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Beat the scorching summer heat along with the vicious thunderstorms is quite a task if you happen to live in Miami. The scorching heat is quite hard to beat, but what other option do you have then to find ways to beat the heat. It is so easy task to keep your cool while the sun showers its blazing heat upon you. But all these can’t let you spoil your fun for an entire season. With arrival summer in Miami, weather is flamingly hot with occasional thunderstorms and there is no other way but to accept it. Surviving the summer, while enjoying it is possible and that is what we are here to help you with.

12 Best Things To Do During Summer In Miami

While you know that how the weather is going to be in Miami during summer, make sure to plan your trip and try out these 12 exciting things in Miami.

1. Take a Dip in The Hotel Pools

Take a Dip in The Hotel Pools

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There are many hotels in Miami Beach that allow day passes for visitors to take a dive in their pools. Find out which hotels in your area offer these passes and you can visit the places to take a swim in one of the fanciest pools in Miami.

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2. Shop Around

Shop Around

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The summer weather in Miami makes you hot and sweaty and we understand your wish to remain indoors. So, to save yourself from the blazing heat, you can go shopping in one of the malls in the Miami Beach area. The air-conditioned stores will soothe you from the heat while you enjoy yourself by shopping your favorite things and grabbing a bite from one of the delicious restaurants.

3. Enjoy the Movie Experience in A Luxury Theatre

Enjoy the Movie Experience in A Luxury Theatre

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When summer arrives, it’s time for enjoying indoor activities and what could be a better way to enjoy then splurging on a luxury movie experience. There are many luxury theaters in Miami, that offer dining and drinks along with watching a movie on a big screen. Locate a luxury theatre around you and enjoy a luxury experience, away from the heat of the Miami summer.

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4. Explore restaurants

Explore restaurants

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The heat sure doesn’t allow you to be outdoors, but you could definitely entertain yourself with some indoor fun. Check out the best fine dining and lavish restaurants around your area and can definitely go food tasting with your friends, family or loved one. There are also many food halls that spring up in the summer months. If you are deciding on saving some pennies, you can definitely try out one of these food halls. Their food menu is also very diverse. Try out the best Latin sandwiches in Miami or head over to taste the best empanadas in town. You can also try out the South American cuisine restaurant that you always wanted to visit or the Cuban restaurant you always argued to try out.

5. Visit Any Museum

Visit Any Museum

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Take a trip to revisit the heritage and history of your culture in any of the museums around Miami. Museums are air-conditioned, right? So you not only gain some deep insight into ancient history but also save yourself from the fuming heat outside. Also, the downtown museum in Miami offers free admission to students and their family on a course of History Miami.

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6. Visit the Florida Keys

Visit the Florida Keys

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With all the tourists being gone, for the most part, it is now time to enjoy a quiet break. If you haven’t yet visited the Key West’s vibrant neighborhood, then take a week to visit the place. Book a resort for the weekend and hop around the islands in Keys. Hotels and resorts are available at discounted rates at this time of the season before rising the prices in the winter months.

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7. Visit the Bahamas

Visit the Bahamas

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Well, you can also take a break from the Miami heat by taking a weekend trip to the Bahamas and why not? This tropical; paradise has so much to offer. You can cruise around the island country and enjoy scenic views around and relax by the sandy white beaches and turquoise water. The Baha Mar mega-resort is open in Nassau where you can unwind in a luxurious environment and also enjoy some casino action while there.

8. Watch Movies in Park Barnacle

Watch Movies in Park Barnacle

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During the summer months, the Barnacle Park in Coconut Grove plays all the favorite flicks every last Friday of each summer month. The gates open at 8 PM and it only costs $2 to enter the park. You can take blankets, chairs and even enjoy a small picnic with your friends or family at the place.

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9. Fitness Training at the Plaza Every Saturday

Fitness Training at the Plaza Every Saturday

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One of the attractions of Giralda Plaza’s season-long event series is the Pilates class on Saturday morning. Organized by Pilates ProWorks, the instructors teach Pilates for free every Saturday morning at 9 AM.

10. Enjoy the Redland Summer Fruit Festival

Enjoy the Redland Summer Fruit Festival

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Kick off the summer season in this annual event that showcases all the local and tropical fruits. Guests can try samples and purchase the sweetest treats that grow in the summer months. Take a tour around the park while enjoying your favorite fruit treat.

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11. Miami Salsa Congress

Miami Salsa Congress

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If you are a fan of dance and enjoy the hip-shakes and elegant swaying movements of Salsa then you should definitely visit this annual Salsa extravaganza. The Miami Salsa Congress is a one of a kind, a magnificent festival that will fill your senses with the alluring Latin music. Musicians, DJs, bands, and dancers gather from all around to take part in the concerts and dance events in this awesome fest. The event takes place in various locations and you can definitely enjoy the pool parties, concerts and dance shows when you visit this mind-blowing festival.

12. Get Summer Savings Pass


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Aside from frizzy hair and high humidity, you can also earn Summer Savings Pass. It costs only around $58 for adults and around $48 for kids. These passes allow unlimited entry to the Miami Zoo, Miami Seaquarium as well as Miami Museum of Discovery and Science and the Lion Country Safari. It is a great way to enjoy the summer with your little ones.

Summer Weather in Miami

Miami has a great, warm weather throughout the year. With the sunny days and summer breeze, Miami is a great place for beach vacation. If you are wondering when is summer in Miami? Then being in the Northern Hemisphere, summer in Miami occurs from June to September when the temperature is much hotter and the rainy season starts. Though you might not be able to enjoy summer in Miami Beach, there are many other activities that you can enjoy in summer in Miami. As the crowd is fairly lower during these time of the year, you can enjoy many things in this sub-tropical region.

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Summer in Miami sounds like an extravagant plan. Isn’t it? If you agree on this then don’t miss out the chance to soak the beach sun and get that pretty tan on your skin. Meanwhile also plan and customize your much-planned USA vacation with TravelTriangle to enjoy exciting deals!

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