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Bulgaria is a country with picturesque landscapes, along the coast of Black Sea. With mountains and rivers on one side and sun-kissed beaches and azure sea on the other, Bulgaria boasts of beautiful cities and resort towns, which fascinate each and every traveler with their own charm and aura. From castles to forts, museums to amusement parks; there are innumerable places to visit in Bulgaria. Make sure to check them out on your trip to Bulgaria for an exquisite time with your family and friends.

Places To Visit In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is adorned with many spectacular places. To make up for an exciting holiday, you must cover most of these beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria that we have listed below:

  • Sofia
  • Varna
  • Plovdiv
  • Rila Monastery
  • Nesebar
  • Veliko Tarnovo
  • Bansko
  • Sozopol
  • Koprivshtitsa
  • Burgas
  • Sunny Beach
  • Belogradchik
  • Pamporovo
  • Ruse
  • Hisarya
  • Arbanasi
  • Pobiti Kamani
  • Kaliakra
  • Balchik
  • Kazanlak
  • Etara

1. Sofia


Image Source Sofia, the capital city, is one of the most gorgeous top places to visit in Bulgaria. There are various places to visit in Bulgaria, Sofia. Presenting a flawless amalgamation of old city and modern township, Sofia is home to 2000 years old churches, municipal buildings, and cathedrals on one hand and modern museums, art galleries, city parks and boulevards on the other. Nestled at the foothill of Vitosha mountain, this largest Bulgaria city is flocked by tourists around the year.

Must see: Boyana church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Saint Nedelja Church and National Museum of Military History and South Park

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2. Varna


Image Source Overlooking the Black Sea, Varna is one of the significant places to see in Bulgaria. Showcasing history and heritage of the bygone era, this serene resort town comprises of Roman baths, ancient cathedrals, and museums. Varna beaches are vibrant and happening and lined with shacks and bars, where people can hang out, sunbathe and unwind and indulge in water sports.

Must see: Roman Bath, Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral, Baroque Opera House and Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin

3. Plovdiv


Image Source As one of the historical cities in Bulgaria, Plovdiv is mostly visited by history lovers and anthropologists. This is one of the ancient Bulgaria places, built around 7 hills, along with the course of Maritsa River. Featuring fortresses, amphitheaters, churches, cobbled stone roads, and vintage houses; Plovdiv offers utmost holiday charm, like none other.

Must see: Plovdiv Roman stadium, Roman amphitheater, Staria grad, Park Tsra Simeon and Alyosha Soviet Army Memorial and Ethnographic Museum

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4. Rila Monastery

Rila Monastery

Image Source Nestled amid Rila Mountains; this is the largest monastery in Bulgaria. Much famed as Monastery of Saint Ivan of Rila, this is the most popular Eastern Orthodox Monastery and one of the top tourist attractions in Bulgaria. Founded in the 10th century by St. John of Rila- this stunning monastery is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is built in Mamluk, arabesque, Byzantine and Romanesque pattern. It looks stunning and magnificent with the wooden staircases, black and white arches, domes and colorful mosaics, while the 250 well-preserved manuscripts and paintings are things to admire.

Must see: Other than the monastery and its in-house museum and gallery, one can also explore Rila National Park, Rila Mountains, and Medi Valley Winery

5. Nesebar


Image Source Next in the list of best places to visit in Bulgaria in summer is Nesebar. This is another pretty town, located by the Black Sea coast, known for its ancient ruins, edifices, and stunning beaches. The old part of Nessebar, comprising of Byzantine-era fortifications and Roman baths are located on an island, which is bridged with the mainland by a man-made walk away. You can also visit the famous 11th century St. Stephen church, located there, which houses an ornamented altarpiece and many of mural paintings. Apart from this, one can sunbathe on the beaches, enjoy water sports and relish seafood or spend some crazy fun-filled moments at the beachfront water park.

Must see: St. Stephens Church, Winery Messembria, Church of Saint Sophia, Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Aquapark

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6. Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo

Image Source Renowned as ‘city of Tsars’, Veliko Tarnovo is a small and quaint city in central Bulgaria. This is a 7000 years old town, located by the Yantra River and surrounded by three hills, namely; Tsaravets, Trapezitsa, and Sveta Gora. Veliko Tarnovo was once the capital of the second Bulgarian empire. As a fortified city, the place is walled on all sides and offers superb panoramic views of the surrounding. With more than 30 monasteries, cobblestone streets, mythical homes, and churches; Veliko Tarnovo looks surreal and a visit to this place during Bulgaria holiday is worth in every sense.

Must see: Tsaravets Fortress, Monastery of the Holy Transfiguration of God, Forty Martyrs Church and Asen’s Monument

7. Bansko


Image Source Bansko is the most buzzing skiing destination of Bulgaria and one of the best places to visit in Bulgaria in winter. Nestled at the foothills of Pirin Mountains, Bansko welcomes all winter sports lover with wide arms. One among the must-see Bulgaria places; this ski resort town boasts of numerous ski and snowboard areas on Todorka Peak like Tomba Run and offers longest skiing season in Bulgaria. Apart from this, Bansko is also famous for ski restaurants, nightlife, and spa and hosts the Bansko Jazz Festival every year.

Must see: Vihren Peak, Todorka, Kutelo, and Bansko Gondola Ski lift

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8. Sozopol


Image Source One of the ancient coastal towns to see in Bulgaria; Sozopol exhibits relics and remnants of the Bronze Age. Perched at the Black Sea coast; there is an ancient fortress overlooking the sea and archaeological evidence of a sprawling Christian complex. Best known for splendid beaches and nightlife; Sozopol attracts travelers of all kinds, throughout the year. It is one of the significant cultural centers of Bulgaria and hosts Apollonia Art and Film Festival every year.

Must see: St. Thomas Island, St. Ivan Island and The Castle of Ravadinovo

9. Koprivshtitsa


Image Source Colorful houses, cobblestone streets, buzzing public squares and markets pretty much sum up what you can experience at Koprivshtitsa- one among the popular tourist places in Bulgaria. With the backdrop of Sredna Gora mountains; this historic town is perfectly set on the banks of Topolnita River and is famous for its folk festivals and carnivals.

Must see: Oslekov House, Topalova House, Dimcho Debelyanov House, and Lyuben Karavelov Museum

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10. Burgas


Image Source Bordered by sea and several lakes, Burgas is another name in the group of best places to visit in Bulgaria. Though this is an industrial city but the beaches, restaurant and shacks remain crowded with tourists and locals. During summer, the main promenade hosts summer theatre performances, which enhance the charm of the place, manifold.

Must see: Church of Saint Cyril, Sea Garden, Lake Burgas, Lake Atanasovsko and St. Anastasia Island

11. Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach

Image Source The discussion on places to visit in Bulgaria is half-hearted if you do not include Sunny Beach in it. Adorned with nightclubs, beach shacks, restaurants and water sports; Sunny Beach allures and tempts, travelers of all kinds. The beaches look dazzling and vibrant with loungers, umbrellas, yachts, go-cart track and water park.

Must see: Action Aquapark, Winery Messembria, Sunny Beach Luna Park and karting track

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12. Belogradchik


Image Source Located on the northern slopes of Balkan Mountains, Belogradchik is another place to see in Bulgaria. Also known as Kaleto, this place is famous for unique sandstone and limestone rock formations, monoliths and hoodoos. Certainly, a place to wonder, Belogradchik also has an ancient fort, caves, and museums.

Must see: Magura Cave, Baba Vida, Kaleto Fortress and Belogradchik rocks, Museum of Nature and Science

13. Pamporovo


Image Source Another popular ski resort in Bulgaria, Pamporovo is set on the foothills of Rhodope Mountains. Lined with pine forests, the skiing area looks surreal and leaves everyone in awe. One can indulge in skiing and snowboarding during winter months, while summer is ideal for hiking and camping. Make sure you book a spot for skiing. We promise it will be worth the time and money.

Must see: Pamporovo Ski resort, Spree Skiing School and Fun Park.

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14. Ruse


Image Source Nestled on the right bank of Danube; Ruse is an important river port and a quaint Bulgarian city. Housing more than 300 Neo-Baroque and Neo-Rococo buildings, Ruse is also described as ‘Little Vienna’. This is the only place to visit in Bulgaria, that comprises of Bulgarian-Romanian bridge, known as Ruse-Giurgiu Friendship Bridge.

Must see: Svoboda- Liberty Square, Profit-Yielding Building, Friendship Bridge, Freedom Square, Sveta Troitsa Cathedral, Eco Museum, and Orlova Chuka Cave

15. Hisarya


Image Source Hisarya lies at the edge of Sredna Gora mountain range and best known for relics of Roman walls, gates, baths, and theatres. The name was derived from the word Turkish word Hissar or Hisar- which means Fort or Castle. It is located at a distance of 44 kms from Plovdiv, hence can make up for a great day trip option.

Must see: Thracian temple, Mineral Spring Momina Banya and Horseback Riding Camp Ezdun

16. Arbanasi


Image Source Arbanasi is a quaint village perched on a hill about 5 kilometers away from Veliko Tarnovo. Besides the amazing views of Veliko Tarnovo and Tsarevets, the village also offers a plethora of streets and old houses surrounded by high National Revival style buildings. It is one of the oldest places to visit in Bulgaria among the locals. Make sure to stop by here.

Must see: Nativity Church and Konstantsalieva House

17. Pobiti Kamani

pobiti kamini

Image Source Bulgaria’s only desert, Pobiti Kamani is one of the most fascinating places to visit in this country. It is located 20 km west to varna and is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The sand dunes and rock formations that goes up to 7 m high in this desert are fascinating. Guess what, these rock formations are hollow from inside and looks as if they are stuck in the sand.

Must see: The Stone Forest, Quarry in Beloslav, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

18. Kaliakra


Image Source If you are wandering along the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria, you will come across Kaliakra, one of the historical places to visit in Bulgaria. The legend has it that forty people jumped from the cliff with their hair tied together. They thought that it was a better option than being captured by the Ottomans in the 14th century. The medieval fortress against the stunning backdrop will take your breath away.

Must see: Cape Kaliakra, Castello di Kaliakra

19. Balchik


Image Source One of the most popular places to visit in Bulgaria for families, Balchik is absolutely worth the visit. This small town is located near the northern part of Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria. It has so many places to visit like the summer residence of Romanian Queen Marie of Edinburgh and the famous botanical gardens.

Must See: The Palace of Balchik, Botanical gardens, Balchik Beach

20. Kazanlak


Image Source Also known as the ‘Valley of Roses’, Kazanlak is an attractive tourist destination in Bulgaria where you will find tombstones of Thracian kings. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bulgaria which is why it must be on your list of all the places to visit.

Must See: Museum of Roses, Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak, Koprinka Dam, Tomb of Tsar Setv

21. Etara

etara open air museum

Image Source An open-air museum in Bulgaria, Etara is a one-of-its-kind place that you ought to visit on your holiday. It is located on the northern edge of the Bulgarka Nature Park and has Bulgarian customs, craftsmanship, and culture on display. You will also find numerous restaurants outside the museum where you can taste the finest Bulgarian cuisine.

Must see: Karadzica water-mill, Sokolski monastery

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With this list of popular places, now you can plan a foolproof trip to Europe. Ensure you cover most of these places to visit in Bulgaria and have a memorable trip that you will cherish forever. We promise that you’ll have the time of your life and will not be disappointed by everything that Bulgaria has to offer you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Bulgaria

Is Bulgaria an expensive country?

Bulgaria is an affordable destination as compared to other European countries. Accommodation and travel costs here are quite affordable and ideal to plan a budget trip.

Is Bulgaria safe for tourists?

Yes, Bulgaria is a safe country for tourists. The crime rate here is very low and tourists can easily travel around without worrying about a robbery or any crime.

Is it safe to visit Bulgaria, given the covid situation?

Yes, it is safe to visit Bulgaria given that you follow all guidelines and take all the necessary precautions. Make sure to get yourself vaccinated before planning a trip, also wear masks at all times, maintain social distance at public places and sanitize your hands regularly to avoid the spread of the virus.

Why is Bulgaria so famous?

Bulgaria is famous worldwide for its folklore, opera singers and musicians. It is also home to many great sightseeing points and attractions.

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