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    lake shining golden during sunset

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    They say “the best things in the world are free”, and you begin to realize/believe it as soon as you set your foot in Kodaikanal. The satisfying, woody, and sharp scent of pine blowing in the air, dewdrops on rose petals, trees stretching their limbs in the morning sun, and the Kurinji flowers turning the upper hills of Kodai purplish blue, all of these things often leave people at a loss for words, and that’s when the real magic begins. The entire town is made of tiny tourist spots that make it a paradise, and I’m not sure whether this list of 22 places to visit in Kodaikanal can do justice to its old-world charm, but let’s give it a shot!

    22 Best Places To Visit In Kodaikanal

    Looking for the finest Kodaikanal tourist places for your next escapade? Here is a list of some of the most amazing places to visit in Kodaikanal for a fun and memorable vacation with your friends and family.

    • Kodaikanal Lake
    • Berijam Lake
    • Mannavanur Lake
    • Guna Cave
    • La Saleth Church
    • Vattakanal Falls
    • Pambar Falls
    • Astrophysical Observatory
    • Kodai Chocolate Factory
    • Lutheran Church
    • Perumal Peak
    • Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple
    • Bear Shola Falls
    • Pillar Rocks
    • Suicide Point
    • Devil’s Kitchen
    • Thalaiyar Falls
    • Coakers Walk
    • Dolphin’s Nose
    • Bryant Park
    • Pine Forest
    • Moir Point

    1. Kodaikanal Lake

    Kodaikanal lake through bushes

    On a fine day when clouds hover above Kodaikanal and cool breeze flows through the forests, visit Kodaikanal Lake. Covering an expanse of 60 acres, this man-made, star-shaped lake has been welcoming countless tourists since 1863. Created by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, the then Collector of Madurai, the lake is fed by the waters that come from Palani Hills. The lake’s outflow creates a breathtaking waterfall, which is called “Silver Cascade”. At a height of 180 ft, the cascade is also one of the popular places to visit in Kodaikanal.

    Timings: 24 hours
    Suggested visiting duration: 1-2 hours
    Entry fee: No entry charges

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    2. Berijam Lake

    a bridge extending in a lake

    A reservoir located amid non-native trees and vast grassland, Berijam Lake is just a few km from Kodaikanal, which makes it one of the best places to see in Kodaikanal. The lush greenery and refreshing setting of the lake make it a wonderful picnic spot. Since the lake is connected by motorable roads, it is not a difficult task to reach here. However, tourists need a forest pass to enter the area. Those interested in fishing will have to take permission from Fisheries Department. Apart from this, tourists can also go for a scenic boat ride.

    Timings: Monday to Sunday. 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
    Suggested visiting duration: 1 to 2 hours
    Entry fee: No entry charges

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    3. Mannavanur Lake

    Mannavanur Lake under clouded sky

    One of the most serene places to visit in Kodaikanal, Mannavanur Lake is nothing less than a paradise. The drive to the lake is absolutely scenic as the road on both the side is pined with eucalyptus and pine trees. Mannavanur area is blessed with rich fauna. One can see exotic birds flying and spot wild animals. The lake is located inside a sheep farm where one can see flocks of sheep grazing. The Forest Department of the area offers coracle ride at a nominal fee, one can also go for horse riding.

    Timings: Monday to Sunday. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    Suggested visiting duration: 1 to 2 hours
    Entry fee: INR 10 per person

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    4. Guna Cave

    a view from the cave

    Image Source

    Located at a distance of 12 km from Kodaikanal, Guna Cave remained unknown for many years, but then came a Kamal Hassan starer movie “Guna” in 1991 and changed the fate of this cave. The cave was discovered by an English officer named BS Ward in 1821 CE. If you’re interested in exploring the hidden wonders in the pine trees of Kodaikanal, you must explore this cave. The list of Kodaikanal tourist places is not complete without Guna Cave.

    Timings: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. All days.
    Suggested visiting duration: 1 to 2 hours
    Entry fee: INR 5 per person and INR 10 for still camera.

    5. La Saleth Church

    the white and blue church

    A highly attractive church with a wonderful architecture, La Saleth was built in 1846 and was expanded over the course of the next century. A right blend of culture and Tamil French architecture, this shrine is located 7,000 feet above sea level. Offering a panoramic view of the lush mountain range, this catholic church in Kodaikanal is one of the most popular places to see in Kodaikanal.

    Suggested visiting duration: 1 hour

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    6. Vattakanal Falls

    waterfall in a jungle

    Right in the middle of a peaceful forest, Vattakanal Falls is among the most amazing places to see in Kodaikanal. During monsoon season, the waterfall is in full swing making it look grand and gorgeous. Vattakanal Falls is one of those waterfalls in Kodaikanal that are absolutely safe to be around, but you’re still suggested to wear footwear that aren’t slippery.

    Timings: 24 hours
    Suggested visiting duration: 1 to 2 hours

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    7. Pambar Falls

    a small waterfall

    Image Source

    3 km from Kodaikanal Bus Station, Pambar Falls is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the entire hill station. The town’s reservoir overflows creating a waterfall called “Fairy Falls”, which then continues to join the Vaigai River creating the Pambar Falls. Down below, there’s a pond-like formation where you can bath in the cool and pristine water of the waterfall. The green and wild vicinity makes this place absolutely picture-perfect.

    Timings: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. All days
    Suggested visiting duration: 1 to 2 hours
    Entry fee: No entry charges

    8. Astrophysical Observatory

    a white colour astrophysical observatory

    Image Source

    One of the oldest observatories in the world, Astrophysical Observatory is perfect for Kodaikanal sightseeing. Located in the rolling hills of Palani, it was established in 1899. The observatory has a 20 cm refractor, which is sometimes used for cometary and occultation observations, and sometimes made available to visitors for night sky viewing. It also has an astronomy museum displaying models and pictures. This observatory deserves to be on the list of places to visit in Kodaikanal.


    • April 1st to June 15th. 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
    • For the rest of the year, it remains open to public only on Friday between 10:00 am to 12:00 noon.

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    9. Kodai Chocolate Factory

    chocolate making

    Image Source

    Started in 1999, Kodai Chocolate Factory is a leading manufacturer and suppliers of chocolates, aromatic oils, coffees etc. They specialize in making delicious homemade chocolates and their products are 100% vegetarian. If you are a die-hard chocolate fan, it is among the must-visit places to see in Kodaikanal for you. Do pay a visit to Pot Luck, Cloud Street, Chocolate Factory and SG Cottage Industries to buy and try different varieties of chocolates.

    Suggested visiting duration: 1 to 2 hours

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    10. Lutheran Church

    a gothic style architecture

    Image Source

    Built in 1932, Lutheran Church of Kodaikanal is an impressive Gothic style structure. The church is adorned with stained glass window, modern paintings, and murals depicting the life of Jesus Christ. Anyone interested in a beautiful piece of architecture must pay a visit to this shrine.

    Timings: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. All days

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    11. Perumal Peak

    mountain peaks

    Image Source

    A gorgeous part of the might Western Ghats, Perumal Peak is for everyone who wants to witness sweeping views of the valley. A trekker’s delight, the peak is located at a distance of 8,005 ft above sea level. The trek may be a bit tedious but you get paid with the breathtaking views. Those trekking the peak can also traverse the gorgeous and quaint Perumal Malai Village on their way or while coming back.

    Timings: 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. All days.
    Suggested visiting duration: 1 to 2 hours
    Entry fee: No entry charges

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    12. Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple

    a beautiful temple

    Image Source

    Whether you’re a religious one or not, Kurinji Andavar Murugan Temple is one of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal for everyone. Dedicated to Lord Muruga (the God of hills), the temple is known for the blossoming of Kurinji flowers that grow once every 12 years. One can also witness the mesmerizing views of Vaigai Damn and Palani hills from here, which is why it’s one of the best temples in Kodaikanal.

    Timings: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. All days.
    Entry fee: No entry charges

    13. Bear Shola Falls

    Bear Shola Falls kodaikanal

    Image Source
    Situated just 2 km away from Kodaikanal Lake, Bear Shola Falls is among the most popular Kodaikanal places to visit. Cascading down from a considerable height, this seasonal waterfall comes to life to the fullest during the rainy season when the water gushes down the mountain, making its way through verdant greenery and making a frothy base at the bottom. It is believed that this used to be the favorite place of a bear for drinking water, and that gave it its unusual name. However, now this quiet and peaceful waterfall is among the most favorite places to visit in Kodaikanal for nature lovers, couples, and adventure seekers.

    Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
    Entry fee: No entry charges

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    14. Pillar Rocks

    Pillar Rocks kodaikanal

    Image Source
    The Pillar Rocks in Kodaikanal are 400 meter long boulders naturally positioned in a particular order that has become a lovely picnic spot for families with kids and couples. Also constituting a beautiful mini garden, this place has is said to have a rich aura of affection which makes them visiting them one of the most wonderful and romantic things to do in Kodaikanal. The breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and villages from these rocks is not something you’d like to miss when you’re here. Don’t forget to get yourself a plate of potato and onion bhaji from outside the mini garden.

    Timings: 9 AM – 4 PM
    Entry Fee: INR 5 | INR 20 for camera

    15. Suicide Point

    Suicide Point kodaikanal

    Image Source
    The Green Valley View, also called the Suicide Point, offers a stunning view of the Kodainakal plains, deep valleys, and hills. The enchanting views of the Vaigai Dam can also be seen from here and leave travelers in awe. The place got its name as a suicide point since the valley is quite dangerous, dense, and deep, with more than 5000 feet drop. Situated at a distance of 5.5 km from the Kodaikanal Lake, this point is one of the most famous Kodaikanal places to visit not only because it offers gorgeous views, but also because it is surrounded by plenty of shops selling homemade chocolates, ornaments, and a wide range of flowers.

    Timings: 7 AM – 6 PM
    Entry Fee: Free

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    16. Devil’s Kitchen

    Devil's Kitchen kodaikanal

    Image Source
    This is a natural and unique heritage site and cave system in Kodaikanal that is called the Devil’s Kitchen. It’s a group of caverns tucked amidst the enormous Pillar Rocks. It’s a great sight for photography as this unique gorge usually bears thick clouds and mist in the monsoons and winters, giving it a dreamy look. Situated on the outskirts of the city near Moir Point, this place shot to fame after the popular movie was shot here in the 1900s, making it a frequently visited Kodaikanal tourist place. In order to reach this hillock, one needs to trek 400 meters to the top starting from the main entrance, which too is one of the best things to do in Kodaikanal.

    Timings: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
    Entry Fee: INR 5 | Camera – INR 10

    17. Thalaiyar Falls

    Thalaiyar Falls kodaikanal

    Image Source
    Thalaiyar Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kodaikanal and it is located in the lush green slopes of Palani Hill ranges in the Dindigul District. The locals call it the Rat Tail Falls because of its unique appearance. Cascading from a height of over 290 meters, this one is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu, as well as the sixth highest waterfall in India and 267th highest in the world. There is a view tower located right in this park at the Dum Dum Rock to help photographers click awesome pictures of this awesome Kodaikanal tourist place as well as the Manjalar Dam.

    Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM (Closed on Sundays)
    Entry Fee: No charges

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    18. Coakers Walk

    Coakers Walk kodaikanal

    Image Source
    Coakers Walk is among the most beautiful Kodaikanal tourist places and is essentially a man-made 1 km long walking plaza that is set on the mountains of Tamil Nadu. The lovely path of Coakers Walk curves beautifully at the edge of the gorgeous mountain and has been built mainly for visitors to catch a glimpse of Paradise on Earth. It is the perfect place to get a morning and evening walk amidst the goodness of nature and with such mesmerizing views to greet you of the lush valleys and hills of Kodaikanal. In fact, taking a leisurely walk on this platform is among the most relaxing things to do in Kodaikanal.

    Timings: 7 AM – 7 PM
    Entry Fee: INR 10 | Camera – INR 30 | Telescope House – INR 20

    19. Dolphin’s Nose

    Take a drive up to Dolphin's Nose ooty

    The Dolphin’s Nose is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kodaikanal. With views of scenic valleys, lush green surroundings, rugged terrain, clear skies, and a soothing breeze, this viewpoint is where you can experience Kodaikanal at its best. The place got its name from the flat, protruding piece of rock here that is shaped like a dolphin’s nose, but it’s famous more for the awesome views it offers than the shape it has. Set at a height of 6,600 feet, this locale is perfect for a lovely picnic where you can sit and chat with loved ones amid serene vistas.

    Timings: Sunrise to Sunset
    Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    20. Bryant Park

    Bryant Park kodaikanal

    Image Source
    Bryant Park is what adds to the charm and elegance of the city of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Located on the eastern side of Kodai Lake, this beautiful park is bejeweled with a diverse range of plant and shrub species that lures in a huge influx of nature lovers and botany enthusiasts into the park every month. You’ll find everything from flowering plants, hybrids, to grafts in this park. And as it is located right after Coakers Walk, you can enjoy two scintillating activities while visiting this park – a leisurely stroll as well as a rendezvous with nature’s beautiful creations!

    Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM
    Entry Fee: INR 30

    21. Pine Forest

    Pine Forest kodaikanal

    Image Source
    The Pine Forest of Kodaikanal is probably its most scenic and tranquil attractions that would make you feel you’ve just entered your favorite fairytale! Located in southwest Kodaikanal, Pine Forest is among the most popular Kodaikanal places to visit courtesy its matchless beauty. It is home to the most serene and rare forms of nature that have been preserved to date with strict supervision on the part of the Tamil Nadu government. It also happens to be an essential heritage site in the town that came into existence owing to the tireless efforts of Mr. Bryant who had put the pine plantations in the first place in the year 1906. Offering activities like horse riding, nature walks, hiking, trekking, and camping, it’s the most favorite spot of nature lovers, adventure seekers, and photographers.

    Timings: 10 AM – 6 PM
    Entry Fee: No entry fee

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    22. Moir Point

    Moir Point kodaikanal

    Image Source
    Tucked at the entrance of a serene jungle that leads all the way up to the exquisite Berijam Lake, Moir Point is among the most prominent viewpoints in Kodaikanal that you just can’t miss. Named after Sir Thomas Moir who had constructed the Goschen Road in 1929 CE, this monument stands to commemorate his contributions and his efforts in building the Goschen Road, which actually starts from this point on the road joining the Kodaikanal-Berijam Lake. other than being an important historical landmark, this place also offers stunning views of the lush green valleys and hills of Tamil Nadu, bringing a huge crowd of tourists here every month.

    Timings: 10 AM – 5 PM
    Entry Fee: INR 10

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    How To Reach Kodaikanal

    a local green bus

    Image Source

    Kodaikanal by bus: Regular buses from Dindigul, Chennai, Pondicherry, Trichy, Madurai, Palani and Coimbatore run to Kodaikanal.
    Kodaikanal by train: Kodai Road at a distance of 100 km is the nearest railway station from Kodaikanal. From the station, one has to take a taxi for about INR 1,300, so train is not a comfortable way of travelling to Kodaikanal.
    Kodaikanal by air: At a distance of 120 km, Madurai airport is the nearest one. From there you can either hire a taxi or take a regular TNSTC bus.

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    Already in love with the gorgeous Kodai? Pack your bags and let the charm of this rustic and old town amaze you with its incredible vistas. Plan your trip to Kodainakal and don’t forget to visit these best places to visit in Kodaikanal. 

    Frequently Asked Questions Related To Places To Visit In Kodaikanal

    Q. What is Kodaikanal famous for?

    A. The beautiful hill station of Kodaikanal is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty which includes gorgeous waterfalls, rivers, viewpoints like Moir viewpoint.

    Q. What are the places I can visit in Kodaikanal in 2 days?

    A. Some of the best places to visit in Kodaikanal on 2 days trip are:

    1. Kodai Lake
    2. Silver Cascade
    3. Bear Shola Falls
    4. Dolphin’s Nose
    5. Bryant Park

    Q. Is Kodaikanal good for honeymoon?

    A. Kodaikanal is a great honeymoon destination in India. The place has pleasant weather throughout the year. You can enjoy the romantic breeze with your loved one and also go trekking if you are an adventurous couple.

    Q. When is the best time to visit Kodaikanal?

    A. Although Kodaikanal experience pleasant weather throughout the year, an ideal time to visit the place is from March to early June.

    Q. How many days are sufficient to visit Kodaikanal?

    A. 2 days are sufficient to visit Kodai. You can cover all the amazing thing this hill station has to offer in this duration.

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