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    A view on Peniscola from the top of Pope Luna's Castle in Valencia

    Nothing complements a holiday more sumptuously than a beach vacation! While exploring the coastal riches of southwestern Europe, Spain’s vibrant surroundings great coastal stretch humble its visitors. And Valencia is the first place that comes to our minds when discussing the best of coastal Spain. Valencia beaches dotting the southeast coast of Spain are, by far, the best attraction and records massive number of footfall round the year; particularly summers!

    Apart from the best beaches in Europe, Valencia is known for its art and science wonders. But it’s the wetland reserves, lakes, and parks by the Mediterranean that send across heavy dose of awesomeness if you are in this part of Spain. Beaches in Valencia perfectly lend you some the most comforting moments with their gorgeous turquoise waters and spotless sands. Add to it the adorable family of lavender and olive trees, and there you have a wonderful trip in making. Relish the best of your trip to Spain and plan a visit to these wonderful Valencia beaches.

    Valencia beaches located under 10 km from the city center

    1. El Cabanyal Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (1)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 5 km

    You certainly wouldn’t like missing this El Cabanyal beach, one of the most happening Valencia Spain beaches. Indulge in a number of activities here as you head to this lovely coastal delight. Taking a pedal boat, explore mast ship ride options, and tour the old fisherman’s quarter of El Cabanyal, this place has a lot to offer to the wanderer in you. Explore the traditional Valencian life by the sea, this is one of the many tourist attraction in Valencia that you wouldn’t want to miss.

    2. Las Arenas Beach


    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 5.5 km

    One of the urbanest and uptown beaches in Valencia, Las Arenas is where you get to experience the uptown Valencia. Apart from the water activities, you can get yourself a drink in one of the seaside bars, watch the sun go down, dance the night out in an exclusive club, and feast on the best cuisine while marveling at the magnificent sight from the terrace of a restaurant. Beach bars are known to offer beer and tapas. Now you know where to go when you are in and around the city center in Valencia.

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    3. La Malvarrosa Beach


    Distance from the city center: 6.7 km

    This one is located right by the city which means you get quite a few city attractions, water activities, old town charm, and good restaurant and tapas nearby. Eat an ice-cream, take a leisure stroll by the sea or take a sailing course. Valencia’s beaches are full of fun and activities and you are going to love it!

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    4. Port Saplaya Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (9)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 7.9 km

    Well, plan a visit to Port Saplaya Beach and you will be in for a pleasant surprise. A lot of tourists have called this beach as the mini Venice because of its appearance and quite truly, you can spot hypermarkets, boats, along with beautiful sandy beaches. A trip here is completely worth your time if you are looking for a pleasant day out sipping on calm sea breeze!

    5. Pinedo Pueblo Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (2)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 8.8 km

    Popular as fisherman and farmer’s place, Pinedo Pueblo beach is a 1.5 km of stretch which is ideal for beach hopping and a leisure day. The beach lies to the south of the city port and the Royal Sailing Club of Valencia, which shields the northern winds.

    Located next to the town of Pinedo, which has been a traditional home to workers and fishermen, Pinedo Pueblo beach is a must visit. There are quite a few bars and restaurants here as well.

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    Valencia beaches located more than 10 km from the city center

    6. L´Arbre del Gos Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (8)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 10.1 km

    You heard that right, at L’Arbre del Gos, clothing is just optional, so you have another of the nude beaches in Valencia here. It is also popular as the gay beach. Located towards the outermost dunes of Albufera Natural Park, this is the place to be for a relaxing beach vacation in Valencia

    7. El Saler Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (6)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 13.3 km

    El Saler is all about dunes, sand, unexplored terrain, and a few nude men and women around. At El Saler, you won’t find too many facilities. Enjoy the quietude and the sound of crashing waves! This place looks ideal for a leisure day under the sun.

    8. La Garrofera Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (5)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 15.6 km

    La Garrofera encompasses the best of La Albufera nature reserve and is the Valencia beach that makes a prime attraction in Valencia. This beach is located towards the south of the city, right in the center of El Saler and La Devesa. At the starting of this stretch of beaches lie, El Saler, a popular nude beach in Valencia.

    9. La Devesa Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (3)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 16.3 km

    La Devesa is one of the Valencia beaches that lies towards the city outskirt and is the perfect place if you are looking for a secluded slip to spend quality time with yourself. This is a 20-minute drive from the city center. You can go for a beach volleyball session and spend quality time with family and friends by the sea here.

    Lesser people on weekdays means you can quietly plan an outing with friends. Also, known as the unofficial nude beach, this place can be accessed by a public transport quite easily.

    10. Sagunto Beach

    acj-1302-valencia-beaches (7)

    Image Source

    Distance from the city center: 32 km

    Lie on the shimmering sand and watch the sun flourish at the Sagunto Beach – the farthest beach from the Valencia city center. Take a leisure stroll or go diving in the calm sea water, diving into the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean.

    Sagunto is also known for its castle, Roman theatre, and Puerto de Sagunto. They are quite close to the beach area!

    Valencia beaches, for all their magnificent vistas and coastal attractions, must be on a Europe to-do list. And they all are doable if you have a couple of days to spare. Te veo pronto amigos!!

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