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Europe is the birthplace of techno and electronic music. This where you can experience the best of the current and future techno music in all its vibrancy. Techno festivals in Europe are quite lively and some of them are taking the electronic music at an altogether different level.If you are a techno lover, then you should plan your next Europe trip in such a way that you are at least be able to experience a few of the music festivals of this genre that are unmatched in their grandeur and ambiance.

13 Techno Festivals In Europe

Here is the list of various techno music festivals in Europe that you must experience during your vacation. Check them out and make sure you are able to cover most of them!

1.Lente Kabinet Festival

Lente Kabinet Festival

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This incredible techno-rock festival takes place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This terrific occasion is scheduled between 26th to 28th May. The natural beauty adds more amazement to Lante cabinet. This fest is widely popular for showcasing a perfect dose of contemporary technical music. More than that, the quick acts from Romania are worth giving attention.

One of the most beautiful highlights of Lente Kabinet is that it brings the melody of handmade instruments through the unforgettable performance of Kinshasa oriented band. So, prepare your charts wisely for this season.

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2. Sonar Festival

Sonar Festival

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The next fest in our list is none other than Sonar Fest – an incredible fiesta. No one can deny the fact that Sonar Fest is considered to be one of the prominent techno fests of Europe. This festival happens in Barcelona, Spain. Sonar Fest is the epitome of ideal electronic music beats. Some of the leading performers gather here and give life to this world class event.

If you are a die-hard lover of pop techno music, then this place will be almost a heaven for you. Sonar Techno Festival is raising the bar for all the techno fests happening around the globe. Pack your bags right away to be a part of this applaudable fest.

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3. Love International Festival

 Love International Festival

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This is a spectacular techno festival of Tisno, Croatia. This fest runs a whole week for all the techno admirers. Ravishing lights, continuous party beats and an incredible stage for performing arts form the charm of Love International Festival. If you are dreaming to experience something outstanding in techno music arena, then this is the perfect scenario for you.

In order to offer fullest joy to the visitors, this festival also organizes the colourful morning session of electrical instruments. Love International deserves to be there in your list of must-visit European techno festivals 2021 of Europe tour.

4. Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival

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Tauron Nowa Muzyka is among the top 5 greatest techno festivals in Europe. This festival usually happens around June 28th to July 1st. The most important part of this fest is that it reframes the wonders of techno music all at once. If pollen is making a space in your plan then set this techno fest as your priority.

For everyone out there, this is the phenomenal place will make you witness something entirely new and exclusive. Tauron Nowa Muzyka is a commendable projection of techno abilities in a different way. This annual festival takes place in Katowice, Poland.

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5. Hyperreality Festival

Hyperreality Festival

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Hyperreality is one of the most highly rated techno music festivals of the European continent. This fest happens in Vienna, Austria each year. The sensational highlights of this techno festival are late night musical performances, scrumptious food to satisfy your taste buds, a tremendous combination of electronic beats, marvelous presentation of dance performances, and more. This techno fest usually happens in the later part of May. Needless to say, these 3 days of the fiesta are more than enough for letting you experience the classical magic of techno music arena.

6. Her Damit Festival

Her Damit Festival

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Moving ahead, we have with us Her Damit, the famous techno fest of Berlin, Germany. This is one of the most exciting techno fests of Europe. This exciting fest involves a lot of outdoor raves as well. This fest is not just famous among Germans but many people from different countries in Europe and outside mark their attendance here annually. The appreciable aspect of this techno fest is that it promotes the tradition of DIY at a large scale. This three-day fest takes place in the month of June – around 8th to 10th June.

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7. Awakenings festival

Awakenings festival

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The Awakenings festival is pure bliss for the young generation. This is such an awesome music fiesta that you if you are a music lover, then this is the one to be experienced at least once in your lifetime. This festivals gets more than 80,000 people as audience each year. Apart from this, the presence of well-known techno pioneers makes it more special for every techno lover.

This festival takes place in whole Netherlands, at different locations at the end of June, early July. This has to be one of the most beautiful techno fests in Europe. This festival is enough a reason to plan your tour to the amazing Netherlands. The Awakenings festival’s main event takes place at Spaarnwoude city of the Netherlands.

8. Terraforma Festival

Terraforma Festival

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Terraforma as the name signifies it is a splendid mixture of tech and information for every technorati. This is one of the most famous festivals in Milan city in Italy. This auspicious techno fest happens every year from 29 to 1 July.

The phenomenal aspect of this fest is that it provides a diversified platform for all techno pioneers. Add this splendid techno festival in your visiting plan. Terraforma is nothing less a techno treat for the music world.

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9. Eastern Electrics festival

Eastern Electrics festival

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Eastern Electrics is a UK-based techno-centric underground festival that is organised every year on a massive scale, cherishing and creating top-rated music. This festival isn’t restricted to music but is a complete party for electronic lovers, including a variety of cuisines, drinks, dance and lots more. This festival occurs from 3rd to 4th August usually every year.

During the festivals, there are specific chilling out areas made in tune to the taste and preferences of the people who are a part of the festival. Emerged out of London’s local warehouse party culture, Eastern Electronics also became an eminent clubbing brand.

10. Kappa Futurfestival

Kappa Futurfestival

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Another true musical extravaganza, Kappa Futurfestival is slowly becoming an addiction for techno lovers, as it lays down the perfect combination of techno electronics rhythms. This festival sees participation from Europe’s biggest techno bands, including the best from Berlin, to Detroit, the best Italian electronic talent to local homegrown bands.

It is normally held in the first week of the month of June. One of the most interesting things about the festival is that it has been declared as one of the unmissable event by The New York Times. It was first held in December 2009 and since then this has been an annual musical affair in Italy.

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11. Time Warp DE Festival

Time Warp DE Festival

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Carl Cox once said: Time Wrap is for the long haul, not for the short haul”. The saying is still relevant for the festival. Born in the year 1994, the techno giant’s musical journey has been an amazing one. The first 25 years have led it to different cities, countries in Europe.

It is a 19-hour long continuous musical extravaganza. Those 19 hours of unlimited fun and music give you a perfect thrilling experience that you would definitely cherish for a lifetime. The fest brings out its own unique energy that can fill you up with an everlasting experience of dance and music.

12. DGTL


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DGTL has become a pilgrimage for electronics lovers. Started in Netherlands – the fiesta is now taking place across multiple cities in Europe and outside Europe. Best and world's finest musicians and techno bands perform at this wild electronic fiesta - giving more than 40 hours for dance, party and to lose yourself completely in the grooviness of techno music.

This is the place to hear best of the futuristic music - music that probably you will hear here first then it hits the rest of the world. Its a 3 day long fiesta where you can expect more than 80 artists performing in as many as 7 different stages. Checkout DGTL website : https://dgtl.nl/ for different city editions and schedule.

13. Telekom Electronic Beats Club Nights Festival

Telekom Electronic Beats Club Nights Festival

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This is a wonderful techno festival giving a platform to regional electronic bands and artists. This is the one festival where techno enthusiasts and upcoming artists wait eagerly to showcase their talent.

Extremely prominent in Germany, one of the popular chapters of this festival series takes place at Duisburg Nord, Germany. This festival is raising the bar for upcoming and new techno bands. This techno fest is building a brilliant foundation for the development of regional techno music.

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The ideal place to experience the best of techno music is Europe! The techno festivals in Europe mentioned above will let you experience the grandeur and witness the vast variety – something a die-hard dedicated music enthusiast would ideally look forward to. So, if you’re planning your trip to Europe, then don’t forget to have an unforgettable musical experience there!

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