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    Cold Place

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    Okay, so you’re someone who cannot tolerate low temperatures. And you somehow have landed in a trip to a cold place with all your cold-loving companions.

    13 Things You Do If You Are A Snowbird In A Cold Place

    Do you try to escape from places that are chilly, because you hate the cold? Then you are a snowbird who migrates to warmer territories when their habitat experiences winter. Here are some things you surely do before, during and after the nightmare, called winter:

    1. Packing – You are ready for a blizzard


    Image Source
    Jacket? Check. Balaclava? Check. Gloves? Check. Thermal undies? Check. Wait, what?

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    2. Dressing up – You’re outfitted like Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia

    Image Source
    The cold bites on your nose and ears, turns them purple. ‘Course you’re gonna wrap them up.

    3. Snuggling – Warm-blooded people are your favourites

    Snuggle up

    Image Source

    And then sigh involuntarily in relief, giving off all the wrong ideas. Oops!

    4. Hotel preferences – Those with room heaters & 24/7 hot water

    Winters & Heaters

    Image Source

    And also requesting them to install said heater on your side of the bed.

    5. Hot water – Its your oxygen

    Showering in Winter

    Image Source
    You need to muster up courage to even get undressed for that hot water shower.

    Oh, and you probably get goose bumps on your ankle when you do so, too.

    6. Bonfire – You get very close to it

    Close to Bonfire

    Image Source

    And like at all bonfires in chilly places, you take turns warming your front and back, doing the warm-bum-cold-fingers and cold-bum-warm-fingers dance. You’re even requesting your incredulous group mates to just let you curl up and sleep beside it, already.

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    7. Cold hands – You touch people to convey your feelings

    Winter Chilling

    Image Source

    When people don’t understand why you switch off the AC, you touch their forearm with your freezing fingertips by way of explanation. “Are you trying to freeze me into an ice cube?!” shrieked a freaked-out friend of mine before she rushed to switch off the AC for me. Works every time. *Muhahahaha*

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    8. Warm spots – You steal other’s sitting spots on sofa

    Grab It

    Image Source

    Everything is cold. You cringe every time you come in contact with the cold sheets, the cold air, the cold footwear, the cold towels. Heck, you cringe every time you change positions on the cold sofa because every time, there is a fresh patch of cold waiting to assault you. Even, while watching TV, you steal people’s spots just because they’ve pre-warmed them with their butts.

    So, stealing your friend’s chairs when they get up to go pee? No brainer.


    9. Cold destinations – A cold honeymoon destination is a big no for you

    Polar Bears Cuddling

    Image Source
    Like, one is too petrified to disrobe even to shower, then how do you expect to… you know.. You do acknowledge that these are the best places for polar bears to koochie koo, though.

    10. Sunshine – You become a human sundial from Ancient Egypt

    Or, a devoted sunflower.

    Run to the Sun

    Image Source

    Or, chase it like this fella. “Omg, the sun. The sun. The sun. The sun.”
    I feel ya, bro. I feel ya.

    11. Food – Easting keeps you warm

    Hot Food

    Image Source
    Hot tea. Hot chocolate. Hot soup. HOT, HOT, HOT.
    “Bhaiya, garam ice cream milega?”

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    12. Warm destinations – You love warmer places

    Minion Memes

    Image Source
    You lose your mind with happiness when you reach a warmer place.
    *Hahahahahah! Hohohohoh! Heeeeeh! Clap along if you know what happiness is to you!*

    13. People don’t understand – When you say you hated Shimla

    Jimmy Fallon What

    Image Source
    “What? Shimla? You did not enjoy it? Oh you HATED it? It was COLD? But! But this is April!”

    So, are you also a ‘cold-fearing-northerner’, getting illusions of white walkers dwelling in the snow?! Well, if you are or got a friend who is, do let us know in the comments section below. You can also share it on your wall to pull their leg!

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