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Do you travel for taste?

One of the many joys in travelling across a country as vast and diverse as India is its rich culinary heritage.The cooking style from state to state has evolved not only with traditional family secrets but with influences from the Mughals, Britishers, Persians, French or the Portuguese. India is a diverse country, diverse in culture and flavors, Everywhere you go, you will get to taste different food items that are local to that place. Since food is an integral part of whole travel experience, you must definitely hit the streets for an amazing foodie experience.

40 Popular Indian Snacks You Must Try

From local beer of the East to spicy pyaaz kachoris of the West, from fiery-hot chats of Delhi to fluffy idlis of the South, there’s so much to be had on your next trip! Here’s a list of lip-smacking delicacies every ‘food crazy traveler’ must try!

  • Kahwa Chai – Kashmir
  • Kullu Trout – Himachal
  • Chaat – Delhi
  • Kachori – Rajasthan
  • Petha – Agra
  • Kebabs – Lucknow
  • Litti Chokha – Bihar
  • Ghugni Chat – Bengal
  • Momos – Sikkim & Darjeeling
  • Kutchi Dabeli – Gujarat
  • Poha Jalebi – Indore
  • Chorizo Pao – Goa
  • Akki Roti – Karnataka
  • Hyderabadi Dum Biryani – Hyderabad
  • Vindaloo – Goa
  • Thattu Dosa – Kerala
  • Kottu Parotta – Chennai
  • Kalari Kulcha – Jammu
  • ‘Hello to the Queen’ – Rishikesh
  • Chocolate Toast – Pune
  • Appam & Stew – Kerala
  • Thukpa – Darjeeling
  • Tibetan Tea – Darjeeling
  • Chocolate Pizza – Ahmedabad
  • Chaang – Sikkim
  • Sundal – Kerala
  • Kesari Bath – Bangalore
  • Mangalore Buns – Mangalore
  • Dal Bati Churma – Rajasthan
  • Cad-B – Pune
  • Benna Dosa – Karnataka
  • Bedmi Puri Alu – Haridwar
  • Dhokla – Gujarat
  • Undhiyu – Gujarat
  • Ghewar – Rajasthan & Haryana
  • Samosa – North India
  • Falooda – Amritsar
  • Pav Bhaji – Mumbai
  • Bebinca – Goa
  • Pooran Poli – Maharashtra

1. Kahwa Chai – Kashmir


Image Credit: Pawnee Goddess for Wikimedia commons
This healthy delight is made up of many spices to keep you warm, especially in the bitter cold. Saffron strands, cinnamon bark and cardamom pods, and occasionally Kashmiri roses are added to the boiling green tea leaves for a refreshing aroma and taste. Served with honey and crushed nuts, it’s a must-have on your visit to Kashmir.

Where: Available in the streets of Kashmir

Price: INR 20 – 100

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2. Kullu Trout – Himachal


Image Credit: Shyqo for wikimedia commons

Image for representation only 

Non – vegetarian is an integral part of Himachali cuisine. Made from trout, a fish found in Kullu, this Himachali, smeared with a host of Indian spices, pan-fried and served on a bed of hot steamed rice, this dish will tickle your taste buds.

Where to eat: Highway On My Plate River Banks

Price: INR 100 – 500

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3. Chaat – Delhi


Image Credit: Ekabhishek for wikimedia commons
Be it the Gol-Gappes or the crispy Tikkis, the Dahi loaded bhallas or the Papdi chat; Delhi is synonymous with street food and Chat! Treat your taste buds to these tempting, spicy savouries.

Where to eat: BTW, Janakpuri

Price: INR 30 – 200

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4. Kachori – Rajasthan


Image Credit: Vashishtapathak2015 for wikimedia commons
Try from about 52 varieties of Kachoris invented in the desert-land of India, Rajasthan. These flattened cutlets are filled with spices, onions, pea, lentils and so much more! Served with tamarind or mint chutney or sometimes with Aloo sabzi, this lip-smacking delicacy has to be tasted once in a lifetime.

Where to eat: Rawat’s in Jaipur

Price: INR 20 – 100

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5. Petha – Agra


Image Credit: Rsrikanth05 for wikimedia commons
The Agra petha is world famous. It is a translucent, soft candy made from ash gourd or the white pumpkin, usually rectangular or cylindrical in shape and comes in flavoured varieties including the Grape Petha, Chocolate Petha, Orange Petha and more. Not to be missed when in Agra!

Where to eat: Panchhi Petha Store, Near Hari Parvat Crossing

Price: INR 20 – 100

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6. Kebabs – Lucknow

tunday kebab

Straight from the city of Nawabs, these mouth-watering Kebabs are worth trying. Marinated in spices, crispy on the outside, soft inside, Galouti Kebabs or the Tangdi Kebabs, to name a few, are served with hot dippings or mint chutney. Remember to taste them on your next trip to Lucknow.

Where to eat: Tunde Ke Kebab, Aminabad or Dastarkhwan, Hazratganj

Price: INR 100 – 1,000

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7. Litti Chokha – Bihar

litti chokha

Image Credit: ksandip for wikimedia commons

This authentic Bihari cuisine dish, Litti or the tandoor baked sattu balls are served with Aloo & Baigan bharta, and curd. Though it resembles dal-batti of Rajasthan but is absolutely different in taste and preparation. It is worth a try when on the streets of Bihar.

Where to eat: Available all across the streets of Patna

Price: INR 50 – 200

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8. Ghugni Chat – Bengal

ghugni chaat

Image Credit: Marajozkee for wikimedia commons
This Bengali street food, made up of boiled yellow dried peas or white peas, filled with tomatoes, peas, onions and green chillis, flavoured with lemon juice makes a perfect evening snack. You simply cannot say a no to it!

Where to eat: Available in every street & every corner of the Kolkata

Price: INR 20 – 100

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9. Momos – Sikkim & Darjeeling


Image Credit: Lillottama for wikimedia commons
Momos – Believed to be originated in Tibet and Nepal, this delectable snack is widely made in the north eastern states. Stuffed with a filling of your choice – meat, pork, beef, or cabbage, momos are widely available, accompanied with fiery-hot red chilli-garlic-tomato sauce.

Where to eat: MG Road Gangtok

Price: INR 20 – 200

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10. Kutchi Dabeli – Gujarat


Image Credit: Aparna Rao for wikimedia commons
Kutchi Dabeli or Dabeli is a Gujarati version of vada pav. The buns are fried to crunchy perfection in melted butter and are stuffed with potato cutlet, garnished with fried peanuts, pomegranate seeds, sev, and spicy, tangy sauces, this Guajarati snack is a complete savoury treat.

Where to eat: Karnavati Dabeli Centre

Price: INR 20 – 500

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11. Poha Jalebi – Indore


Image Credit: Rhundet for Wikimedia commons
Known for a variety of chats and mix of flavours, Indore boasts of its morning breakfast the most. ‘Poha’ or flattened rice sautéed in onions and chillies, flavoured with salt, turmeric & a dash of lime juice makes a perfect snack, usually accompanied by tea and hot crispy jalebis. Make sure you try it on your next visit to Indore!

Where to eat: Available at majority of street food joints

Price: INR 50 – 200

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12. Chorizo Pao – Goa

chorizo pao

From the official Facebook page of WOW

Taste the Spanish-Portuguese delicacy stuffed with pork sausage rolled into a warm bun and served with seasoning; or try the chorizo (pork sausage) minced with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and green chilies, formed into a gravy to be served with warm rolls or buns. This scrumptious snack is worth a try!

Where to eat: Valanka Fast Food Benaulim

Price: INR 50 – 200

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13. Akki Roti – Karnataka

Akki Roti, yummy Karnatak dish served with coconut chutney

Image Source

Made up of rice flour, garnished with onions, tomatoes, carrots, and green chilies, this yummy Karnatak dish is served with coconut or tomato chutney.

Where to eat: Rotti Mane, Sri Saipalace

Price: INR 30 – 100

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14. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani – Hyderabad


Image Credit: Garret Ziegler for wikimedia commons
Originated in the kitchens of south India with a blend of Mughali and Telugu Cuisine, this mouth-watering biryani is a must try for every foodie. Prepared with lusciously marinated meat or goat, enriched with exquisite spices, the vessel is seal with dough and steamed over coals. As tempting as it sounds, the authentic dum biryani will blow your mind and taste buds!

Where to eat: Paradise Biryani House, Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Price: INR 100 – 300

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15. Vindaloo – Goa


Image Credit: Carpathia for wikimedia commons
Vindaloo is inspired by the Portuguese dish – Carne De Vinha D’ Alhos, a meat dish prepared in wine and garlic. Vindaloo can be prepared from beef, chicken, prok, prawns and is available in vegetarian varieties as well.

Where to eat: Viva Panjim, Mum’s Kitchen

Price: INR 100 – 500

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16. Thattu Dosa – Kerala


Image Credit: Charles Haynes for Wikimedia commons
The thick, circular, steaming hot dosas served with spicy chutney and Sambar makes a pleasant change to the regular dosas, vadas, and idlis.

Where to eat: Pai Brothers Fast Food, Eranakulam

Price: INR 50 – 200

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17. Kottu Parotta – Chennai

Taste Kottu Parotta in Chennai

Image Credit: Karty Jazz for Wikimedia commons
Borrowed from Sri Lanka’s culinary influence, Kottu Parotta is made by chopping flattened bread, mixing it with various vegetables, eggs, and sometimes chicken/ mutton pieces. Finely minced in typical South Indian steel tumblers, it is served on a banana leaf and garnished with generous coriander topping.

Where to eat: La Plage, Goa

Price: INR 50 – 400

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18. Kalari Kulcha – Jammu

kulcha chole

Image Credit: Nitin Badhwar for Wikimedia commons

‘The king of Jammu street food’ is the famous ‘Kalari Kulcha’ made from the stuffing of the traditional ripened cheese – Kalari or Maish Krej, available only in Jammu & Kashmir. Kalari can beat mozzarella by miles!

Where to eat: Singh Restaurant, Military Hospital Crossing, Udhampur, Jammu Srinagar Highway

Price: INR 20 – 100

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19. ‘Hello to the Queen’ – Rishikesh

Rishikesh's scrumptious Ice creams

Image Source
Who does not love ice creams? But this dessert is simply scrumptious! Caramelized with banana’s chipped cookies, lots of chocolate sauce, flavours of cakes and coconut. Well, I guess you’re salivating already..!!!

Where to eat: Freedom Café, Rishikesh

Price: INR 50 – 500

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20. Chocolate Toast – Pune

Delectable Chocolate Toast for chocolate lovers in Pune

Image Source

Sandwiches and toasts are famous all across India, but this delectable chocolate toast is happiness at another level. This mouth-watering delicacy has to be on the list of every foodie and chocolate lover ever born!

Where to eat: Flavours’ Outlets – Viman Nagar, F.C. Road, Market yard

Price: INR 120 – 600

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21. Appam and Stew – Kerala

appam stew

Image Credit: Triv.rao for wikimedia commons
Well, you may have tried vegetable stew, but this typical Kerala flavoured, loaded with creamy coconut milk and vegetables like carrot, potatoes, green peas stew served with appam usually is absolutely delicious.

Where to eat: Steampot restaurant in Trivandrum

Price: INR 50 – 500

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22. Thukpa – Darjeeling/ Siliguri


Image Credit: Amanbedi for Wikimedia commons
Thukpa is traditionally a Tibetan food. It is a light soup loaded with whole wheat spaghetti, vegetables, meat, eggs, and tons of flavor.

Where to eat: Kunga and Dekevas on Gandhi Road

Price: INR 50 – 1,000

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23. Tibetan Tea – Darjeeling

tibetan tea

Image Credit: Yosomono for wikimedia commons
A must try for all the tea lovers, this salted tea is (usually prepared with tea bags) and mixed with butter to give it a unique taste.

Where to eat: Kunga on Gandhi Road and Sonam’s Kitchen on Zakir Hussain Road.

Price: INR 20 – 100

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24. Chocolate Pizza – Ahmedabad

Try Chocolate Pizza on the streets of Ahmedabad

Image Source
Crazy about chocolates? Try something out of the box on the streets of Ahmedabad – Chocolate Pizza. Slathered with Nutella, caramelized nuts, and chocolate fudge sauce, this lip-smacking gourmet pizza is a must-try!

Where to eat: Manik Chowk Evening Market, Ahmedabad

Price: INR 200- 1,200

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25. Jaanr/ Chaang – Sikkim & Tongba – Darjeeling [Local Beer]

local hot beer

Image Credit: Bhattarabinod3 for Wikimedia commons
Jaanr/Chaang & Tongba is a mild alcoholic and sweet-sour fermented cereal-based beverage, served in a bamboo receptacle using a bamboo pipe. These can sometimes be strong and very intoxicating, depending upon the substrates used.

Where to eat: Keysang Hotel in Lachung
Price: INR 200 – 2,000

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26. Sundal – Kerala


Image Credit: Karthik Sridhar for wikimedia commons
Soaked and boiled chick peas are fried enough in ghee with mustard seeds, curry leaves and chilies and sprinkled with grated coconut. Chick Pea Salad is a healthy delight!

Where to eat: Street shacks

Price: INR 20 – 100

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27. Kesari Bhath – Bangalore


Image Credit: Apoorva Lakshmi for wikimedia commons
This scrumptious dessert originated in Karnataka, has its name and colour from ‘Kesar’ or ‘Saffron’. It is popular as Chow Chow bhath when served with Uppittu or Khara Bhath.

Where to eat: Swaad at Rajajinagar or Thipassandra

Price: INR 50 – 200

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28. Mangalore Buns – Mangalore

mangalore buns

Image Credit: Jonoikobangali for wikimedia commons
Originally from the Konkan Cuisine, these sweet flatbreads are flavored with banana and eaten with chutney. Also known as buns bhaji or buns chutney, they are available in Goa, Bangalore, and other nearby areas.

Where to eat: Girimanja’s, Taj Mahal Cafe

Price: INR 20 – 100

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29. Dal, Baati, Churma – Rajasthan

dal bati

Image Source
Rajasthani food is incomplete without the mention of Dal-Baati-Churma. Lusciously loaded with desi ghee, accompanied with panchmel or panch kutti dal, deep fried baatis and the appetising churma, it’s a worth try on your next trip to Rajasthan.

Where to eat: Chowki Dhani, Jaipur

Price: INR 20 – 100

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30. Cad-B – Pune

Taste a creamy chocolate shake Cad-B-Pune

Image Source
This deliciously rich creamy chocolate shake will be one of the best you’ll ever taste in your life. It is an absolute must in Pune. You might locate a café or two in Delhi or Ahmedabad, but the originally Cad-B will always be synonymous with Pune!

Where to eat: Café Chokolade Outlets

Price: INR 80 – 300

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31. Benne Dosa – Davangere, Karnataka or Loni Dosa – Maharashtra


Image Credit: Swati Gupta for wikimedia commons
This delightful variation of dosa is made out of fresh batter instead of the fermented one and is richly loaded with ‘Benne’ or ‘Loni’ or the white butter. Served with spicy powdered groundnut chutney, aloo masala and coconut chutney, the variant of dosa is indeed unusual and absolutely divine.

Where to eat: Bamboo Bazaar, Davangere
Price: INR 50 – 400

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32. Bedmi Poori Alu – Haridwar

bedmi puri alu

Image Credit: Amiya Sharma for wikimedia commons

Poori Aloo is the staple breakfast of Indians and one of the most delicious snacks we people are thankful for. The spicy aloo curry served with fluffy puris will leave your taste buds tingling with flavours. Throw your diet out of the window when having puri aloo because you would not be able to stop just at one. It is best served with mango pickle and green chutney.

Where to eat: Har ki Paudi

Price: INR 20 – 100

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33. Dhokla – Gujarat


Image Credit: Dhananjai11 for wikimedia commons

If you are headed to Gujarat, then you should gorge on fluffy dhoklas on your trip. Made with gram flour, Dhokl is a perfect tea time snack and is best enjoyed with green chillies and sweet imli chutney. No wonder Gujaratis go gaga over it and so will you.

Where to eat: Das Khaman Shop in Ahmedabad

Price: INR 20 – 100

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34. Undhiyu – Gujarat


Image Credit: Jatan 1992 for wikimedia commons

Undhiyu is a customer dish that is served in every Gujarati festival and auspicious events. The spicy tangy fusion of vegetables is enjoyed with Indian flatbread. It is every vegetarian’s delight. If you ever get invited to Gujarati wedding or event, don’t be surprised to find Undhiyo at a food stall.

Where to eat: Praful Sweets in Ahmedadab

Price: INR 50 – 200

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35. Ghewar – Rajasthan And Haryana


Image Credit: Payal Sharma for wikipedia.org

For those of you who have a sweet tooth should definitely put Ghevar on the list of Indian snacks to try. A specialty of Rajasthan and Haryana, Ghewar is a fried dessert and is best enjoyed in the monsoon season. People of Rajasthan and Haryana celebrate the Teej festival by relishing ghevar. There is a variety of Ghewars too like malai ghewar, khoya ghewar, chocolate ghewar, etc.

Where to eat: Gulab Sweets in Rohtak

Price: INR 50 – 600

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36. Samosa – North India


Image Credit: kspoddar for wikimedia commons

Even though Samosa is originally Arabic, it is one of the most favorite Indian snacks too. The spicy potato filling and crunchy layer are what make it so delicious and everybody’s favorite. It is the perfect chai time snack and is best relished with green and red chutney. Top it up with some hot jalebis.

Where to eat: Delhi, Chandigarh

Price: INR 20 – 100

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37. Falooda – Amritsar


Image Credit: Aashita Kawatra for Wikimedia commons

One of the best things about the summer season is falooda. The flat noodles or falooda is served with kulfi and drizzled with roohafza and is the best anecdote to the summer heat. One can choose from a variety of kulfi flavors like kesar pista, rose, chocolate, butterscotch, etc.

Where to eat: Ludhiana Sweets

Price: INR 50 – 200

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38. Pav Bhaji – Mumbai

pav bhaji

Image Credit: Swinginguvula for wikimedia commons

Ask anybody in Mumbai and they will say that Pav Bhaji is their all-time favorite snack meal. If you visit Juhu or Chowpatty, then don’t come back without enjoying a plate of Mumbai’s special Pav bhaji. The spicy vegetable mixture is topped with dollops of butter and served with soft buns. It is one of the most delicious things you will have in Mumbai.

Where to eat: Sardar Pav Bhaji

Price: INR 50 – 200

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39. Bebinca – Goa


Image Credit: Warren Noronha for Wikimedia commons

Bebinca is Goa’s favorite sweet dish and it will be yours too after you taste it. The delicious-looking dessert is made from numerous thin layers of cake. These layers are made from flour, egg yolk, coconut milk, and sugar. You must try this Indo-Portuguese dessert on your vacation in Goa. It is also one of the best snacks in India that any sweet-tooth must try during their stay in this state.

Where to eat: Fabs Bebinca

Price: INR 50 – 200

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40. Pooran Poli – Maharashtra

pooran poli

Image Credit: Usha Nagle for wikimedia commons

Pooran Poli is a famous dish in Marathi households that is made from Bengal gram flour and jaggery. It is basically a sweet flatbread. So, if you have a sweet tooth, then you would definitely love these sweet Indian snacks. It has a high nutritional value. So, you don’t have to worry about all the calories.

Price: INR 50 – 200

Where to eat: Aaswad Mumbai

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Listening to your heart is overrated, this year, listen to your taste buds instead! The best thing about India is that you get to taste different flavors in every direction that you go. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the list of popular Indian snacks that you must try is long. Forget about your diet when you go snacking in the streets of India. Plan a domestic trip around the country and head on a snacking journey like never before.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Indian Snacks

Is it safe to eat street food in India?

Yes, it is definitely safe to eat street food in India as long as you check with the place when you reach there, ensure that hygiene measures are in place and the vendor is highly-rated among locals.

Which Indian city has the best food?

India is as diverse as it is vast and the Indian platter contains delicacies of various kinds. So, it is a very hard choice to make when it comes to choosing the Indian city that has the best food. Delhi is great for street foods, Kolkata has the best sweets and South Indian dishes are almost every Indian’s comfort food. The choice can only be made by someone who has traveled to the famous food streets of the country.

What is the national snack of India?

India doesn’t have a national snack, however, golgappas are top of the mid choice for anyone looking to get a quick snack. They are called puchka in West Bengal, Gupchupp in Andhra Pradesh, Golgappa in Delhi, and Paanipuri everywhere else in the country.

Where can one eat good street food in Kolkata?

Kolkata is popularly known for its aromatic flavors and some of the most delicious street food items in India. Visit White Town, Decker Lane, Shobhabazar, and the Territy Bazaar for the best delicacies.

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