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    Swayambhunath temple is among the best Nepal places to visit near Kathmandu valley

    Nepal is a beautiful country, blessed with nature’s choicest attractions. The country also boasts of remarkable historical and cultural attractions like temples and monuments that speak volumes about the rich history and culture of the place. The scenic beauty adds a perfect backdrop to these popular tourist places in Nepal and the climate makes it favorable for the travelers to visit and explore. Though over the years, this country has emerged as a holiday destination, there is still a major part of Nepal that remains untouched by urbanization and the pollution it brings along.

    Nepal is known for drawing a lot of tourists from all across the world. There are a variety of reasons why Nepal is preferred by a lot of people. Some of the people who are very much interested in visiting Nepal because of the presence of all the different mountains which they can climb and they can also trek in the Himalayas. A lot of people are attracted to this place because of the presence of spiritual guidance in the famous city of Kathmandu. Nepal is a perfect place for an adrenaline rush and a life-changing experience for a lot of tourists. The itinerary of the traveler is totally dependent on how much the tourist is going to enjoy themselves when they are traveling.

    Top 25 Tourist Places In Nepal

    If you want to get close to nature, you must visit Nepal at least once in your lifetime. And when you do so, some of these best tourist places in Nepal are a must visit.

    1. Pashupati Nath Temple

    Pashupatinath Temple is among the popular Nepal tourist places

    Image Source

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    One of the oldest, most renowned and sacred temples in Nepal, the Pashupati Nath Temple is located on the fringes of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. River Bagmati flows close to this temple dedicated to the revered deity of Nepal, Lord Pashupatinath, also known as Lord Shiva. Ardent Hindu followers visit this tourist place in Nepal to gain the blessings of the divine deity. It is one of the most recommended places to visit in Nepal. This is one of the temples which has been inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    This temple has been in the list since 1979. This temple in Nepal is basically a collection of different ashrams, temples, and inscriptions which have been there for a long period of time. This place is also amongst the seven monument groups which helped UNESCO declare the Kathmandu Valley as a cultural heritage site. Generally, on the Maha Shivaratri festival every year this temple is visited by over 1 million people from all across the world. People from all across the world visit Nepal so that they are able to visit the temple during Maha Shivratri.

    This Pashupati Nath Temple was first built in the 5th century by Lichhavi King Shupuspa. This was basically a replacement temple because the earlier temple was attacked and destroyed by termites. In all these years a lot of temples have been build in Nepal but none of the temples are as magnificent as this. This temple is now the oldest temple for the Hindus in Kathmandu. Some of the temples which are present in the Pashupati Nath Temple are Vasuki Nath Temple, Unmatta Bhairava Temple, Surya Narayana Temple, Kirtimukha Bhairava Shrine, Budhanilakantha shrine, Hanuman shrine, and 184 Shivalinga shrine.

    Key attractions: Golden Spire of the temple, silver sheeted doors, Panch Deval Complex, and the lingams

    When to visit: 4 am – 12 noon, 6 pm – 7 pm

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    2. Boudanath

    Boudhnath stupa is nepal is among the best places to see in Nepal

    Image Source

    Located 7 km northeast of Kathmandu, Boudhanath is a prominent pilgrimage center and one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Nepal. Local, as well as Tibetan pilgrimages, visit this spiritual place for meditation. The highlight of this temple is its magnificent Stupa that attracts a large number of visitors from far and wide places. It is the largest spherical stupa in Nepal. Boudhanath is also popularly known as the Khasa Chaitya. This place is in the outskirts and it has a massive mandala which is known to make one of the largest spherical stupas in entire Nepal. This place is known all across the world for being the largest unique structure. This place at one point in time has helped a lot of refugees get shelter. In the year 1979, this place also became one of the heritage sites of UNESCO.

    Soon after this Boudhanath became a very popular spot for the tourists to visit when they are visiting Nepal. All the stupa is basically a trade route which is very much ancient between Tibet and Nepal. This was the place where people from Tibet used to enter into Kathmandu Valley. People need to go through a village called Sankhu before they enter Kathmandu. People used to turn directly towards the south so that they were able to go directly from Bagmati River to Lalitpur which helped the merchants to bypass the Kathmandu city. All the refugees who entered Nepal from Tibet decide to settle in Boudhanath. According to the myth, Boudhanath was first founded by Nepalese Licchavi King Sivadeva. In the earthquake which happened in Nepal in the year 2015, this place was very badly damaged. Because of the damage, a lot of places had to be cleaned up and the dome also had to be removed. All the tourist attractions of Nepal were highly affected by the earthquake.

    Key attractions: 29 Tibetan Gompas, delightful momos, and thupkas, and the prayer wheel

    When to visit: Open for the whole day!

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    3. Nagarkot

    Beautiful view of the Himalayas from Nagarkot

    Image Source

    Located close to the Kathmandu Valley, Nagarkot is among the popular Nepal tourist places known for offering mesmerizing Himalayan views including the Mount Everest on the North-Eastern side. Visiting this place to enjoy the magnificent views of the sunrise is loved by tourists. This is just 4 hours drive from Kathmandu city and is a perfect place to visit when visiting Nepal. This is the place where tourists will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of all the different mountain ranges. Enjoying the sunset from this place is very much special. It is very much recommended to enjoy the sunset from here when you are visiting Nepal. This place has a 4-hour vehicle tour which will help the tourist get a very clear idea about the place with the help of a professional guide. The highlights of the trip are the car will come to pick up the tourist at 4 am in the morning then they will drive for about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the destination.

    Tourists will then be able to enjoy the sunrise in between the Himalayas if the weather is clear. Then the tourists will all be taken to Nagarkot where they will be able to spend an hour and finally they will be dropped to the hotel. This is generally the plan which most of the tourists choose. There is also an option of trekking where the tourists’ can walk in the mountains and spend a day there. The popularity of this place is increasing day by day because of how beautiful the place looks during sunrise. The only problem with this is if the weather is not clear then visiting this place is just a waste of time and money. The sky needs to be clear to enjoy a good sunrise. The tourism department of Nepal is now very much promoting this place because of its scenic beauty.

    Key attractions: Trekking, mountain biking, stunning views of Himalayas, and the dense pine tree forests

    4. Pokhra Valley

    Trekking-Pokhara Valley is among the popular Nepal places to visit

    Image Source

    The jewel of Nepal tourism, Pokhara Valley is nestled amidst the Annapurna Himalayan Range. It is the second-largest valley in Nepal. Among the famous Nepal tourist attractions, Pokhara Valley beckons a large number of tourists who love to admire nature’s marvels. This place is known for being the second-largest valley in the whole country of Nepal and one of the best tourist places in Nepal. This valley basically lies between the western part of the country. The two cities which are inside the valley are Lekhnath and Pokhara. This area is about 203 kilometers away from Kathmandu valley and is located in the Gandaki zone. The city of Pokhara is considered as one of the major cities in Nepal. This Valley is also very much vulnerable to earthquake just like the Kathmandu Valley. Pokhara is one of the popular places for tourists in Nepal. The poon hill in Pokhara is one of the places to visit in Nepal near the Bihar border.

    People generally visit this valley so that they are able to have a clear view of the Himalayan ranges. This place is also very much famous for having things like boating, rafting, trekking, and other extreme sports. According to the tourism board of Nepal, the number of tourists in Nepal is increasing day by day in a very rapid manner. Pokhara Valley also consists of a lot of lakes which is another reason why a lot of tourists are attracted to this place. All the extreme sports in this Valley have made this valley so much popular in the global market. A lot of people who are into adventure visit this place only because they want to experience different adventure sports. The economy of this valley is maintained because of the presence of so many tourists all year round.

    Key attractions: Verdant forests, blue skies, underground caves, waterfalls, Valley of Orchids, Massif Glaciers, and majestic views of three mountains- Mt Manslu, Mt Dhaulagiri, and Mt Annapurna

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    5. Mahendra Gufa

    The many views of the Mahendra Gufa

    Mahendra Gufa is located to the north of Pokhara. This famous natural tourist place is Nepal has a dark and cavernous cave that is known for stalactites and stalagmites. The picturesque structure of the cave makes it a great spot for photography. This cave is basically located near the district of Pokhara which is in the Kaski district. This is basically a cave which is made out of limestone. This type of cave is very much rare in nature and this is the reason it attracts a lot of tourists all year round. This cave also has a statue of Lord Shiva inside it.

    This cave is named after Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The first time this cave was discovered was in the year 1950 by young shepherds from Pokhara. After its discovery, it has been the most visited place in Pokhara. The first time this cave was surveyed was in the year 1976 by a small group of speleologists who were from the United Kingdom. All the reports of the expedition are now stored in the Royal Geographical Society and all the copyrights are owned by the United Kingdom. These caves are located in the Pokhara city in the western region of Nepal. This cave is about 1100 meters above sea level. A lot of people visit this place to see the statue of Lord Shiva inside the cave. You can say that this place is one of the hidden places in Nepal.

    Key attractions: The idol of Lord Shiva and the dark cave with limestone deposits

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    6. Lumbini

    A collage of the popular places to see in Nepal in Lumbini

    Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is among the famous tourist places to visit in Nepal. The peaceful ambiance of the city located in the Kapilavasta region is perfect for meditation. The temples and monuments built in accordance with the Buddhist architecture are highly admired. Lord Shiva is known to born in the year 623 BC in Lumbini which is basically in the southern part of Nepal. A lot of people visit Nepal only to see Lumbini. It is said that Lumbini is one of the holiest places in all over the world for the people who follow Buddhism.

    According to the people who have authenticated this place as the birthplace of Buddha all the boundaries of the wall of the garden in Lumbini proves that this is the place where Buddha was born. This place is now protected by the Ancient Monument Preservation Act which was passed in the year 1956. Lumbini has a huge historical significance for a lot of people. All the people who follow Buddhism have a goal to visit Lumbini where Buddha was born. The popularity of Lumbini is increasing day by day because a number of people are converting into Buddhism and planning to visit here. There has been a lot of hotels set up around Lumbini so that the tourists are able to stay during there visit here.

    Key attractions: Ashokan Pillar, Buddhist temples, the Japan Peace Stupa, Bodhi Tree, the Lumbini Museum, and the Lumbini International Research Institute

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    7. Swayambhu Mandir

    Swayambhunath temple is among the best Nepal places to visit near Kathmandu valley

    Image Source

    Perched atop a conical shaped hill, Swayambhu Temple is one of the popular holy shrines and tourist places in Nepal. Also referred to as the Monkey Temple, the temple has many legends that make it quite popular and one of the best tourist places in Nepal.
    Swayambhu Mandir is one of the ancient religious architectures which are present in Nepal. This temple is very much popular among people who follow Buddhism. People all across the world who follow Buddhism try visiting this place when they are in Nepal. This place is one of the reasons why Buddhism is so much popular in the entire country of Nepal.

    Nepal is a perfect place to visit if you are looking for any kind of spiritual motivation. This temple was basically founded by the great grandfather of the famous King Manadeva at the beginning of the 5th century. All the information about the temple is all confirmed from the inscriptions that were made in the walls of this temple. If you are visiting Nepal for the first time, then make sure to add this mandir in your itinerary so that you are able to visit one of the most beautiful places of Nepal.

    Key attractions: 365 steps to reach the temple, the magnificent golden shire, the huge Tibetan prayer wheel, and the painted Buddha statues

    Entry fee: NPR 200

    8. Thamel Area

    The many views of the Thamel market area in Nepal

    Thamel Area is the best among the Nepal tourist places to buy clothes, jewelry, accessories, and souvenirs. Street shopping can be enjoyed while browsing at a variety of interesting knick-knacks. If you are visiting Nepal and looking for a place to shop, then this is the place. This place basically runs because of tourists. When you ill be visiting this place you will definitely be able to find a lot of tourists around you. This place has lots of narrow alleys with various shops present here. People sell all kinds of things here from fruits and vegetables to clothes and accessories. This is also a perfect place for you if you want to enjoy the local street food in Nepal.

    Now because of the increasing traffic in Nepal, most of the streets are declared as a vehicle-free zone which has helped to avoid traffic and crown here. In the year 2011, this place was declared by the government as a full Wi-Fi zone. This is the first full Wi-Fi zone of the country of Nepal. If you are looking for budget hotels to stay in, then this place is perfect for you. This place is crowded but it has its own advantages. Finding transportation here is very much simple. If you are looking for clubs to hang out, then this is a place where all the happening places in Nepal are present.

    Key attractions: Newari style design, silk, jewelry, pashmina, embroidered jacket, accessories, and souvenirs

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    9. Bhaktapur

    Bhaktapur is a popular tourist place in Nepal for shopping

    Bhaktapur is the best among the Nepal tourist attractions to shopping for terracotta and handicraft products. Clothes and souvenirs also available. The history of Bhaktapur goes back to about the 8th century. This place was the capital of Nepal from the 12th century to about the 15th century. In the 18th century, this place became a country on its own with boundary walls and gates to the city. The citizen of Bhaktapur are mostly peasants, public employees, handicraft manufacturers or businessman.

    A lot of tourists visit this city every year which helps in the economy of the city. The city is filled with red bricks which makes it look very beautiful. People will also be able to find a lot of animals present in this area who are kept as a pet, something that makes it one of the best tourist places in Nepal.

    Key attractions: Terracotta products, lotus and pretty handicrafts, and colorful masks

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    10. Chitwan National Park

    rhinos in chitwan national park

    Image Source

    Get to see a different side of Nepal in Chitwan National Park, one of the UNESCO’s world heritage site which is a natural abode of wildlife. The tropical monsoon climate makes it a perfect place for wildlife viewing and jungle safari and one of the best places to visit in Nepal. This is the first National park which was built in the country of Nepal. This National Park was established in the year 1973. This National Park is built over an area of the 952.63-kilometer square. This National Park is basically located in the south-central part of Nepal.

    The nearest city to this National Park in Bharatpur. This National Park is now governed by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation. Since the 19th century this National Park has been very much popular an is called the Heart of the Jungle. Previously this place was used for hunting but later on, the government decided to make it a National Park so that all the animals are able to stay comfortably.

    Key attractions: The park is a home to rhinoceros, freshwater dolphins, sloth bears, and many more

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    11. Davis Falls

    famous waterfalls in Nepal

    Image Source

    Davis Fall is basically a very popular natural waterfall which is located in Pokhara which is in the Kaski district of Nepal. The water which flows through Davis Fall has formed into an underground tunnel upon constantly hitting the bottom of the waterfall over time. The tunnel is about 150 m long and has a depth of 30 meters. In the year of 1961 on 31st of July, a couple from Switzerland called Davi went for swimming in this fall. The woman drowned in the pit because of the overflow of the water and since then this is called Davis Falls.

    The body of the women was able to be recovered after 3 days in the river of Phusre after a lot of effort which was made by the locals. In Nepali, this place is called Patale Chango which basically means a waterfall which is underground. After the waterfall, the water passes through a cave which is called Gupteshwor Mahadev. This fall attracts a lot of tourists as well as locals for its historic significance. People often visit here to try their luck on tossing a coin into a pond and wishing for different things. It has become a tradition for the people to come to this place and wish for things they want in their life. A lot of people travel hundreds of miles to make a wish tossing a coin here. Once upon a time, this place was considered as a suicide point but now it has been converted into a tourist spot by the government of Nepal. Safety measures have been taken by the government by putting metal fences around the cliff so that they are able to provide further suicides.

    Key attractions: Underground tunnel, Gupteshwor Mahadev cave, the wishing pond

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    12. Phewa Lake

    large lake in Nepal

    Image Source

    Phewa Lake is basically a very popular freshwater lake of Nepal and one of the best tourist attractions of Nepal. This lake is basically located in the southern side of the Pokhara city. This lake is regulated by dam and water reservoirs and this is the reason this lake is considered as a semi-natural lake. This lake is taking good care of by the people and this is the reason why it looks so much beautiful. This lake is the second largest lake in the country of Nepal. This lake is the largest lake in Gandaki Pradesh. This is the most visited lake in Nepal and is known all across the country for attracting a lot of tourists all year round.

    The length of this lake is about 4 kilometers and the width of the lake is about 2 kilometers. This lake is also common for people who enjoy boating in the sunset. Phewa Lake is one of those places where water sport is very much popular. The most popular shore of this lake is the north shore. There has been a lot of hotels and set up around the lake so that all the tourists who are visiting are able to enjoy their stay. The water which is there in the lake also helps people to generate electricity so that it can be used in all the local places. The Phew Power House is basically located about one and a half kilometers away from the southern side of the lake. Some part of the lake is being used for commercial purposes by the fishermen for fishing.

    Key attractions: Boating, sunset views, fishing

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    13. International Mountain Museum

    famous museum in nepal

    Image Source

    Almost all the tourists who visit Nepal every year make sure to visit the International Mountain Museum. According to the authorities, there are more than seventy thousand domestic as well as international tourists who visit this museum every year. The International Mountain Museum is known to record all the data and documents which are all related to all the mountains which are present in Nepal. There are basically three exhibitions present in the museum. The first one is the Hall of Great Himalayas. The second one is the Hall of Fame and the third one is Hall of World. This museum is known to attract kids as well as adults from all across the globe. People will able to learn more about the flora and fauna of the Mountain areas with the help of this museum.

    There are a lot of people who only visit Nepal so that they are able to visit all the historic as well as sacred places all across Nepal. Nepal is not a very big country but it has a great historical significance which attracts a lot of tourists. Nepal is able to earn a lot of revenues from all the tourists. Some of the popular places in Nepal are Chitwan National Park for wildlife viewing and also the lakeside town of Pokhara which is also very much popular. In the year 2015, there was a major earthquake in Kathmandu which eventually ended up causing a lot of damage in the country. It is recommended for all the travelers to check all the area properly before they plan to visit all the remote areas of Nepal.

    Key attractions: The three Halls

    14. Khokana And Bungamati Villages

    Khokana Village In Nepal

    Image Source
    If you look at all the pictures of tourist places in Nepal, you’ll surely want to visit the villages of Bungamati & Khokana before any other site. These hamlets are a testimony to the fact that the countryside is always beautiful. Located far away from the chaos of city life in a remote corner of Nepal, these villages are your best bet if you wish to disconnect from the rest of the world and simply relax in the lap of nature. Watching the villages go by their everyday jobs will surely transport you back in time!

    Bungamati is famed for its woodcraft. And once you have witnessed these craftsmen create the most awesome wooden handiwork, you can proc to the next attraction – the shrine of Rato Macchendranath, along with other religious monuments here. Khokana, on the other hand, is famous for producing and extracting mustard oil in a unique way. Here, you must also visit the famous three-story temple of Shikali Mai.

    Key attractions: The beautiful countryside, woodwork, mustard oil extraction, holy shrines

    15. Sagarmatha National Park

    sagarmatha national park in Nepal

    Situated in north-east Nepal and encircled by the mighty Mount Everest as well as other lofty peaks, deep ravines, and the Himalayan glaciers, the Sagarmatha National Park is among the most visually appealing masterpieces on Earth. Located 135 km away from Kathmandu, this nature reserve happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered sacred. With diverse flora and fauna taking shelter amid spectacular landscapes, you’ll find every aspect of nature’s charm preserved here in Sagarmatha.

    If you are planning a visit to this Himalayan wonder, don’t forget to keep a lookout for the range of wildlife that this place is famous for, including Himalayan Tahr, Musk deer, Ghoral, snow leopards, wolves, lynx, and weasels. Other than a number of animal species, Sagarmatha National Park is also home to over a thousand rare to endangered bird species, including the likes of Himalayan Monal, Snowcock, Yellow-billed Chough, Blood Pheasant, and the Red-billed Chough. A visit to this paradise will tell you why it’s one of the best tourist attractions of Nepal and referred to as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

    Key attractions: Diverse flora and fauna, rare bird species, stunning views

    16. Langtang National Park

    Langtang national park

    Image Source

    If you want to see some more wildlife in Nepal, then visit Langtang National Park, which is one of the best places to visit in the city. The park not only offers rich wildlife, but also the opportunity to hike and be awestruck!

    Key attractions: Wildlife exploring and hiking.

    17. Rupa Tal Lake

    Rupa Tal Lake

    Image Source

    One of the most famous tourist places in Nepal, Rupa Tal lake is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and find peace & tranquility like never before! You can spend quality time with your loved ones and absorb the views. Amongst the tourist places of Nepal, this is something you must visit.

    Location: Rupa Lake 33700, Nepal

    18. National Museum Of Nepal

    National museum of nepal

    Image Source

    If you want to know about the history of Nepal, you must head to the National Museum of Nepal. The museum offers artifacts dating back to the golden days on the country and gives you a glimpse of the glorious past. It is one of the top tourist places at Nepal.

    Location: Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
    Timings: 10:30 am – 4:40 pm (Closed on Tuesday)

    19. Durbar Square

    Durbar square

    Image Source

    Durbar square is a famous area in Nepal and is a World Heritage Site, so you just cannot miss out on it. The place showcases the culture and marvelous architecture of Nepal. If you are visiting Nepal with family, you can visit this place and don’t forget to click pictures.

    Location: Ganga Path, Kathamndu 44600, Nepal

    20. White Monastery

    White monastery

    Image Source

    This is one of the best tourist places at Nepal. The monastery is white in color which makes it a beautiful sight to see. The monastery is not only a religious site but also offers heavenly views. So, make sure you add it to your list.

    Location: The White Monastery Road, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

    21. Swayambhunath Stupa

    Swayambhunath Stupa

    Image Source

    Perched on a hilltop in the valley of Kathmandu and surrounded by greenery, Swayambhunath Stupa is one of the ancient stupas in the city. While exploring this place you will get to explore several shrines, monasteries, stupas, temples, as well as a library.

    Location: Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

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    22. Kathesimbhu Stupa

    Kathesimbhu Stupa

    Image Source

    Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kathesimbhu Stupa is a rendition of the Swayambhunath Temple. Tucked between Durbar Square and Thamel, the stupa is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in Kathmandu. Blanketed with statues, smaller stupas, and engravings, it was built with leftover materials from Swayambhunath Temple complex. During the 2015 earthquake, it witnessed some damages.

    Key Attractions: Hariti Pagoda, Drubgon Jangchup Choeling Monastery
    Location: Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
    Duration: Throughout the day

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    23. Siddha Gufa

    siddha gufa

    Image Source

    Another must-visit place in Nepal, Siddha Gufa is one of the largest caves in the country. Tourists come from all over the world to explore the 437 meters deep caves that are shaped in the form of a cathedral and made with stalactites and stalagmites. One can also opt for 90 minutes trek at these caves and explore this hidden beauty.

    Location: Bimal Nagar, Prithvi Hwy, Nepal
    Duration: 7 am – 7 pm
    Entry Fee: Rs. 200 for adults

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    24. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

    Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

    Image Source

    Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is one of the beautiful tourist places in Nepal that you cannot afford to miss. It is a paradise for bird watchers as one can spot nearly 500 species of birds at this reserve if visited at the right time. In addition to this, a visit to this tranquil place will definitely calm your soul. So, do not forget to include this tourist spot in your Nepal itinerary.

    Location: Bairawa 56713, Nepal
    Duration: 9 am – 3 pm
    Best time to visit: November-February

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    25. Hanuman Dhoka Temple

    Hanuman Dhoka Temple

    Image Source

    Hanuman Dhoka Temple is a part of Durbar Square in Kathmandu that formerly was the abode of Malla Kings. Besides this, it also encompasses the elaborate palaces of the Shah Dynasty. The statue can be dated back to 1672 and has an entrance door which is called ‘dhoka’ in Nepal, hence the name.

    Key Attractions: Hanuman Temple, Mul Chok, Nasal Chok, and Tribhuvan Museum.
    Location: Hanuman Dhoka Sadak, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
    Duration: 10 am – 5 pm

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    So, which of these would you love to visit first? Wanderers exploring these tourist places in Nepal fall prey to the natural charm of the Himalayas, diverse geographies, and the historical attractions on their holiday in Nepal. Know of any more tourist attractions of Nepal? Put them in the comments section below

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tourist Places In Nepal

    Q. What is the famous food of Nepal?

    A. Daal bhat tarkari, momo, chataamari, aloo tama are some of the famous foods of Nepal.

    Q. What is the cheapest thing to buy in Nepal?

    A. Pashmina, stone and beaded jewellery, tea and spices are some of the cheapest things to buy in Nepal.

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