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Liverpool, the birth city of several remarkable music groups including The Beatles, comes alive and vibrant under the bright shining sun. The magnificent architecture, diverse heritage, cheerful faces, pop music culture, ample amount of exciting art and music festivals attract numerous tourists to spend their summer in Liverpool. Home to two of the major Premier League clubs including Everton and Liverpool FC, this city has lots of experiences waiting for any and every kind of traveler.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get crazy in summer 2021! Here’s a travel guide to help you with the same.

Weather In Liverpool

Summertime in Liverpool is warm and pleasing which makes it the best time to visit the city. With the temperature touching maximum of 20 degrees Celsius during the day and majestic sun rays soaking into skin, Liverpool city is the epitome of beautiful summer. Sounds of cheerful crowd, music gigs, children playing on the streets, colors of joy and festivals surround the city from April to September.

Things To Do In Summer In Liverpool

Liverpool possesses a wide variety of things for tourists with diverse preferences to experience. Here is a list of top 5 things that you must try when visiting the land of The Beatles.

1. British Music Experience

British Music Experience

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A must have experience for a music fanatic, British Music Experience narrates the story of all the notable musicians and music groups ranging from The Beatles and Adele, to Freddie Mercury and Spice Girls through costumes, instruments, performance and memorabilia. Moreover, this music museum also allows you to try your hand on the best music instruments available on the premises.

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2. River Cruise And Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

River Cruise and Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

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If you don’t want to miss out on any of the top attractions of the city, board the ferry and cruise along the River Mersey witnessing Liverpool’s iconic waterfront area followed by an open-top bus tour of this magnificent city. With the weather being in your favor, you can thoroughly enjoy Liverpool in summer. The itinerary of city bus covers all the main spots of Liverpool including Pier Head, Liverpool Cathedral, Chinese Arch, and various other museums and galleries.

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3. Wirral Tramway And Wirral Transport Museum

Wirral Tramway and Wirral Transport Museum

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For the travelers who have an eye for history, this museum can turn out to be very promising. Housing, preserving and restoring the vintage transport collection, the museum allows you to have a blast from the past. See the faces of your children light up with fascination after witnessing the collection of buses, cars, trams, motorcycles and cycles. Take a ride on one of the electric old-fashioned trams and get a taste of the bygone days.

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4. Ghetto Golf

Ghetto Golf

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When on a vacation with just friends or your partners and you feel like doing something extremely offbeat and crazy, head over to the Ghetto Golf located on Stanhope Street. Accessible to only adults, this property is a blend of mad and unique. Cocktails, DJs, golf, theatre, street food all can be found at this one-stop inside the old Cains Brewery. You will neither regret nor forget this one hell of an experience!

5. Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool

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Liverpool, famous for its art and music, is home to one of the greatest galleries in the United Kingdom. Located on Royal Albert Dock, this spot is a sight for all the art buffs out there. One can find modern and contemporary art by British and international artists on display. To add more to the experience, various other events like exhibitions, workshops, and performances also happen to take place at Tate.

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Summer Festivals In Liverpool

Liverpool is all about joyous, vibrant and colorful festivals in summer. Do not miss out on any of these on your visit to the city.

1. Baltic Weekend Festival

Baltic Weekend Festival

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Baltic, being a creative hub of Liverpool, is back with another weekend bash. Taking place on the last weekend of the academic year in May, this music festival is a blend of various music styles including house, techno, bass and grime. The DJs and artists performing at this gig are a mixture of headliners and local selectors.

Festival Dates: 31st May to 2nd June 2021

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2. Africa Oye Festival

Africa Oye Festival

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Liverpool is known for diverse culture and heritage. It houses one of the oldest African communities in Europe. African Oye Festival is the largest music and culture festival celebrating African and Caribbean heritage. DJs, live music, dance, workshops and scrumptious delicacies are a few of the things that one can expect from this festival.

Festival Dates: 22nd and 23rd June 2021

3. Brazilica Festival

Brazilica Festival

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UK’s only samba carnival, Brazilica is a weekend-long festival that takes place every July in Liverpool. With bands and dance performances commencing the festival, this celebration is all about Brazil. Get to experience the carnival queen competition, indulge into scrumptious Brazilian delicacies, witness the film music exhibition during this extremely sparkling weekend this summer in Liverpool.

Festival Dates: 12th to 14th July 2021

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4. Pride In Liverpool

Pride in Liverpool

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Celebrating the people irrespective of who they are or where they are from, “Come As You Are” pride festival is all about live entertainment, cultural activities, stalls, food and drink vendors. The parade includes a cheerful crowd taking pride in their identity, rainbow-colored flags hoisted high in the air, banners, and faces colored in the seven colors, and supporters and allies of LGBT community achieving the mission of making Liverpool the most LGBT+ friendly region. So enjoy Liverpool in summer by coming together with all kinds of people for love, humanity, and friendship.

Festival Dates: 27th and 28th July 2021

5. International Beatleweek

International Beatleweek

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The city is back with its annual International Beatleweek. In the spirit of the world’s most famous pop music group, The Beatles, International Beatleweek not only takes place at different venues across the city but also has a different band playing every hour. Live music, theatre performances, late night parties, outdoor venues are a few highlights of this week-long bonanza.

Festival Dates: 21st to 27th August 2021

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So all set to spend your summer in Liverpool this year? Explore the city of pop culture and architectural marvels at your own leisure and in your own way as there is no one here to judge you. A city of happy faces and warm hearts will surely make your vacation to United Kingdom with TravelTriangle a memorable and cheerful one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer In Liverpool

What are the things that one could do in summer in Liverpool?

Liverpool is a lively place, and one of the most famous tourist destinations in England and people prefer to explore the city in the summer season. Most people suggest experiencing British music, exploring the city by hop-on hop-off bus tours, seeing the tram museum, and indulge many more activities throughout the summer.

Where is the Ghetto Golf located in Liverpool?

Ghetto Golf is not only one of the craziest places in Liverpool, but it is perfect for food, fun and music. The site is located at Stanhope street of Liverpool.

Which is the most famous place to explore art in Liverpool?

If you are an art aficionado, you must visit Tate in Liverpool to witness famous paintings and sketches. The site is located on the Royal Albert Dock. You will not only get to see contemporary art by British artists but traditional art as well.

What are some of the famous summer festivals in Liverpool?

If you visit Liverpool during summer, you will get to take part in many exciting festivals including the Baltic Weekend festival, Africa Oye festival, Brazillica festival, Pride festival, and many more.

When is the International Beatleweek celebrated in Liverpool?

International Beatleweek is dedicated to the renowned band the Beatles and it is held from August 21 to August 27 every year.

When can one witness the Baltic festival in Liverpool?

The famous Baltic festival in Liverpool is held from May 31 to June 2. People from all around the world gather here to attend this festival.

What is the significance of the Africa Oye Festival in Liverpool?

The festival is held to commemorate the African and Caribbean heritage and is celebrated by indulging in food, music, drinks, and fun.

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