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Uttarkashi, often known as Kashi of the North, is in Uttarakhand. The village is well-known for its adventure tourism and spiritual aesthetics, giving tourists and visitors an entirely serene experience. Tucked up in the Garhwal Himalayas, this town is a must-visit, surrounded by rolling green hills and some of the most breathtaking views one can imagine. Because Uttarkashi snowfall is severe, it is significantly colder than other towns, at 1160 metres above sea level. People often come here for winter sports, different activities, hiking, and pilgrimages, especially during these cold winter months. Uttarkashi is located on the banks of the Bhagirathi River in the foothills of the Himalayas.

A Frosty Winter For Tourists: Uttarkashi Snowfall

Trek through the Foresty snow valley after Uttrakshi Snowfall

Image Credit:Vaibhav78545 for Wikimedia Commons

According to yearly footfall markers, Winter is the ideal season to visit Uttarkashi. In Uttarkashi, the winter season typically starts in late October and lasts until March. During these months, the average temperature varies from 22°C at its highest point to below freezing at its lowest point when snowfall begins. The area’s climate and weather charts indicate that December, January, and February are the coldest months, due to which there is a greater likelihood of snowfall during these three months. The snow during these times can be seen as the primary reason for such a large number of tourists visiting this time because with the snow comes a plethora of fun-filled winter activities that are otherwise unavailable.
Yearly Average Temperatures

  • January – 5.2*C
  • February – 6.8*C
  • March – 10.9*C
  • April – 15.3*C
  • May – 18.8*C
  • June – 20.4*C
  • July – 19.9*C
  • August – 19.5*C
  • September – 18.2*C
  • October – 14.7*C
  • November – 11.3*C
  • December – 8*C

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Accommodation During Uttarkashi Snowfall

If you are planning to visit Uttarkashi during those winter months, it is essential to pick out the perfect accommodation for you based on your needs, places you want to visit, and, most importantly, a comfy-cosy property that’ll keep you content indoors away from the frosty cold winds. So, here is a curated list of the best properties to stay at during those cold winter months in Uttarkashi.

1. Kuflon basics

The Kuflon basics in Uttarkashi is the best place ti enjoy Uttarkashi snowfalls

Image Credit:Engin_Akyurt for Pixabay

This lovely property, nestled amidst nature, is located just 11km away from the main town of Uttarkashi. Its owner is a resident who prides himself on giving curated experiences to his guests and visitors. This eco-getaway was built with a back-to-basics approach in mind and lived up to it with its nature-oriented activities.
Price: 6700Rs per night
Location: Village Kuflon, Sangamchatti Road, P.O, Kalyani, Uttarakhand 249193

2. Hill Dew Homestay

One of the Best Homestay to enjoy Uttrakshi Snowfall

Image Credit:Facebook
This quaint, family-run homestay is perfect for families or small groups looking to chill out. Situated right next to the Ganga River with surrounding views of the Himalayas, it truly is a property that, at first, may not look like much but has a lot to offer its guests.
The rooms here are said to offer fantastic views of the sunrise over the Gangotri mountain ranges.
Price: 1500Rs per night
Location: Uttarkashi – Gangotri Rd, Gangori, Barahat Range, Uttarakhand 249193

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3. The Spotted Dove Homestay

The magnificent interior of the Spotted Dove Homestay

Image Credit:Pexels

The Spotted Dove Homestay is a lovely little eco-friendly property where elegance and comfort meet to give guests a memorable experience. Situated in a serene and picturesque location in the middle of a plantation, this villa offers a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquillity and relaxation. The interior is tastefully decorated with a blend of modern aesthetics and traditional elements. They have an on-site housekeeping staff, parking, and all modern amenities.

Price: 3500Rs per night
Location: Heena market, Uttarkashi – Gangotri Rd, Uttarkashi, Barahat Range, Uttarakhand 249193

Fun-filled activities To Indulge In Uttarkashi

A snow-covered mountain on a popular trekking trail

Image Credit:Pexels

Although the weather might be a bit challenging,, this lovely little town makes up for it greatly with its list of winter activities that you can enjoy with family and friends. Have a look at some of these below.

  • Winter Hikes
    Winter treks show off an entirely new aspect of Uttarkashi’s terrain. The meadows, wilting trees, and hilltops coated in snow during these chilly months are breathtaking. The Dayara Bugyal and Dodital treks are two noteworthy hikes to consider. They lead you through comparatively unspoiled meadows and towards frozen lakes, an uncommon sight in our nation.
  • Birdwatching and Photography
    The surrounding Flora and Fauna also take on a whole new vibe with the arrival of winter. Tanimals descend from their steep habitats to explore the cooler forests and meadows at lower elevations. Most tropical animals hide out to protect themselves from the cold when the trees begin to wilt. However, many migrating birds and certain mountain .
  • Snowboarding and Skiing
    Adventure seekers may now enjoy skiing and snowboarding on the snow-covered hills and its icy slopes thanks to the coming of snow. In addition to being ideal for these winter activities, Dayara Bugyal’s snow-covered hills provide charming picnic locations for visiting families. To promote these activities safely and enjoyably, the local government and tourism agencies have also begun to give coaches and safety precautions in these areas.

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Things To Keep In Mind During Uttarkashi Snowfall

Two Men Trekking at the Snow-covered Uttarkashi peak after snowfall

Image Credit: Sharada Prasad CS for Wikimedia Commons

  • Clothing: Pack warm clothing, including thermal wear, heavy jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves. Layering is the key to staying warm in fluctuating temperatures. Always carry extra layers of clothing, just in case. Blankets will be provided at all hotels, but carry one just in case you deem it necessary.
  • Footwear: Sturdy, waterproof boots are essential for trekking and walking in snow. Even for normal use in these cold conditions, leather boots with a layer of socks are advised to keep your feet warm and moving.
  • Accommodation: Choose hotels or guesthouses with good heating facilities. Some remote areas may have limited amenities, so do some prior research and try contacting these hospitality companies directly to clarify your doubts and queries.
  • Transportation: Roads can be slippery and challenging due to snow and ice. If you are travelling in a personal vehicle, make sure it is equipped to tackle these mountain roads with snow tyres, extra fuel, and proper spares if necessary. Hiring a local driver with experience in such roads and conditions is advised.

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Uttarkashi’s snow-filled winter months are a wonderland for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. However, it is always important to enjoy these cold months with care and take all necessary precautions before planning your trip to Uttarkashi .

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Cover Image Source: Rakesh bishnoi for Wikimedia Commons

Frequently Asked Questions About Uttarkashi Snowfall

Is it too chilly to travel to Uttarkashi in the winter?

Winter weather is not for everyone, with some days reaching sub-zero temperatures. However, for those who are eager to take on the challenge, it may be a fun experience if they are prepared ahead of time and wear the appropriate attire.

How to get to Uttarkashi?

Since there are no airports or train stations in the immediate area, driving is the best and only method to get to Uttarkashi. The nearest train station is more than 200 km away in Rishikesh. You may hail a local taxi from Rishikesh for a set fee of 3000 Rs.

Does Uttarkashi provide ski equipment for rent?

The local government has made efforts to support these winter activities. Local businesses rent out such gear.

Is ice skating allowed in Uttarkashi?

There aren't any, although some may think of ice skating on frozen lakes. This is not a good idea because you never know how stable and thick the ice will be.

How far is Uttarkashi from Delhi?

Uttarkashi is 420 km away from Delhi. Which is an 8-hour drive by road, although it is advised to make the journey by train or flight.

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