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Despite being a landlocked country in the southern region of the Asian continent, Nepal has a varied landscape, comprising portions of the Indo-Gangetic plain as well as the mountain ranges of the Himalayas, and subalpine forests stilted on hills. This place is also known for its rich and distinguished history, giving way to several attractions in the form of monuments, museums, and so on that offers a glimpse into the history of its culture, providing juxtaposition with its contemporary equivalent.

You must visit this quaint paradise to get a taste of its cuisines and peculiar style of art, architecture, and other crafts. But, when traveling to Nepal, there are certain things you must keep in mind. There are a few things not to do in Nepal in order to make sure you stay in harmony with their culture and taboos.

12 Things Not To Do In Nepal

Listed below are a few of those DON’Ts of Nepal that might come in handy when you’re traveling there and ensure you have a wonderful trip. Pay heed to each and every one of the things you should not do in Nepal!

1. Do Not Mess With Them Yaks

Yaks View

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You are bound to come across several yaks acting as caravans for locals in the alpine regions. These yaks are also called Bos Grunniens. Make sure to steer clear of their paths as they can be rather hostile at the slightest hint of intimidation. This can be attributed to them having weak hearing and visual abilities. They more than make up for that with a weight of 400 kg, heavy and strong enough to take on even bigger animals than themselves. So if you come across some yaks on your way, step aside and let them pass by.

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2. Let The Road Not Taken Be The Road You Don’t Take

Forest Excursion Trail Trekking Autumn

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Stay clear of any places that you have been asked not to wander to by guides or articles that suggest you to not do so, on the internet. There is a tourist area known as Thamel in the capital city of Kathmandu, in Nepal. The place has all that you need such as restaurants, hotels, and so on. There is a specific region in Kathmandu called the ‘black magic market’ where foreign tourists have been advised not to go as it can result in severe repercussions which could end up spoiling the mood for your entire trip.

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3. Do Not Walk Into A Temple With Shoes On

Shoes outside the temple

Always take off your shoes when entering a temple, whether it is a Hindu temple or a Buddhist one. You will notice that everyone walks barefoot in those. This is to show respect to the deities. Also, never touch a monk, especially a monk’s head and do not touch other people’s offerings to God. Also, never sit with your feet pointing towards a temple or the statue of a deity. Avoid using your finger to point at a statue or a shrine. This is also another gesture considered to be very impolite. Instead of pointing, you can extend your hand and by making it flat you can point at a shrine or any other sacred object.

4. Never Use Your Left Hand To Eat

Left Hand To Eat

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For some reason, there seems to be a grudge with left hands, so remember not to ever use your left hand if you are giving or taking something from someone. Also, don’t shake hands with anyone using your left; this practice shouldn’t be much of difficulty since cultures all over the world shake hands with their right arms. If you are giving money to shopkeepers in exchange for goods, even then remember to give them the money with your right hand. And also always eat using your right hand.

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5. Don’t Leave Your Hotel Details Behind

Amazing Hotel

Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is a very dense city filled with people and it can be very tough for foreign visitors to navigate the streets of this city. Therefore, to ensure you don’t get lost always carry the address and the phone number of the hotel where you are going to spend the night. If you are in a town avoid steering into places with no network. In cities, you can always give details about the hotel’s address to the taxi drivers who can drop you safely at the hotel.

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6. Do Not Let The Germs Die

Do Not Let The Germs Die

If you are going to trek any of the mountains in the Himalayan range, that is one place where germs are going to come handy, believe it or not. Your stomach bacteria are incredibly essential for digesting your food and utilizing its nutrients for energy. As you climb higher altitudes, the dearth of oxygen leads to a decrease in the stomach bacteria as they die because of this lack. This can lead to severe disorders and make your trek a difficult one. Himalayan mountains are hard enough to climb as it is, doing so without adequate energy is going to be even tougher. So carry probiotics for you to consume as you exceed 500 m of altitude.

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7. Do Not Carry Equipment By Fake Labels


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Another important thing to not do is to be tempted by cheap prices and as a result, carry or use defective equipment or gear when going to treks through the mountains of the Himalayan ranges. Along with carrying probiotics, it is also incredibly important to carry with you. May it be trekking shoes, walking sticks, sweaters, windcheaters, thermals, etc. Do not be fooled by cheap prices, instead buy products by certified brands and labels. The defective products may look exactly like the original ones but these ultimately prove their worth when they fail the test of austere weather and terrain conditions.

8. Do Not Forget To Take Vaccines And Medicines

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that travelers take vaccines for Hepatitis A and B, Rubella, Typhoid fever, and Diphtheria. Nepal is a country that is not on the list which includes countries that have made vaccinations mandatory. So chances are high you might be prone to diseases as the ones mentioned above. Also, the pharmacies in Nepal do not sell most of the medicines available otherwise in more developed nations so make sure to carry your own prescribed medicines to avoid any troubles later on.

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9. Do Not Use Tap Water

Tap Water

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Being a developing country, Nepal has not yet been equipped with the best filtration systems for the water exiting their taps. The country is prone to several water-related diseases. Being from a more developed country could make you even more prone to these diseases so it is advisable to carry filters or buy packaged water to drink.

10. Avoid Getting Into Taxis That Have No Meters

Taxis That Have No Meters

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Foreigners usually get taken for a ride because they aren’t aware of the rates for the taxis. So it is important you check that a taxi has a working meter and is running once you have hired the cab’s services. They might try to tell you that it is not working and that they know the rates better in their country, but do not fall for it or you’ll end up paying way more than the actual fare.

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11. Steer Clear Of Beef In Nepal

Beef In Nepal

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Being a mainly Hindu majority country, it is best to not have any beef or seek any places selling beef. Cows are considered a very sacred animal in the Hindu religion. Cows are often worshipped by Hindus so you could understand how eating beef in this country is frowned upon. You will surely be looked down upon if you enter a restaurant or cafe and ask if they have beef on the menu!

12. Do Not Shout In Public

shout in public

Nepal is a rather quiet country. Its tranquility is what has attracted visitors from people all across the world. The people like to live a harmonious existence free from any hustle or bustle as is the case in the metropolitan cities all over the world. An escape from this hustle and bustle is a significant reason why people visit Nepal. Hence it is important to maintain a low volume when talking in Nepal. Also, it is considered ill-mannered to shout and to raise one’s voice in public. To maintain a certain harmony in the neighborhood it’s important to maintain the calm that pervades the area.

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Nepal is an incredible country. Its visual beauty will leave you in awe and force you to come back to experience the aura and atmosphere of its tranquil landscapes multiple times. But when you’re there, make sure you abide by these simple rules for a hassle-free, safe, and joyful trip. Now get down to planning an awesome-sauce holiday in Nepal via TravelTriangle for the best experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things Not To Do In Nepal

What can you not eat in Nepal?

You should not eat beef in Nepal.

What are the problems of drinking water in Nepal?

The tap water in Nepal is unsafe to drink and so you must buy bottled water.

Can you trek in Nepal without a guide?

If you are an experienced trekker you won’t need a guide but if you are trekking for the first time you ought to hire a guide.

How many days do you need to visit Nepal?

4 to 5 days are perfect for an amazing vacation in Nepal.

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