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A few of us pack our bags to have an excursion loaded with adventures, and a few want nothing but a time full of relaxation. In any case, holidays are a getaway and it’s time well spent for everyone. And, you’ll be hard squeezed not to discover things to do in Montana that fit your concept of escaping. A wild country with a subdued landscape to investigate throughout the entire year, Montana is an exceptional presentation of nature’s raw power.

17 Exciting Things to Do In Montana

Montana has a lot on a platter to serve every hungry soul in search of exploration. You’ll have the best of vacation whether you’re planning a family vacation, a solo trip or with a group of friends:

1. Big Sky Resort: Relax

Big Sky Resort

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This is the biggest ski resort in the US, with 4,350 feet of verticals, 5,800 sections of land, and over 250 runs. Apart from skiing amid summer, swap you can get ready to enjoy mountain biking, hiking, zip line, play disc golf, and the sky’s the limit from there. Also, locate your Rocky Mountain high on boarding the Lone Peak Expedition, which carries you through chairlift, voyage vehicle, and cable car.

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2. Montana: Go fishing

Go fishing

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Montana has various Blue-Ribbon trout rivers presenting the absolute best fishing in the nation. Fishing lovers from all over the world run to its flawless waters for their next prey. Local shops, guides and free fishermen will give you the down and out on what fish are running where and which angle to utilize. Carry a fishing rod or buy one on the way.

3. Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary: Take a walk

Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

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Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is a deep-rooted sanctuary of creatures, guaranteeing they get thoroughly balanced diets, medical care, stimulation, and everything else they require for a healthy and long life. The majority of the creatures are local to the zone and temperate environment, so they don’t need to adapt to an alternate atmosphere. You will discover here animals like wolves, mountain lions, bison, wild bears, antelope, elk, fox, bobcat, coyote, falcons, hawks, owls and much more.

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4. C.M. Russell Museum: Learn about the past

C.M. Russell Museum

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An art museum in Great Falls whose central focus is the artwork of Charles Marion Russell, famous as the Cowboy Artist. Along with his artworks, the museum also includes artifacts to assist visitors in learning about the work and life of Russell. Make sure to arrive early and do not talk on your phone loudly inside the premises of the museum.

5. Montana Historical Society Museum: Take a walk through history

Montana Historical Society Museum

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The Montana Historical Society Museum, otherwise called Montana’s Museum, is loaded up with intriguing ancient rarities from the state’s history and present culture. The exhibition hall’s Mackay Gallery of Russell Art also holds a fine selection of paintings, illustrated letters, and sculptures by noticeable American craftsman Charles M. Russell.

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6. Glacier National Park: Explore

Glacier National Park

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This is a territory of fabulous mountain ranges, snow-capped glades, thick timberlands, tall cascades, innumerable shimmering lakes, and many glaciers. It’s a heaven for audacious adventurous souls because of its over 700 miles of climbing tracks. It’s effortlessly reachable via vehicle as well; a feature of this spot is trailing the 50-mile-long Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Entry fee: Four wheeler entry charges: $35 | Motocycle entry charges: $30

7. Giant Springs: Hike

Giant Springs

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Giant Springs is the place of the Roe River that was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s smallest river. Over a quarter of nature lovers visit Giant Springs Heritage Park every year. Several come to wonder at this unusual site or to see the 80-plus species of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Make sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes.

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8. Helena: Stand gaping at the structure


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Showing the Greek Renaissance style of architecture, the structure is covered with granite and sandstone. It has a copper dome and a number of great paintings featuring themes of Montana’s history, along with one by Charles M. Russell. You can see St. Mary Lake and the encompassing mountains from the wide curve past Rising Sun.

9. Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center: Learn about grizzly bears

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

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It’s a non-profit organization which instructs visitors about grizzly bears and gray wolves. The wolves and bears live here in a naturalistic setting with pools, waterfalls, and a natural shelter where guests can view wolves from both sides. Make sure that you arrive way in advance to avoid the afternoon rush. If you lose your way, ask for directions.

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10. Flathead Lake: Take the afternoon off

Flathead Lake

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The biggest natural lake in the Western US. It has 185 miles of shore and 200 square miles of water. Section of the lake is on tribal reservation area and visitants should buy a pass to visit this beautiful stretch of the lake. If you are arriving on Memorial Day, you can watch the yearly Bigfork Whitewater Festival. It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon.

11. Montana: Go camping

Go camping

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Locals state that the best plan to experience the excellent outdoors in Montana is by camping. From simple to full-service, there’re a lot of public and private campgrounds to satisfy your style of relaxation and adventure. Either you’re trekking into a backcountry campsite or voyaging through your jeep, you’ll yet be able to view the stars in the big sky as you barbecuing at the campsites.

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12. Lake McDonald: Kayak

Lake McDonald

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Lake McDonald is the biggest lake and apparently the best lake to try water activities in Montana, USA . It’s exceptionally gorgeous during sunset! Spent an afternoon kayaking around the lake and also get the chance to find a few bald eagles. Make sure to arrive at this place in the morning to avoid the afternoon rush. Wear comfortable airy clothes.

13. Whitefish: Ski


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This picturesque mountain town is a favorite winter as well as summer vacation spot, allowing some of the best skiing opportunities in the state. The city is further conveniently placed right along Whitefish Lake – one of Montana’s most famous lakes, providing you with several dining spots and waterfront hotels to choose from. You’ll find lots to traverse in downtown Whitefish, from ski gear shops to juice bars to its art galleries.

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14. Polson: Hike


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The tranquil town of Polson lies on the southern shore of Flathead Lake and supplies a few of the best lake and mountain spectacle in Montana. You can begin your day with a quiet hike along the walking trail, next head into the town and shop souvenirs at the boutiques and art galleries, or take a yoga class in one of the workshops along the central strip.

15. Medicine Rocks State Park: Explore

Medicine Rocks State Park

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Driving through the huge range of plain in Eastern Montana will take you to unusual sandstone structures rising out of the ground like statues. Medicine Rocks State Park is an enjoyable place especially if you are on a family vacation to explore the bizarre formations and your kids can play a game of hide-and-seek amongst these rocks.

Entry fee: $6 per person

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16. Museum of the Rockies: Shake hands with a dinosaur

Museum of the Rockies

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The Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman has the biggest acquisition of dinosaur remains in the US. It’s where you will see the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex’s thigh bone and a Tyrannosaurus skull. Other collections in the repository are majorly about the history of the Rocky Mountains and as its animals and people.

17. Montana: Go horseback riding

Go horseback riding

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Explore past the lanes and back of the mountains with horseback riding along Montana’s various trails. Montana can be a breathtaking and serene adventure when you venture off the trodden trails riding in old style on the horseback. Visitors from all walks of life vision of the early west and the difficult to reach forest of Montana. Horseback riding in Montana will take you to the places and bays of rustic Montana. You’ll be even surprised to see the moose, elk, or deer during your journey.

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Since there are a plethora of things to do in Montana, a short trip will not do justice to this place. To grasp the most of this place it is ideal to plan a long vacation and choose the places you found most enchanting. Visit the US and indulge in all the things mentioned above.

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