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    Best and fantastic beaches in united kingdom

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    The island nation of United Kingdom has always fascinated people with its stone walls, castles, fortified hamlets and the stunning beaches. It is never too late to visit England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. These places have a lot to offer irrespective of your age and interests. The United Kingdom is surrounded by four major water bodies – the North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean. So, with plenty of beaches in United Kingdom, it sure is an ideal vacation destination.

    10 Best Beaches In United Kingdom

    Below is a list of the top 10 beaches in the United Kingdom that you must add in your travel itinerary during your next UK trip. Take a look!

    • Pelistry Bay
    • Rhossili Beach
    • Barafundle Bay
    • Portstewart Strand
    • West Wittering
    • Saunton Sands
    • Salcombe Bay
    • Beadnell Beach
    • Hunstanton Beach
    • Botany Bay

    1. Pelistry Bay

    favourite destination for youngsters

    Image Source

    This beach ranks at the top in the list of United Kingdom beaches and is the favourite destination for all those who like to take leisurely walks on the beach or just sit down and kick back. The Isles of Scilly is famous for the stunning beaches but, this one takes the prize. The beach is lovely, secluded and totally unspoiled which makes it the perfect place for some romance or unwinding. If you visit the beach during low tide, you can easily walk to the Toll Island.

    Location: St. Mary’s, Isles of Scilly
    How to get there: on foot, taxis or local transport

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    2. Rhossili Beach

    green grass and beach

    Image Source

    On your visit to Wales, make sure you spend some time at Rhossili Beach. This place is one of the best beaches in the United Kingdom since it offers way more than just the sand and sea. The rough waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean make it a wonderful place to go for a good surf. You can trek down to the beach and gear up for some adventure and thrill!

    Location: Rhossili village, Wales
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

    3. Barafundle Bay


    Image Source

    The Barafundle Bay also happens to have one of the warmest beaches in the United Kingdom when the temperatures are right. Yes, if you go on a nice, sunny day the water and the sand is warm enough to make it feel like the Carribean. Situated out of the Pembrokeshire Coast, this small beach is known for the soft sand grains and crystal clear water. It is the best beach to have a picnic and relax with family or friends.

    Location: Pembrokeshire, Wales
    How to get there: on foot, taxis or local transport

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    4. Portstewart Strand

    Sunset at beach

    Image Source

    The Portstewart Strand has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the United Kingdom. It has two slender, blonde sand strips surrounded by clear, pristine waters. It has tiny dunes around it and is usually populated by children with buckets and spade, people playing beach volleyball and some happy picnic lovers. The things that make this beach beautiful are the rare wild flowers and colourful butterflies. The beach is a lovely sight during the early hours of the evening and a must visit.

    Location: County Londonderry, Northern Ireland
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

    5. West Wittering

    sandy beach

    Image Source

    This beach has been a long time favourite with everyone who either lives or has been to England. It has earned the status of a Blue Flag beach and is home to some very rich locals. If you plan to spend a day here, there is no chance that you would get bored. The place is wonderful, clean and dotted with cafes that serve lip-smacking food. Apart from leisure and fun, the beach also offers some great options for adventure sports.

    Location: Sussex, England
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

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    6. Saunton Sands

    best sandy beach

    Image Source

    All those who love sandy beaches, the Saunton Sands is the place to be! If you have been looking for sandy beaches in England, United Kingdom, then look no further. This beach is a vast, three miles stretch of soft sand and shallow waters. Adding to this golden-brown beauty are the myriad butterflies, rare plants and the Atlantic rollers. So, on your visit to England stop by at this beach and build some castles. You can also indulge in a little bit of surfing while you’re here.

    Location: Saunton village, England
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

    7. Salcombe Bay

    sea view

    Image Source

    The small town of Salcombe is a very popular resort town with some of the best beach resorts in the United Kingdom dotting this small place. The Salcombe Bay is adored by visitors for the sheer variety that it offers from beaches with adventure sports, secluded beaches, and beaches where you can have a good time partying! In case you are around, you must spend a day or two at one of the resorts and sleep to the rhythm of the splashing waves.

    Location: Salcombe, East Portlemouth
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

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    8. Beadnell Beach

    Golden coloured beach

    Image Source

    The impressive, massive and almost Golden coloured beaches welcome each visitor with warmth and beauty. The beach always has a strong wind blowing and is the perfect place for sailing, canoeing or windsurfing. In fact, the beach is very popular for diving and exploring the shipwrecks which add to the charm. In the evenings, you can come here for long walks and enjoy the sunset.

    Location: Northumberland, East England
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

    9. Hunstanton Beach

    soft sand

    Image Source

    Hunstanton Beach is the best if you’re looking for beaches near Cambridge, United Kingdom. It has everything – a pretty lighthouse at one end, souvenir shops, pubs, cool cafes and golden, soft sand. The entire place is buzzing with people on sunny days and if the weather gets a little cold, you can come here for walks and avoid the hustle bustle of town.

    Location: Hunstanton, England
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

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    10. Botany Bay

    sea and beach

    Image Source

    One of the good things about England, United Kingdom is the sea and beach, so pristine that you can’t miss them. The Botany Bay is a place that you must visit and spend an entire day here just admiring the beauty of nature. The small beach is surrounded by white cliffs, rock pools and is the favourite place for swimmers. If you happen to visit the place during low tide, you can walk to Joss Bay and enjoy surfing and taming the waves.

    Location: Kent, South East England
    How to get there: taxis or local transport

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    The United Kingdom has a lot in store and is one of the most preferred places for vacations. So, be quick, plan a trip to UK and enjoy without having to worry about anything!

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