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    Snorkeling In Japan

    The island nation of Japan is a place which is full of dense cities, mountains, shrines and temples. There are a lot of recreational activities to choose from . The landscapes of Japan are mesmerizing and the food you get her is scrumptious. The island nation offers a great scope for water adventure activities to its guests. If as a child you thought how cool the life of Mermaid is, then snorkeling in Japan is one activity that you have to try for sure.

    While choosing when to visit Japan you should always keep in mind the rainfall and the cold. Hence the most appropriate months to visit the place are March to May and September to November. While vacationing in Japan you should definitely stay at the traditional Japanese inn to get an essence of the customs and traditions of the life of people in Japan.

    Top 13 Spots For Snorkeling In Japan

    The sea and ocean life has always remained somewhat a mystery for man. The creatures and the types of animals found deep down in the marvels of sea is something that excites everyone. And thanks to the recreational activity of snorkeling, it has become much easier for us to experience and watch the marine life up close and be in awe of what it has to offer us. And if Japan is your next holiday destinations, here is a list of the best snorkeling in Japan that you should experience.

    1. Ishigaki, Okinawa

    Ishigaki, Okinawa

    Image Source

    If you love islands then Ishigaki is the place you should be at. It is a jumping point for many of the beaches and coral. The place is very popular for its snorkeling activities. Apart from Snorkeling you can find some museums to explore.

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    2. Kerama Islands

    Kerama Islands View

    As a child we were always amazed watching the Finding Nemo. And on Kerama islands it is a chance to relive those old memories in the form of snorkeling. The Kerama islands are home to a lot of sea turtles. So you may be able to sport some turtles while you are snorkeling here.

    3. Miyakojima


    Image Source

    The place is jam packed with a lot of fun things to do. You can visit some shrines here, go snorkeling and explore the coral reefs. And if that’s not enough, you have got some amusement rides that you can enjoy. The water of the Miyakojima city is warm and has abundant sea life to explore. There is also a lighthouse you might want to explore.

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    4. Iriomote Island

    Iriomote Island

    Image Source

    The place is full of dense lush mangroves. The Iriomote Island is a part of Iriomote-Ishigaki national park. The place is a home to the Iriomote wildcats and has some beautiful waterfalls. There is also a beach by the name Hoshizuna which has coral reef and a plenty of fishes.

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    5. Onna Okinawa

    Onna Okinawa

    Image Source

    This is a village on the southern island of the Okinawa town. The place is serene and beautiful and is a great place to relax with your loved ones. There are a lot of resorts and places that you can stay at and provide you with snorkeling facilities.

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    6. Zamami, Okinava

    Zamami, Okinava

    Image Source

    Zamami is a small village located in Okinawa. But don’t let its underwhelming size fool you as the place is very beautiful. While you are here, you can go scuba diving, snorkeling. The best part is that the place is a home to lot of sea turtles. So if exploring the marine life is on your agenda then you have to visit this small village in Japan.

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    7. Ogasawara Islands

    Island View

    Image Source

    We all want to stay in touch with nature and be up close with it. But sadly not many of us can experience it due to the fact that we live in concrete jungles. Hence going on vacations are one way of doing it. The Ogasawara islands have a rich flora and fauna. That’s not the only thing, it has rich flora and fauna that is unique and unlike any other place. The water found on the beaches is crystal clear that gives us a chance to look at the amazing marine life found here. This is a popular location that you should visit if you want to go snorkeling.

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    8. Izu Shichito Islands


    Image Source

    These are a string of seven islands floating in the Pacific Ocean. The Izu Shichito islands are located on the south of Tokyo. The place is full of hot springs and a beautiful climate that makes it suitable for visiting any time of the year. The beautiful location and ideal climate make it a perfect spot for marine sports activity. The scuba diving activity is popular here.

    9. Kohama islands

    Kohama islands

    Image Source

    To reach the island you have to take a ferry from the Ishigaki Island. The entire ferry ride is of about 25 minutes. The place just like any other island of Japan is full of flora and fauna. You can do scuba diving and snorkeling in the clear waters of the Kohama islands. You might even spot water buffalos which are native to this place.

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    10. Kakeroma Jima

    Kakeroma Jima

    Image Source

    It is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Though not a very popular tourist location, it still has some breathtaking beaches that you spend hours exploring and spending some quality time with your family.

    11. Motobu


    Image Source

    This is another island area which is comprised of many small villages. There are a lot of marine sports that you can explore here, from scuba diving to parasailing, the place has it all. Motobu is also home to dolphins. So do keep an eye for spotting them.

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    12. Shimojishima


    Image Source

    If you like long trails and walks then you have to visit Shimojishima. The place has serene vibe to it and is a very good place to spend some time alone introspecting. Apart from this you can always go snorkeling and scuba diving that is done here.

    13. Irabu islands

    Irabu islands

    Image Source

    If the idea of caves excites you, then you are going to love the Irabu islands as the places are home to a lot of caves. The water here is also used for activities like snorkeling and scuba diving.

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    Japan is full of island towns and places which are beautiful and at the same time offer you a lot of activities to do on vacations. These places are ideal when you are travelling with family, or friends. We hope that this list of snorkeling spots in Japan will help you in a better planning of your Japanese vacation. So plan an tour to Japan and head to Japan for a lifechanging snorkeling experience.

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