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It is rightfully said that “Not All Glamour Lies in Urbanization”. The above sentence is the corroboration of today’s lifestyle. People nowadays spend money on making all things look extravagant to such an extent that their travel plans automatically gravitate towards the locales abroad. But not every travel itinerary needs fancy destinations to vouch for, right? Gujarat, which lies towards the western end of India, proliferates with villages that are more lively than the city lights. Such places not only make a dramatic impact on the travel itinerary but also give an insight into life in the countryside. The tours of villages in Gujarat will provide a close-up to radiant cultures which are shielded away from the limelight and give them the recognition they deserve.

7 Villages In Gujarat

Unbeknownst to everyone, Gujarat has a spectacular number of villages that look more promising than the city-bound destinations. A tour around these places will definitely let you excavate this beautiful expanse of land. The villages in the state boast of a serene environment along with giving one a chance of mingling with the local crowd. From learning about the local culture to studying the natural habitat these quaint hamlets of Gujarat have so much to share. Without wasting any more time, let us start excavating the villages in Gujarat and the bounty of attractions they offer.

1. Khavda Village, Kutch

Khavda Village

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One of the prime highlights of the state is Khavda village, which is best known for its traditional arts and crafts. The region is home to generations of craftsmen who are associated with the art since time inception. However, the most ubiquitous object is the clay pot which steals away all the limelight. Also, the gold and beaded jewelry in the village has a separate fan base. A true destination to embark upon, do visit this beautiful village on the rim of Rann of Kutch.
Things to do in Khavda village: Enjoy a camel ride, Tour around the village, and visit the world’s largest Flamingo departure colony.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days
Location: Kutch district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Khavda Village: October-March

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2. Hodka Village, Kutch

Hodka Village

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The village is home to the Banni embroidery works. Characterized by bright hues of colors, these adorable pieces of art are complemented by mirror work in each one of them. The village also makes way for quaint roofed houses which also serves as a base for the workplace of the artisans. Apart from the embroidery works the town is also known for patchwork, home furnishings, apparel, jewelry, and applique work. It is truly one of the destinations to cover while touring villages in Gujarat.
Things to do in Hodka village: Tour around the village, Shopping from local craftsmen.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days
Location: Kutch district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Hodka Village: November-February

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3. Madhapur Village, Porbandar

Madhapur Village

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Taking a slight detour from Kutch district, one should travel towards the districts of Porbandar, where a scenic village of Madhavpur awaits to immerse you in its charm. The sandy coastline of the region is punctuated with coconut trees and fertile agricultural land giving a beautiful twist. Also, the place boasts of rich cultural and religious significance, the proof of which is the Mandav Rai Ji Haveli Temple. The house of worship is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the village also hosts annual fair every year during Ram Navami. This beachside beauty has a perfect amalgamation of spirituality and natural beauty, making it one of the top villages in Gujarat.
Things to do in Madhapur village: Visit Madhav Rai Ji Haveli temple, and the annual fair.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days
Location: Porbandar district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Madhapur Village: March-July

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4. Unai Village, Navsari

Unai Village

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This village promises a roller-coaster ride to its visitors. Located at the Vansda Taluka, Navsari, the region is famous for the epic tale of Ramayana. The legend goes that Lord Ram conducted a holy pyre here with the Brahmins and created the hot water spring. The place since then has garnered a religious prominence among the locals and visitors. Also, there is the Unai Mataji Temple which is also famous for its idol as it was placed by Goddess Sita. All these attractions make Unai a top destination to visit on your list.
Things to do in Unai village: Visit Unai Mataji Temple, and hot water spring.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days
Location: Navsari district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Unai Village: July-February

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5. Waghai Village, Saputara

Waghai Village

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If you love places which offer a wholesome experience, then this village should not be struck off from the list. The locale is best for camping experience for everyone who is an ardent fan of adventure. The list doesn’t succumb here as there are other popular attractions to make a visit too. While the Waghai Botanical Garden boasts of some spectacular quality of flora and fauna, the Bamboo trees in the garden are also worth taking a look at. However, the showstopper of the place is the Gira falls that roars during the monsoons. A trip to Gujarat is incomplete without setting foot here.
Things to do in Waghai village: Go for camping, Visit Botanical garden and Gira falls.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days
Location: Saputara district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Waghai Village: July-September, October-February

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6. Kavi Village, Bharuch

Kavi Village

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It is yet another beach beauty to experience. The village is situated at the mouth of the Mahi river at the Gulf of Khambhat region. The hamlet has a rather quiet and peaceful atmosphere best for people who are looking for an escapade from the city hustle-bustle. Apart from exploring the beaches of the serenading village, one can also en route towards the Jain temples which are frequented by visitors all around the year. One of the best ways to make your weekends memorable and interesting do take a dip in the natural beauty of this village.
Things to do in Kavi village: Visit the beach, Stambheshwar temple, and the Jain temples.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 1-2 days
Location: Bharuch district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Kavi Village: June-September

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7. Ajrakhpur Village, Kutch

Ajrakhpur Village

The meandering roads of Kutch will entrail and lead you to this rather offbeat location Gujarat. The village is home to the traditional Ajrakh block printing style. Intricating hues taken from natural sources like Pomegranate, Ink, Turmeric and natural dyes, is replicated on yards of fabric. The work is usually carried out by hand to give it a more precise and skillful look. Till today almost every family in the village contributes to the art form keeping its legacy alive for years to come. The whole journey will turn out to be rewarding as one can see the local talented craftsman at work. A lifetime experience to unveil in the land of vibrant Gujarat.
Things to do in Ajrakhpur village: Shopping and touring around the village.
Ideal for: Family, friends
Ideal trip duration: 1 day
Location: Kutch district, Gujarat
Best time to visit Ajrakhpur Village: June-September

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Spectacular in every aspect these villages in Gujarat offer some quintessential experience to everyone who comes aboard. In short, it is the best way to reconnect with yourselves by imbibing certain art forms that have been a part of the nation for so long. The winding roads may not lead to exotic locales but will candidly make one check out the authentic rustic charm. Traveling on these roads not taken might not sound as exciting as any other trip, but it will definitely score high as you might have something fresh to discover. So, plan your trip to Gujarat, the western frontier of the country now, and let these locales spin magic for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Villages In Gujarat

Which district in Gujarat has the highest number of Villages?

Kutch district is the largest district of Gujarat and has some of the highest numbers of villages.

What is famous in the villages of Gujarat?

Gujarat is famous for its rich cultural heritage along with dance and food. Some of the best crafts work is also found in the state.

What is the cuisine available in the villages of Gujarat?

A typical Gujarati thali consists of roti, dal or kadhi, rice, and mixed vegetable dish (made up of several different combinations of vegetables and spices, which may be either spicy or sweet).

How many villages are there in the Ahmedabad district?

There are over 474 villages in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat. There are 10 talukas in total which comprise 474 villages, 1 deserted village, 1 corporation, and 7 municipalities.

Which is the famous port in Gujarat?

Kandla Port is a major hub for imports like petroleum, chemicals, and iron. It also helps in the export of grains, salt, and textiles. Port of Kandla is one of the highest-earning ports of India. Another port in Gujarat is Mundra Port, the country’s largest private port.

Which is the famous dress worn by people in the villages of Gujarat?

Gujarati dresses worn by men include kurta on the top and dhoti at the bottom. The women in Gujarat wear sarees and ghagra choli all throughout the year.

Which is the famous festival of Gujarat?

Navratri festival is the prime festival celebrated in the state. It is completed with the dance forms of Dandiya, and Garba. This is the most dynamic festival in Gujarat and includes a 10-day celebration.

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