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Tucked between the majestic Sahyadri range that runs through Maharashtra, India, a quaint town in the Raigad district, Karjat presents a hallmark culmination of nature, adventure, and excitement to the people who are planning a trip to Maharashtra. Trekking near Karjat is a unique blend of experiences that can scratch the itch of every kind of hiking enthusiast out there. Through this blog, learn what you need to know before setting off on this trip where you can get a perfect blend of excitement, peace of mind, and beautiful natural settings. Also, learn about a one-day trip near Karjat.

7 Famous Spots For Trekking Near Karjat

If you are looking for a one-day trip near Karjat or trekking spots near Karjat, here is a list of some famous spots to consider:

1. Kondana Caves Trek

 Explore the fascinating Kondana Caves while planning your trekking near Karjat itinerary.

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The rich historic routes to the cave site at the Kondana Caves are nestled amidst the green depths of the Sahyadris. You will walk through the ancient rock-cut caves that go back to the Buddhist period. In this trek, you will also enjoy the splendid panoramic views in abeyance.

Distance from Karjat Railway Station: Approximately 12 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Distance of Trek: 3 kilometres
Altitude: 200 feet ASL

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2. Peth Fort Trek

Soak yourself in the panoramic views on the Peth Fort Trek, one of the best spots for trekking near Karjat.

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You will be dazzled by the elevated Peth Fort on the hilltop, which offers sprawling views of the beautiful Karjat area. The ruins and ramparts of historical times take you in time and give you a chance to sink into this unique site’s interesting past and legends.

Distance from Karjat Railway Station: Roughly 17 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Distance of Trek: 4 kilometres
Altitude: 3300 feet ASL

3. Bhivpuri Waterfall Trek

The Bhivpuri waterfall trek is a refreshing adventure to consider while trekking near Karjat.

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You can also take part in this exciting hike to Bhivpuri Waterfall which plunges through the midst of lush groves and rugged mountains in the background. In this scenic trek, you will experience the real rush through the waterfall trail, which runs on rugged terrain, while the waterfall allows you to cool down for a while.

Distance from Karjat Railway Station: 2 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Distance of Trek: 2 kilometres
Altitude: 500 feet ASL

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4. Irshalgad Trek

stunning vistas from the top of Irshalgad trek, a must-visit destination while trekking near Karjat.

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You absolutely can not deprive yourself of the pleasure of the Irshalgad trek, the most exciting and adventurous trek near Karjat. It leads to the top of Irshalgad Fort. Hikers are confined to the thick canopies, rocky ridges, and climbing paths on the way to the summits, only to admire the entire Sahyadri range and the purity of nature around them.

Distance from Karjat Railway Station: 14 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Distance of Trek: Around 3.5 kilometres
Altitude: 3700 feet ASL

5. Matheran via Garbett Plateau Trek

The majestic beauty of Garbett Plateau while trekking near Karjat is an incredible experience.

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Initiate a beautiful trek through the Garbett Plateau to Matheran that goes along specialities that give you an amazing perspective of the surrounding hills and valleys. From the crowded forests, meadows, and idyllic villages go through a path that takes you deep into a serene natural setting.

Distance from Karjat Railway Station: Roughly 20 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Distance of Trek: Approximately 7 kilometres
Altitude: 2600 feet ASL

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6. Chanderi Fort Trek

Chanderi Fort is a perfect blend of history and natural beauty, making it the perfect itinerary for trekking near Karjat.

Image Credit: Nishant Ranjan for Wikimedia Commons

Explore Chanderi Fort by hiking on the rough way to verdant woodlands, accomplishing the peak. Explore glorious defensive structures and stop at the caves and temples. Also, take in the landscape in the distance with your sight as the green landscape with trees dot the land.

Distance from Karjat Railway Station: 20 kilometres
Level of Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Distance of Trek: Roughly 6 kilometres
Altitude: 2300 feet ASL

7. Malshej Ghat Trek

Malshej Ghat Trek is popular among adventurers exploring trekking near Karjat.

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Behold the raw beauty of Malshej Ghat while you climb its up and down trails and marvel at the setting of the dramatic cliffs, the lushly vegetated valleys, and the amazing panoramas of the waterfalls.

Distance from Karjat Railway Station: Approximately 75 kilometres.
Level of Difficulty: Moderate.
Distance of Trek: Varies depending on the route, but typically around 5 to 7 kilometres.
Altitude: Approx. 2300 feet ASL

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Best Time For Trekking Near Karjat

Go trekking near Kajrat for the best time.

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The best time for trekking near Karjat comes in the monsoon season from June to September when the hills are green with plants, current waterfalls and nice weather. Yet, trekking in the winter from October to February is also available to nature lovers with beautiful weather and the lovely blue sky.

How To Reach Karjat

Go trekking near Kajrat in Khandala

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Karjat is well connected by road and rail with Mumbai, Pune, and other major cities in Maharashtra, making it highly accessible to those looking for trekking and adventure trips. The nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai, 62 kilometres away from Karjat. The train and cab services from Mumbai city to Karjat, passing the beautiful green countryside, are also an experience.


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Trekking near Karjat gives an individual an excellent chance to visit the almost untamed, unspoiled, beautiful mountains of the Sahyadri. Moreover, you will have the chance to enjoy the calmness of nature on the way and the beauty of the journey as well. Whether you are a beginner trekker or a respectable longtime crawler to the mountains, this area is ideal. So, if you are planning a trip to Maharashtra, make sure to add Karjat to your list and get some adrenaline going in your system.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking Near Karjat

Is trekking near Karjat suitable for beginners?

Yes, many of the trekking trails near Karjat cater to beginners, offering varying difficulty levels and scenic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Are there any guided trekking tours available in Karjat?

Yes, there are many tour operators and adventure clubs that organise guided trekking tours in and around Karjat.

Can I camp during my trek near Karjat?

Yes, there are certain trekking and camping spots near Karjat. However, make sure to take the necessary permissions and follow camping guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What is the average duration of a trek near Karjat?

On average, treks can range from a few hours to a couple of days, allowing participants to customise their experience based on time constraints and fitness levels.

Are there any wildlife encounters to be cautious of during treks near Karjat?

While wildlife encounters are rare during treks near Karjat, it's essential to stay alert and cautious while exploring the wilderness. Avoid straying off designated trails, refrain from feeding or approaching wild animals, and follow safety guidelines to minimise the risk of encounters and ensure a safe trekking experience.

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