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    Interesting Things To Do In Manchester

    Manchester is the second largest city of UK. Famous for being home to two of the biggest clubs in world football, this city is known to be one of the most vibrant in all of Britain. Manchester has everything from excellent nightlife to rich cultural heritage. Surrounded by countryside and Pennine mountains, the city has a lot to offer to the travelers. Home to the first inter-city passenger railway station, the thriving cultural scene of this city makes it one of the best in Europe. Here is a list of things to do in Manchester.

    Things To Do In Manchester

    There is no end to the number of things one can do in the city of Manchester and here is the list of best 10 things to do in Manchester.

    1. Pay a visit the Warehouse Project

    Visit the Warehouse Project

    Image Source

    Believed to be one of the best clubbing destinations in the world, this place is a real treat and a must visit place for all the clubbing fans. The Warehouse Project runs parties only for 12 weeks from September to December which culminates with a grand party on the New Year’s Day. Located inside a bomb shelter under the Manchester Piccadilly station, this place can house around 3000 people. With events throughout the year at various locations across Manchester, the Warehouse Project has established Manchester on the clubbing map of the world.

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    2. Witness a match at the Etihad & Old Trafford Stadium

    Visit the Etihad & Old Trafford Stadium

    Image Source

    Experience the aura and class intermixed with golden history at Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. Also visit the classy and modern styled Etihad Stadium of the newly crowned kings and one of the fastest rising club of Europe, the Manchester City Football Club. Immerse yourself in the passion for football as you cross the line that separates the line which divides the red and white football halves of the city of Manchester and enjoy your visit as you embark on an epic tour of both the stadiums.

    3. Explore the Sea Life Center

    Take a trip to the Sea Life Center

    Image Source

    With around 30 display tanks and over 5000 marine life animals, the Sea Life Center in no small affair. Located in Manchester, this place offers the visitors to see the starfish up close, stroke a sea anemone, and feel a crab’s shell. This is a must go to place for the fans of the marine world. Also, this center also promotes conservation and a part of the money collected from the sale of the tourist tickets goes to the conservation efforts to conserve ocean life.

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    4. Witness the gorgeous and  iconic Manchester Town Hall


    Image Source

    Take a tour of the iconic Manchester Town Hall located in the center of the city. You can’t miss this Gothic styled iconic building which has been a shooting spot for many of your favorite scenes from some of your favorite movies. Whether it is Captain America or the iconic British Parliament scene from Pride and Prejudice or the ever so famous Sherlock Holmes, this beautiful place is like a magnet to media entertainment lovers plus history and architecture enthusiasts alike. So when you get a chance to visit this iconic building don’t forget to shoot a recreation of your favorite scene shot here.

    5. Go shopping in Manchester

    Shop in Manchester

    Image Source

    As a world-renowned shopping destination, Manchester has everything needed to make a shopaholic happy. Being one of the premium shopping destinations in Europe, the streets, malls, and shopping centers of the Manchester city area provides visitors an array of choices. Whether its clothing ranging from high end designing studios to stores dedicated to artistic and innovative street fashion or electronics, Manchester has it all in place for all its beloved tourists and visitors.

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    6. Read an unusual book at the libraries of Manchester

    Stop at the libraries of Manchester

    Image Source

    Explore the iconic libraries of Manchester. Whether it is Chetham, the oldest library in the English speaking world or the iconic Grand Central Library of Manchester, there are numerous pieces of historically significant artwork and literature preserved for tourists to witness and see at this library. These two aren’t the only libraries in Manchester, you can also visit the Victorian style John Rylands library with its impressive Gothic architecture and the Portico library which was completed in 1906 in Greek revival form of architecture.

    7. Go to the Manchester Art Gallery

    Manchester Art Gallery

    Image Source

    Located in Central Manchester since 1823, this is a must visit place for all the art enthusiasts. You can find paintings from giants like Gainsborough, Turner, and Pissarro here. Also on the exhibits are collection of crafts made from ceramics, metal, wood, and stone dating from the 1600s to the modern day. Take a tour of this iconic place, eat desserts and snacks at its famous café, and enjoy your love for art, all at this one place. Also, don’t forget to check the social media accounts or the site of the museum for updates on various events and exhibitions that are organized here.

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    8. Attend the live music concerts

    live music concerts

    Image Source

    It’s a well known fact that Manchester is really famous for its live music events in all of
    England. One can’t even stress enough to explain how huge the music scene of Manchester is. The city is the birthplace of bands like Oasis, The Smiths, Chemical Brothers, and Take That. No trip to Manchester is complete without attending one of the concerts there.

    9. Sip on some Craft Beer

    Sip on some Craft Beer

    Image Source

    Manchester is famous for some of the world’s best craft qualities available inside the city. If you are a beer lover then it is recommended for you to visit some of the famous niche bars like Port Beer House, Piccadilly Tap, Smithfield Market Tavern, and Marble Arch pub to taste some of the best craft beer that you’ll ever have.

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    10. Take a tour of Chinatown

    Take a tour of Chinatown

    Image Source

    Take a tour of the famous Chinatown of Manchester. Reputed as the biggest in Europe, this is a must visit place lined up with a big Chinese gate at the entrance and numerous restaurants and bakeries selling delicious Chinese food and shops selling traditional Chinese goods inside.

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    here are a lot of things to do in Manchester, making it an interesting place to visit. It is a wonderful city with a great atmosphere, culture, and friendly people. Book your trip to Manchester with TravelTriangle now and have a great vacation.



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