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We all know of the financial crisis that has recently gotten worse in Greece after the end of their last bailout. It has intensified their possibility of ‘Grexit’ from the Eurozone while the banks still remains shuttered.

Why Is This The Right Time To Visit Greece?

So, you must be wondering why at such a time of financial adversity we are urging you to visit this country. Well, there are not one but five reasons why this is the time for you to book your tickets to Greece.

1. Exotic Beauty

Santorini in Greece at night

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Greece is still as beautiful as it ever was. Its magical beaches intact and all archaic edifices still enchanting in every way. The weather is just as stunning as it ever was this time of year and the food just as hearty.

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2. Pristine Beaches

People enjoying at a beach in Greece

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Greece is relying on tourism income now more than ever. Everyone in the hospitality industry is working incredibly hard to ensure travellers enjoy their stay without a hitch. Tourism is the only gesture of solidarity that you can participate in now.

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3. A Cheap Getaway

Luxurious resort in Greece

Rupee has strengthened by 8.2% versus Euro since December 2014. Holiday packages have already gotten cheaper by 20% for the upcoming winters, which means:

A 10 days & 9 nights tour package for Greece would cost you around INR 80K per person (excluding airfare) unlike 1 lac. This means lower accommodation rates, cheaper travel and more money to indulge in shopping.

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4. Friendly People

Open air spa in Greece

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Visiting Greece at such a time of turmoil is but a generous thing to do. You have other options but you chose to be here instead, so they have all the reasons to shower you with their world famous hospitality.

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5. Violence Free Land

Quaint Greece town at night

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It’s a financial crisis, not a zombie apocalypse so rest assured, you won’t be attacked in any manner. The tourism industry is prepared and well stocked with supplies to handle all the requirements of tourists.

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What You Should Know Before Heading Out To Greece:

1. Carry Cash- Enough To Cover The Entire Trip, If Possible

It is a stern recommendation for every traveler traveling to Greece anytime soon to must carry cash (i.e Euro). ATMs in many important parts of the country are still working but there have been accounts of money running dry in others.

There are no additional restrictions on foreign account holders, but an increase in demand has resulted in long lines at some ATMs and, in some cases, cash shortages.

2. Can You Rely On Credit Cards?

Credit cards might continue to work, but with uncertainty hanging over the future of Greek banking, there could be problems.

3. If Grexit finally happens, will they still accept Euro?

Yes, it is most likely for businesses in Greece to accept Euro as well as US Dollar. Since, these are strong currencies, they will be happily accepted at this time of crisis.

4. Flight Tickets

The best thing to do is book flights, ideally with one of the Greek airlines – there is a 40%-off sale right now on aegeanair.

5. Book Your Stay Online

To avoid hassle and carrying too much cash, you can book your hotels online or through travel agents.

6. Power Cuts and Supply Shortages

There isn’t any shortages as of now; as mentioned earlier, the tourism industry is quite prepared and well equipped to handle if any such situation arises. The needs of the tourists and offering them a fulfilled trip is a priority.

7. Safety Issues

It is imperative to mention that there have been no violence at all, anywhere in Greece. So, it is still quite safe for travellers to spend the holiday without worrying about anything.

8. Make cash transactions as and when possible

Booking your hotels online or through travel agents is preferable but if you pay them in cash directly you’re actually helping them. This way you’re injecting paper money straight into their economy. Also, make sure to purchase things from small business owners rather than multinational brands.

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So, spread love and travel to the Greek isles. It’s an act of solidarity that will benefit you and Greece both!

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