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    Czechia is a country in Europe famous for its beers and castles. The Czech republic is known to be a developed country having a good economy and a high-standard income constraint. If you are planning a trip to Europe, you must visit Czechia. The art and culture of Czechia are magnificent. It is abundant for prehistoric art. The best time to visit Czechia is in winter. It almost experiences a warmer climate over the years because it is situated near to oceans.

    The past experience of the travelers attracts them to visit again and again. The national parks, day trips, hiking & campaigning are the best things to do in the Czech Republic. During winter, the tourist visit in more numbers to enjoy the winter vacation and the flights booked for the trip is done in advance. A lot of tourist guides are available to help the visitors in terms of cuisine, travel, tour, library, famous places, the price for the trip, the whole map of Czechia etc.

    Top 10 Things To Do In Czechia

    Trips will be memorable if you know the exact tourist spots . Enjoyment is what matters. Once you visit the mentioned places, you will not only have a proper vacation but motivational holiday. Below mentioned are the things to do in the Czech Republic:

    1. Podyji National Park

    Podyji National Park

    Image Source

    It is situated in Central Europe. The river (river valley) in-built with the beautiful wooden landscape is just worth to view. The flow of the river and the mesmerizing sound of the water feel like you are in heaven. It is the symbol for the perseverance of nature and its beauty. It has an almost wide variety of plant species which includes oak, beech, alder etc. It includes flower species and almost 152 bird species. The scenery over there is a worth visit. Green lizard, tree snake is the reptile species. Viticulture is one of the major functions over here.

    Location: Czechia Republic.
    Timing: 9am- 7pm
    Fee: INR 2200

    2. Prague Castle

    prague castle

    Image Source

    The widely known attraction, Prague castle, is visited by a number of tourists who come from all around the globe. It represents the history of rulers, warriors, a battle fought etc. The jewels are protected in the castle in a secret room. People from different corner visit the castle as it has made its space Guinness book. The tourist can view the same with a protect bar. The tourist guide helps the visitors in the same. It is one of the things to do in the Prague, Czech Republic. It looks like a fairytale story on-going. The people who visit sink with the beauty of the Castle.

    Location: Prague, Czech Republic.
    Fee: No fee required

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    3. Charles Bridge

    Charles Bridge

    Image Source

    It is otherwise called as Prague Bridge or Stone Bridge. It has 16 arches with 3 bridge and statues standing on either side of the bridge. It is one of the ancient bridges. It is always crowded. The sculptures over there are sand stoned and the same replicas are present in the certain corner of the world. It is just an amusing scenic. The night scenic is even more beautiful. The best time to visit Charles Bridge early morning. The ray of the Sun falling on the statutes changes its color for some time.

    Location: Prague, Czech Republic.
    Fee: No fee required

    4. Kutna Hora

    Kutna Hora

    Image Source

    It is located in the East of Prague. In Kutna Hora you can visit Sedlec Ossuary (it is related to Roman Catholic culture. It is a church devoid of monks having a picturesque of monuments. The Sedlec is embellished with human skulls), Italian Court (It is thousand years old with museum, royal chapel, pottery, glass, stamps etc. It is free for the children up to 6 years), Bohemian museum of Silver (One of the most precious museums in Kutna Hora. Stone House, Tyl house is worth exploring).

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    5. Karlovy Vary

    Karlovy Vary

    Image Source

    Karlovy Vary is famous for its glassworks, in spite of spa and resorts. It has approximately more than 2000 sample pieces of glass. Tourist gets a facility to understand the history of glassworks and how it is made. Hot Spring and Colonnades, The church –St Magdalene, The Diana lookout tower, a spa town, The orthodox church-St Peter and Paul, Loket Castle, The International Film Festival, Historical Motorcycle Museum etc. can be visited.

    Location: Czech Republic
    Timing: 8am-8pm
    Fee: INR 1300

    6. Hluboka Castle

    Hluboka Castle

    Image Source

    Hluboka Castle is one of the finest castles. The highlight for the visitor includes mazes, foliage, glass windows, woodworks, a collection of artworks etc. It was constructed in the late 1660s. The Cervena Lhota, Kratochvil; Trebon Etc are nearby sights which can be visited. They have multilingual guides to reduce the hindrance in communication. It does have large and massive parks and monuments (for a romantic date).

    Location: 373 41 Hluboká nad Vltavou, Czechia.

    7. Puncava Cave

    Puncava Cave

    Image Source

    It is situated in the northern city near to Blansko, a city called as Brno. It is an underground constraint. Along with the boat, you can visit Macocha Abyss and subterranean river. Visiting Puncava Cave is one of the most recommended things to do in the Czech Republic outside of Prague. It held certain events every year nearby like Christmas in Brno, The Christmas markets etc. It provides accommodation facilities as well along with spas, active holidays etc.

    Location: 679 13 Vavřinec, Czechia
    Timing: 10 am-4pm
    Fee: INR 600-1200

    8. The Clementinum Strahov Monastery

    The Clementinum Strahov Monastery

    Image Source

    It is one of the well-known libraries for Czechia, perfect for book lovers. The ambiance and the infrastructure are just awe-struck. The monastery consists of a wide range of novels and books. It consists of an astronomical tower where the tourist can view the whole city. It includes Philosophical collections and theological collections. The manuscripts collection is worth-praising. Overall the book readers will have a good time.

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    9. Pruhonice Park

    Pruhonice Park

    Image Source

    Pruhonice Park is situated in South Prague. It is having almost 1600 species of plants, 100 species of rhododendrons. Basically, it is a mixture of almost 8000 constraints. It is just same as Old Market square Prague. The statutes, fountains are exactly the same. The tourist who loves safari must visit a Pruhonice park. The garden forms a semicircle with various divided sections. The picturesque of Pruhonice Park cannot be spoken in terms of words.

    Location: 252 43 Průhonice, Czechia
    Timing: 9am-6pm
    Fee: INR 200-INR 1200

    10. Bone Collectors

    Bone Collectors

    Image Source

    The Bone collector is an amalgamation of crypts, cemeteries, and tombs. The shapes and structures are way too insane but are magical. There is a different sculpture which is made of bones and the designs come out in form of chandeliers, bells, chiles etc. It has one of the power-packed dynasties. They have maintained the ambiance in a great way. The collections are just awestruck.

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    The things to do in the Czech Republic include walking along with your partner or friend with respect to Wenceslas Square, The old town is full of good swings; you can roam around lovely cafes, buildings, and various tourist places. The crowds over there enjoy and perform on the roadside as well. The view is just mesmerizing and alluring. So, plan your vacation, pack your bags and book your trip to Czech Republic !

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