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Even the great United States of America slows down for a bit of countryside ambience and some neighbourly friendliness. That place is Texas. One might find a misleading veneer of sophistication and urban lifestyle as you step into Texas, but as you delve deeper, you would find that they are still entranced by the greens and browns, the roping and riding heritage that they are so famous for. Be a part of a beautiful heritage with these Texas tourist attractions, and you’ll wonder what took you so long to get started in the first place!

10 Best Texas Tourist Attractions

Public beaches, windswept dunes, mountain ranges, wildlife zones, adventure sports and an exceptional food culture make Texas that wholesome holiday package you cannot ignore.

1. The Alamo

The Alamo, San Antonio

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For a first timer in Texas, San Antonio makes a perfect starting point being home to one of the most important historical relics in Texas – The Alamo. The restored mission buildings of the fort and the cenotaph commemorating the brave Texans who died defending their land against the Mexican Army during the Texan War of Independence gives you an insight into the Texan history like no other.

Peak Season: May 25th to September 3rd , 9:00am – 7:00pm
How To Reach: Easily accessible via road, especially by bus

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2. The River Walk

The River Walk, San Antonio

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Hugging the river, winding and weaving through the city, the River Walk passes through the city’s best shopping areas, past hotels, restaurants and other attractions. The best way to explore it would be to take a cruise upstream and then walk your way back to the starting point, taking the time to grab a bite at one of the popular eateries. If you coincide your visit with one of the many festivals of the city, you would be rewarded with an exceptional experience.

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3. Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns, San Antonio

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One of nature’s wonders, the Natural Bridge Caverns with its 10,000 different stalactite formations makes for one of the most unique places to visit in Texas. Some of the most incredible sights to see within these caves are the 40-ft high King’s Throne and the Castle of White Giants, which is a massive wall of stalactites found in the largest cave. Themed tours such as the lantern tour, treetop climbing adventure across a network of ropeways and zip lining makes your visit here all the more surreal.

How To Reach: A short drive from San Antonio
Timings:9:00am – 4:00pm

4. The Space Centre, Houston

The Space Centre, Houston

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Giving you a fascinating insight into the operations of the biggest space program in the world, Houston’s Space is one of the fascinating places to visit in Texas. Apart from that, it also serves as the base to Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre and Mission Control that belongs to NASA. With exhibits, models, film shows, astronaut-related artifacts and samples of moon rock displayed at the Visitor Centre, the Space Centre in Houston definitely is a sanctum of fascinating information. And while you’re in Houston, you can also try some popular eateries that gave it the nickname ‘Barbecue Capital’.

How To Reach: 30-minute drive from the heart of Houston

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5. South Padre Island

South Padre Island

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Offering some of the breathtaking views and encircling the travelers with the charm of Gulf of Mexico, the Padre Island is much famed to be the longest undeveloped barrier island. This is a protected treasure filled with diverse wildlife including rare sea turtles and numerous migratory birds making it one of the best places to visit in Texas for bird watchers.

How To Reach: Short drive from Corpus Christi

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6. The Big Bend National Park

The Big Bend National Park

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Home to more than 240 species of birds, and featuring trekking trails of over 240 miles, exploring the realms of wildlife is a must at one of the popular places to visit in Texas of the Big Bend National Park. The three zones of this wilderness area includes Rio Grande (with three canyons – Mariscal, Boquillas and Santa Elenas), the Chisos Mountains and the desolate landscape of Chihuahuan Desert, which make each hiking trail more stunning than the previous one. Exploring this park via river trips would make the experience all the more special.

How To Reach: Well connected by road from Dallas, Houston and San Antonio
Park Timings: 9:00am – 6:00pm during summer
8:00 am – 5:00pm Wednesday to Sunday during winter, spring and fall

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7. The Texas State Capitol, Austin

The Texas State Capitol, Austin

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Standing tall at a height of about 308 feet. the Texas State Capitol located in Austin is one of the historical landmarks in USA that is dedicated to the heroes of the Vietnam War. Guided tours would impress upon you several facts of the Texan history, a gallery displaying portraits of past Presidents, a Whispering Gallery in the Rotunda, etc. The swarm of Mexican free-tailed bats frequenting their perches beneath the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge at dusk is also a spectacle to behold.

Timings: 8:30am – 4:30pm

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8. The USS Lexington

The USS Lexington, Corpus Christi

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Corpus Christi gives you a chance to be a part of history with a visit to the USS Lexington – one of the largest surviving vessels that is said to have served in the World War II. This erstwhile aircraft carrier moored off the shore close to the city’s centre is a naval museum today, exhibiting a large collection of vintage aircraft. It offers fun in the form of games and simulators, 3D movie that places you on the pilot’s seat. The 4-hour Hard Hat tour would ensure you an insightful journey to the heart of the vessel.

Timings: 9:00am – 5:00pm

9. President Kennedy And The Sixth Floor Museum

Sixth Floor Museum

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You would get jitters to know that John F. Kennedy, the former president of US was shot dead by the bullet that was fired right from the sixth floor of this building! The red bricked building used to be a School Book Depository and now has turned into a Sixth Floor Museum. The museum narrates the account of the assassination of Kennedy in detail and showcases his legacy throughout his reign. These have been shown in the form of clips, pictures and artifacts. Among all the tourist attractions, this is something you cannot afford to miss out on!

Timings: 10AM-6AM

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10. Fort Worth Stockyards

Stockyards district

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The Stockyards National Historic District in Fort Worth is home to several stockyards that gave it its name and rendered it as a historic site. These stockyards used to be the places where cattles were kept. Providing a one-of-its-kind facility and the last surviving ones in whole of US, the stockyards have been preserved and turned into tourist attractions. From concerts to trail riding, these stockyards offer amazing things to do.

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The amalgamation of history, culture, adventure and stunning natural beauty of Texas is just perfect to keep the travelers hooked. And if you’re looking forward to make the most of your vacation, browse through one of the best
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