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Have you ever wondered to scale on the top of the mountain and revel in the true spirit of adventure, to explore the beauty & the glorious views of Kerala? Well, then the next trip to Munnar will surely test your adrenaline and energy skills. The breathtaking trekking trails in Munnar has something to offer for one and all. The lush green tea plantations and the misty weather make the whole experience simply amazing. Make sure you do not miss out the experience of trekking in Munnar on your trip to this hilly-heaven of God’s own country.

Top 6 Trails For Trekking In Munnar

The trekking trails in Munnar promise some of the most breathtaking scenic views on the journey. So all you adventure enthusiasts and the nature lover out there, have a close look at the best trails for trekking in Munnar:

1. Chokramudi – The Lonely Giant

Mountain Peak

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A trail to Chokramudi is an amazing option for Munnar trekking. While in Munnar, indulge yourselves in the venturesome activity of trekking to Chokramudi. The trek to the highest peak can be divided into four parts—Shola walk, the grass stroll, steep climb and the dangerous terrain. As soon as the Shola walk ends, you emerge into a grass land which turns into hardcore climbing. The beauty of the picturesque view after all these elevations leaves you thunderstruck. 

Difficulty Level: Beginners can easily trek upto level 1. The trek gets challenging after that.
Highlights: Enjoy the misty clouds, lush greenery and cool breeze while trekking as you cover an altitude of 7200 feet.
Where to stay: TG Stay Surianalle (near the base camp)
Tip: Local guide, snacks, water bottle and hand gloves are must while climbing the highest peak of Munnar.
P.S: Expect disturbances from elephants, snakes & barking beers.

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2. Idukki – Nature’s Calling

Natural Beauty

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Idukki trek is for perfect for nature lovers who admire serenity. The forest walk amidst the mystical beauty of the cinnamon hills is mesmerizing. This four to five hours long trek in Munnar lets you explore the vast plantation of tea and cardamom in the misty mountain ranges. You will be so busy drowning yourself in the tranquil beauty. Spend some blissful time at Pothamedu—a must visit Munnar trekking place with your special one.

Difficulty Level: Easy
: You will fall in love with the picturesque landscape and the scenic countryside while trekking in Munnar. Gain insights into the tea and cardamom plantation adorning the town.
Where to stay: Blackberry Hill Retreat and Spa, Windermere Estate and Royal Retreat (near the base camp
Tip: Visit with a local guide as this trip takes you through the forest.

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3. Chummar – Through The Tea Plantations

Tea Plantations

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The loveliest hill town of Kerala, Munnar was initially developed to cultivate tea, so strolling through the tea gardens is something you just can’t miss out on  in your list of trekking trails in Munnar. Enjoy the magnificent views of the grasslands meadows and the Shola forest. You will see miles covered in lush green tea gardens and get a whiff of the peculiar fragrance of tea leaves. This is one of the best treks in Munnar.

Difficulty Level: Easy
: Interact with the locals, learn more about the tea plantations & immerse yourself in the beauty around.
Where to stay: Chummar Cottage (near the base camp)
Tip: Though it is a beginner’s level trek but do carry eatables and enough water.

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4. Kannan Devan Hills – Difficult Drive Towards Bliss

Kannan Devan Hills

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This famous Munnar trek is set amidst the natural beauty & needs an expert guide to stroll down the passages. Walk through the tea plantation for about half an hour to reach the paramount of Lakshmi hills. Camping tour in Munnar along with the ridge of the hill with slopes of the rocky mountain on one side and tea plants on the other. Once there, you can get a glimpse of the Idukki dam—the highest arch dam in Asia. Explore the exotic spice zone of Munnar.

Difficulty Level: High
: It is a difficult trek of 5 hours where you can find endemic species of birds and wildlife. Reach the highest point of about 1950 meters above sea level and enjoy the pristine beauty of Anaimudi and Idukki.
Where to stay: Royal Retreat, Poopada and Clouds Valley
Tip: you will need refreshments, water and an expert guide as it is not a simple trek

5. Chithirapuram – The Most Beautiful Hill


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Walk to the Chithirapuram bridge through the tea estates and you will fall in love with the Ramaswamy Dam waterfall. Pepper, betel nut, Guava, Vanilla are some of the planting species that you will encounter while strolling through this beautiful trek. Capture pictures of hilly slopes, the mountains filled with greenery and the plantation areas as the topography of these landscapes will leave you awestruck. This is one of the most opted Munnar trekking places by many travelers.

Difficulty Level: Moderate
: Green beds all around as you trek to the top of the hill.
Where to stay: Bella Vista (at the base camp of the trek)
Tip: Guide is important as the ways are confusing and carry a camera for sure!

6. Lakshmi Hill Trek – The Most Popular Trek In Munnar

Lakshmi Hill Trek

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The Munnar trekking adventure experience offered by Lakshmi Hill Trek is so surreal that it never fails to amaze the travelers and trekkers. You need to drive just 3 kilometers from Munnar towards Cochin and reach the starting point of the Lakshmi Hill Trek. Followed up by a ridge the further trek offers splendid beauty to the travelers. Ramble through the grasslands and witness the rocky slopes during your way. This is among the best treks in Munnar.

Difficulty Level: Moderate
: You will see the highest peak of South India – Anamudi, while trekking through the rocky ways of the hills.
Where to stay: Lakshmi Cottage (near the base camp)
Tip: It is an easy trek so you just need is a stick and a small water bottle

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Tips For Trekking In Munnar


The following are the tips that will surely make your trekking in Munnar an awesome memory:

  • Start your trekking training at least a week before leaving for the expedition
  • Carry trekking shoes
  • Build the strength of your legs
  • Listen to your trekking guide
  • Always be with your group
  • Reach the starting point in advance and familiarize yourself with the area
  • Carry comfortable clothes
  • Use walking poles

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The quaint beauty and the lush green beds will follow you all the way while trekking in Munnar. Plan your trip to Munnar and have a great vacation. We promise you’ll have the time of your life at these Munnar trekking places. Take your friends along and share your journey with them. Let nature surprise you at every step and turn of the trail.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking In Munnar

Is it safe to travel during Covid-19?

If you follow the precautionary measures for Covid-19 given by the government, maintain social distancing, and keep a watch on what you consume then your trip will be much safer. All things said, your safety is always in your hands.

Name the most amazing trekking option in Munnar?

A trail to Chokramudi is the perfect place for trekking in Munnar. This trek is divided into four parts such as the steep climb, shola walk, the grass stroll and the last is dangerous terrain.

Which is the best option for trekking for nature lovers?

Idukki trek is perfect for trekking if you are a nature lover. This trail covers beautiful cinnamon hills from forest trek. This trek takes around 4 to 5 hours from Munnar.

Through which trail in Munnar, the tea cultivation is enjoyed?

Chunmar trail is the way to tea gardens. One can enjoy the mesmerising views of grasslands meadows and the shola forest while hiking in Chunmar trail. This trail is basically used by beginners for their adventure activity.

Name the hardest trail of Munnar?

A trail to Kennan Devan hills is one of the hardest trails in Munnar. It takes around 5 hours to complete the hardest trek. The highest point of this hills is at 1950 metres above the sea level.

What are the tips for trekking in Munnar?

One should always carry a water bottle along with them while trekking. On some trails, it is necessary to take a guide along with you. Do carry some eatables also.

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