on its own. The United States Of America is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to snorkeling. Snorkeling in Austin is also very famous since many there are some nice spots where people can go for it. Each of these places has locals flocking around them throughout the summer. One can see people exploring the depths and flora and fauna of this beautiful underwater world.

3 Places To Go Snorkeling In Austin

There are quite a few places and spots for snorkeling in Austin Texas where people can go for it. The underwater world of this region is great as you can spot some of the most beautiful water creatures and swim among them.

1. San Marcos River

San Marcos River View

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San Marcos is one of the best places in Austin to go for snorkeling and comes in the top snorkeling spots in Austin Texas. The river has the clearest water in Austin and one can enjoy hours going about exploring the underwater flora and fauna here. The San Marcos River is home to several endangered and threatened species like The Texas Salamander, Fountain Darter, and Texas Wild Rice, So while you snorkel to make sure that you do not harm them in any way and just see them from a distance.

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2. Barton Springs Creek

Barton Springs Creek

Another great spot for people to go for snorkeling is Barton Springs Creek. The place is very famous among locals who spend hours here swimming, kayaking or just lazing around the place with their family and friends and making a day out of it. The place is always crowded with people thanks to the clear and cool water which people enjoy. During snorkeling, one can see various tiny fishes along with other underwater creatures. Barton Springs Creek is surely one of the best places for Snorkeling in Austin.

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3. Swim School Of Austin

Swim School Of Austin

If you are afraid to snorkel and still want to experience it then people can opt to take classes and learn Snorkeling. There are a few places in Austin like swim School of Austin where you can book a slot for yourselves and learn it before doing it in the wild. They give you proper training and prepare you for everything before your big day in the river.

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Tips For Snorkeling

1. Do an equipment check before you go for snorkeling. If anything gives you discomfort later it might end up in hysteria and panic.

2. One of the main tips for people is to Breathe in, breathe out and stay calm. When exploring underwaters, make sure you keep your calm and not panic in any case.

3. Float, don’t swim. Yes, when it comes to snorkeling what most people don’t know is that snorkeling is all about floating. Don’t use your hands and gently float away.

4. When deciding where to go, make sure you choose a place that clear water. The whole idea behind snorkeling is for you to see and experience the underwater world and if the water is not clear, you would not be able to see anything clearly.

5. Dehydrate yourself if you are planning to snorkel for long. Before you jump into the water to go about the activity, drink a lot of water to avoid cramps.

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Do’s And Dont’s

1. Do Not Panic

When you are out snorkeling, make sure that you are always calm and composed, Any sort of panic can only make matters worse for you.

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2. Do Not Snorkel Alone

You can snorkel alone if you want but it is always better to do it with a friend with whom you can enjoy. But if you are new to it then one must go with someone who is experienced. Yes, snorkeling is safe but there are things like current, wildlife and sharp reef that can cause any sort of trouble.

3. Know Your Location

When choosing where to go for snorkeling, make sure you ask around from locals to know about the best snorkeling places. Opt for places where there usually are a lot of people indulged in the same activity. Ask about the waves, currents and more similar things.

4. Do Not Fight Currents

If caught in one while snorkeling, make sure that you slowly swim away from it all while keeping your cool.

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Snorkeling in Austin is one of those activities that you can enjoy with your friends and families at beautiful locations. You get a chance to spot some of the most gorgeous underwater creatures and experience something blissful. Austin has various places where one can snorkel. So get ready with your set of fins and snorkel and flat away in Austin by planning your trip to USA with TravelTriangle.

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