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While May witnesses summer vacations in schools and a holiday season daunting upon us, not many people like spending their time outside because of the scorching heat of the sun. All that aside, if you want some natural beauty and some serene vibes around, Kodaikanal is the perfect place to be in. There are many things to do in Kodaikanal in May that will compel you to stay there forever. To be fair, there isn’t going to be a lot of difference when it comes round to the things you do and explore the entire year-round, but there are some special treats here and there, best suited for that time of the year only. To help you out with that, we have listed out some of the best things to do in Kodaikanal during the summer months, especially that of May.

11 Things To Do In Kodaikanal In May

As mentioned, there are several amazing activities and places that you can visit and explore without any kind of questions while in Kodaikanal in May. If you want the best experience, we would suggest that you look into the list that we have sorted out for you for a better outlook on things.

  • Coaker’s Walk: Indulge In A Quiet And Serene Stroll Down 
  • Kodai Lake: Explore The Beauty
  • Boating: Experience A Surreal Ride
  • Silent Valley Viewpoint: Catch A Glimpse
  • Night Safari: A One Of A Kind Experience
  • Summer Festival: Feel The Joyous Vibe
  • Pillar Rocks: Get That Adrenaline Rush
  • Silver Cascade Waterfall: Witness The Mesmerizing Beauty
  • Dolmen Circle: Know The History
  • Sacred Heart Natural Science Museum: Get Close To Nature
  • Kodaikanal Markets: Shop Till You Drop

1. Coaker’s Walk: Indulge In A Quiet And Serene Stroll Down 

Walking Track

While many people tend to say that this spot is mainly suited for couples, it is nothing but a complete myth. Coaker’s Walk is one of the most breathtaking spots and provides with your views of the cloud covered mountains that are going to take your breath away for good. The best thing about this place and why taking a walk down this place is so popular is just because of the view it overlooks. If possible, leave early in the morning to witness the beautiful sunrise as well. You will also come across several vendors selling fresh foods around, which again is quite amazing. While walking through the main gates, stop at the telescope house to get a closer and better look at the views around. For those planning a visit, we would suggest that you go there before 3 in the afternoon.

Where: Near Van Allan Hospital
Entry fee: Free
Timings: Before 03:00 PM

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2. Kodai Lake: Explore The Beauty

lake shining golden during sunset

While in Kodaikanal, it is completely futile if you don’t even visit and explore the Kodai lake. It is located amidst the main city area. It is also surrounded by the lush and thick greenery of the Palani hills on all the sides which further stacks on to the benefits all the more. If you are visiting during May, chances are that you might get to witness the flower shows and the boat pageant that is held every year. If you are into boating and witnessing the natural beauty from up close, we’d suggest that you do opt for the Kashmiri shikaras from around which does provide with an enigmatic experience. These are all managed by the Tamil Nadu Tourist Development Corporation.

Where: Nearby Palani hills
Entry fee: Free
Timing: No boundaries

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3. Boating: Experience A Surreal Ride 

Boating at Lake

One of the best and indulgent ways of beating the heat of the sun in May is to stay close to the water. If you aren’t afraid of water and can have your way with it without panicking, boating on the Kodai lake is one of the best activities that you can indulge in. Even though this technically is a manmade lake, you wouldn’t experience any kind of fear with the safety of the same. Boating on this lake is one of the best activities that you can indulge in. If you have your camera handy, chances are that you can take some pictures of the view around as well. You must practice all the safety precautions to ensure that you don’t experience any kind of mishap while being there.

Where: Nearby the bus stand
Entry fee: Depends on the season
Timings: Varies

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4. Silent Valley Viewpoint: Catch A Glimpse  

Silent Valley National Park cover

If you are into witnessing the beauty of the place from the top of a spot around and simply taking in the beauty of things, exploring and getting a panoramic view of the surroundings from the Silent Valley View Point is one of the best available options that you can further indulge in. The picturesque beauty of the surroundings paired with the thrill of being so high up can cause a rush through your adrenaline, one that you normally wouldn’t expect to happen around. For a clear view that won’t be overwhelmed with the mist and fog around, make sure you visit during the early morning and late afternoon time.

Where: Berijam Rd, Tamil Nadu 624101
Entry Fees: None
Timings: Early mornings or late afternoon

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5. Night Safari: A One Of A Kind Experience  

Riding through the pitch black forest

If you are an adventure lover and want to bring out that wild side of yours out to play, indulging in some night safari can drastically add to your experiences. This nocturnal journey offers you to witness the beauty of nature and the natural inhabitants around as well. If you want to witness the beauty of the wildlife from up close, opting for night safari is an absolute must when you visit in May. Some of the common animals that many people have reported witnessing include the bison, porcupines, wild boar and a lot more. If you want an even wholesome experience, you must indulge in some night stay as well.

Where: Depends on the packages

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6. Summer Festival: Feel The Joyous Vibe 

Annual Flower Festival

While the entire world around is regretting the possibly hot climate, Kodaikanal celebrates the vibrancy of the season. The 10 days long Summer festival along with the 2 days flower festival makes it an experience that you just can’t get anytime else during the year. It is often held during the end of May but varies when it comes to the dates and days. If you are planning on visiting Kodaikanal during May, you must book your tickets in a way to be able to experience this festival as well. Apart from the cultural programs that are held by the Department of Tourism, you can also get to take part in sports like a marathon, field events, and even cycling, if that is something you are interested in.

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7. Pillar Rocks: Get That Adrenaline Rush

Pillar Rocks

Image Source

This is one of the famous places to visit in Kodaikanal in May and considered to be one of the famous picnic spots. Resting amidst the lush-greenery, this place is located at a height of 400 feet. The rock pillars are beautiful and mysterious at the same time. With hidden nooks and corners, this place makes one of the mesmerizing locations to visit. One of the important attractions to visit is the Devil’s kitchen which is actually the space found between the two rocks. Not just nature’s beauty, but this place also attracts adventure junkies for trekking.

Location: Pillar Rocks Rd, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101
Timings: 9AM-4:30PM

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8. Silver Cascade Waterfall: Witness The Mesmerizing Beauty

Silver Cascade falls

Image Source

The Silver Cascade waterfall is one of the famous places to visit in Kodaikanal which falls from a height of 180 ft height.This waterfall is considered to be a spill off the Kodaikanal lake waters and the best time to visit this place is during the rainy season. This is considered as one of the ideal places to visit in Kodaikanal which is surrounded by the lush-greenery. Alongside that one can also witness the rainbows, rare birds and also medicinal plants. Spending a day here amidst the greenery and gushing waterfall is one of the best things to do in Kodaikanal in May.

Location: Kodaikanal Ghat Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101

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9. Dolmen Circle: Know The History


Image Source

Famous for being one of the ideal anthropological sites which is located in the Indian subcontinent, the Dolmen circle is a pre-historic gem. This site is blessed with a vast number of dolmens and kistavens. Providing an insight into the lifestyle of the primeval man, this is indeed one of the must visit places for the history buffs. Located close to the Periyakulam, this place gives a beautiful view of the Kodaikanal skyline which is worth witnessing.

Timings: 6AM-5PM

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10. Sacred Heart Natural Science Museum: Get Close To Nature

Sacred Heart Natural Science Museum

This museum is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Kodaikanal in May. Showcasing all the aspects of natural biology, this place has preserved a vast variety of things which are gruesome and also pretty. There is a collection of around 500 species of animals, birds and also insects. Alongside that there are artefacts of ancient Palaiyar’s Tribe’s people. There is another interesting fact that the descendants of this tribe still live in the Kodaikanal hills.

Location: Law’s Ghat Road, Shenbaganur, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624104
Timings: 9AM-6PM

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11. Kodaikanal Markets: Shop Till You Drop

Best shopping in kodaikanal

Shopping is no doubt one of the best things to do in Kodaikanal in May as this place is known for many things. Starting from the woollen shawls, bone, walnut wood articles, leather products, brass jewelry and many more. One can also enjoy a good bargain while shopping from the local markets. Not just souvenirs, but this place is also famous for the cardamom, nutmeg, lampshades, cinnamon and pepper. Alongside that there is an upliftment for the needy people by supporting and promoting the pottery products.

Things to buy: Handicrafts, spices and artificial jewelry

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Many people have this standard misconception that visiting Kodaikanal in May is a curse. But, the vibrant rays of the sun paired with the beauty of the place simply amplify your overall experience to the next level. If you are planning on visiting Tamil Nadu, just make sure that you have your itinerary planned accordingly for a wholesome experience like nothing else. Every inch of this south Indian state has something or the other happening to offer. It is you who has to plan things accordingly and execute them for the perfect getaway.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Kodaikanal In May

Which time of the year is the best to plan a visit to Kodaikanal?

If you are willing to visit during the summer months, the duration between April to June is considered the best. For the winter months, you should visit from October to February.

What is Kodaikanal famous for?

Known as the Princess of Hill Stations, Kodaikanal is one of the most popular spots to visit and explore because of the caves, the natural beauty, and the overwhelming picturesque sites around.

How many days should one visit Kodaikanal for?

Given how many spots that you can visit while in Kodaikanal, it isn’t a surprising fact that people tend to have their tickets booked for at least a week. If you are in a rush, ensure that you at least stay for 3-4 days.

Is it good to visit Kodaikanal in May for couples?

Kodaikanal is perfect for honeymooners and young couples. If you have been looking for a tourist destination to whisk your partner away, this hill station in Tamil Nadu is your best bet.

What to buy from Kodaikanal?

When it comes to material things, Kodaikanal isn’t necessarily a place that is known for something unique. But, if you are in the main city, make sure to visit the Danish Display to indulge in some shopping.

Should I make the bookings beforehand?

If you have sketched out an itinerary for your trip, we would suggest that you make all the bookings for the trip beforehand. This goes without saying that it does make the process a lot easier for you and saves a lot of time and money as well.

Is it too hot in May in Kodaikanal?

Because Kodaikanal is a hill station, you are less likely going to experience extreme weather conditions which are why visiting during May is a good option.

Will the trip to Kodaikanal cost a lot?

There is no standard for the expenditure when you visit Kodaikanal. It all comes down to the kind of bookings you have made. If you do want to have a luxurious trip, it will most definitely cost you a good sum.

Which is better – Ooty or Kodaikanal?

Both of these places are some of the best picks for enjoying a great time in South India. However, for the people who are on a budget, Kodaikanal is a good choice than Ooty.

What to wear in Kodaikanal?

The weather in Kodaikanal is quite unpredictable and can differ from season to season. On one hand, the summers are usually warm and cool, the light warm clothing must be packed for the night. In the monsoon season, it is recommended to carry jackets and umbrellas in case of rain.

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