Sofia is a town worth touring during the chilly winter season. To prove that to you, we have concocted a list of top things to do in Sofia in winter. We assure you that by following our travel guide, you will never be bored. All these activities and places that we have discussed will give unmatched fun and an extraordinary traveling experience.

These destinations mentioned are planned keeping in mind the Sofia weather in winter and all these places are perfect for winter lovers. We will help you have an exciting weekend in the capital city of Bulgaria.
So if you are entirely ready to experience the pleasure of being there in Sofia in winter, here are a few of the fantastic things to do in Sofia in winter.

9 Things To Do In Sofia In Winter

While you’re out and about in the gorgeous land of Sofia, make sure you try all these must have experiences below and have the perfect vacay like never before!

1. German Christmas Market

German Christmas Market

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If you are in Sofia at the end of December, then you must tour the most famous German Christmas market. It’s located next to the center of Sofia's National Theatre, and it is a magnificent place to take the pleasure of mulled wine glass on a chilled December evening.

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2. Ice Skating

Ice Skating

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There are a few great rinks for ice skating in Sofia that are best in Winter to explore. No matter you wish to carry the children, or merely be the child yourself, it’s a fabulous approach to use an afternoon in the wintertime. Ariana Lake is turned into a rink for ice skating during the winter season, and at the same time, you can also locate an artificial rink of ice open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM in Paradise Mall. Most of the rinks of ice skating in Sofia cost between 5 to 10 leva entry.

3. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

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It is an indoor ‘real life’ sport where the player is locked in a room packed of puzzlements and need to answer them for moving out. It’s ideal for a team of about 4 to 6 people, and it could be an event of team building or a family challenge for you and your associates. The play endures for an hour, and there are various escape rooms to pick from in Sofia. The price is ordinarily approximately 20BGN each for a crew of 5 to 6 persons and one can enjoy great offers in Winters.

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4. Skiing


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Generally, the snow comes after the eve of Christmas, and this is among the best things to do in Sofia in winter, and undoubtedly it will be a great time to take the pleasure of mountains in Bulgaria at its peak. Sofia's Vitosha Mountain is nearby to the center of the town and can be easily approached by car. There are both ski institutions for children and professional runs for the skiers of season. You can also borrow all the gear you require from the Aleko's ski center.

5. Shooting


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Shooting is another great indoor activity to experience the virtue of Sofia weather in winter. There are few of the outstanding shooting spectators in Sofia and when you reach shooting range Gerena. It is really affordable and practicing some target activities is an entertaining approach to blow an afternoon alone or with colleagues. For two persons you can assume to pay about 20 to 30 leva at most.

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6. Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling

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Bowling is perpetually a favorite venture with children and grown-ups similarly. Take some friends or the family and spend a few times getting ambitious on the alleys! If you visit Joystation, you will also be able to go to the pub later on for a match of darts or pool and some cocktails.

7. Shopping

Indoor Market Dealings Marketplace Market Sofia

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Numerous shopping malls are there in Sofia in Bulgaria, Europe , but most of the tourists probably favor to visit Paradise Mall. Because it has the most extensive array of shops and a few great eateries, comprising a Happy on the uppermost floor which looks to be fully packed no matter at what season of the year you visit there! There is also a child play center, a climbing center, and a cinema and among other activities to keep you entertained with your family.

8. VIP Cinema

VIP Cinema

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If you are a movie-lover and wish to enjoy a late night hang out at the flicks, you are recommended to try the Tsar cinema located at Ring Mall of Sofia. It has vast, sprawling seats and attendant service. It will be the best cinema experience that you will never want to disappear from your memory, and it will cost you around 14BGN per ticket, it’s unquestionably not too pricey to have fun once in a while.

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9. Go Karting

Go Karting

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At Sofia Ring Mall is a recently initiated indoor karting square. It is one of the best places to visit in Sofia in winter where you will get an unmatched pleasure and satisfaction of being there. Again, something fabulous for both the children and grown-ups. It’s not a, beginning at 16 leva for 10 minutes for children, but it moves to be costly to see the laughs on faces of everyone afterward.

4 Best Places To Visit In Sofia In Winter

No matter where you go to in Sofia, these places are surely the ones you cannot afford to miss out on. So scroll down to know what all is in store for you!

1. Catholic Cathedral St Joseph

Catholic Cathedral St Joseph

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It is among the most famous Roman cathedrals in Bulgaria and more precise in Sofia. This religious place is relatively new, and it is among the freshest temple in Bulgaria. The most popular belief in Bulgaria is Orthodox Christianity, and that's why it is exciting to observe such a huge Catholic church in the core of Sofia. You can also attend a Sunday service if you visit here.

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2. Tzar Samuil Monument

Tzar Samuil Monument

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It is among the most popular places to visit in Sofia in winter and is possibly one of the most prominent statues across the world. The statue of ancient Bulgarian leader is so genuine that its eyes are really gleaming. For a few people, this piece of art might seem eerie or not exciting, but from my point of view, the view with the gleaming eyes is fantastic. It was designed some years ago, and it is yet reasonably fresh and looks like new. Include the monument on your trip list, and you will surely not feel disappointing about it.

3. Urvich


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The Fortress of Urvich is an ancient and spectacular place which is only at a driving distance of around 20 minutes from the bustling midtown area of the capital city. It is an ideal spot for leisure and a fast retreat from the hectic experience of Sofia. The fortress consolidated with the picturesque appearance of the site teleports us to paradise on land.

4. Snail House

Snail House

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This apartment complex is one of the perfect places to visit in Sofia in winter which is created to resemble like a snail. This fantastic construction is fascinating, and it merits a detour. The extraordinary and innovative design is honestly unique, and it is good-looking, and most of the people are still unknown to this fantastic tourist spot. If you are curious to have a look at the cool design and are inquisitive to view something mysterious and innovative, visit Snail home in Sofia and see everything from your eyes.

Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, is ideal for an active European city lapse, especially in winter. While spending an extended vacation in Sofia in winter and there are great things to admire the city wherein. Sofia is short enough that you can wander moderately everywhere. Sofia has striking and majestic buildings, incorporating its star point of attraction Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

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Visiting the capital city is pretty economical and low-priced. The food in Sofia is delicious and grants unprecedented tastes even yet most of the ingredients used are what we are previously familiar with. Sofia is an excellent jumping off spot to the entire country. We have listed above all the best places and things to do in Sofia in winter. Hope you will surely reach the peak of enjoyment and satisfaction of being there this weekend. Plan your trip to Europe for an amazing holiday experience with your loved ones!

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