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Norway, with its breathtaking vistas, stands as one of the top destinations among the travellers. Explore some of the most enchanting villages in Norway surrounded by towering mountains and fjords. From beholding the ethereal Ntriorthern lights to experiencing the wilderness, this perfect itinerary will help you indulge in a blissful adventure. Whether you are an adventurer or a culture vulture, these small villages in Norway have everything for everyone. If you are an outdoor aficionado, these locations are ideal for you. So, what are you waiting for? Sit on a plane and fly to these dreamy villages situated in Norway!

Top 12 Villages in Norway

From idyllic landscapes to historic affairs, delve into a journey with cultural and outdoor activities to grasp the essence of how Norwegian people live. Take a look at some of the most beautiful villages in Norway:

1. Lillehammer

The stunning view of Lillehammer, one of the most beautiful villages in Norway

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Situated in Southern Norway, the lovely village of Lillehammer has the most incredible view of Lake Mjosa and the River Lagan. With many architectural wonders and truly scenic vistas, this place is heaven for all outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can indulge themselves in a shopping spree in the village’s major shopping street Storgata, which is a must-see if you are buying souvenirs.
This charming town of Lillehammer is the perfect getaway for skiing enthusiasts. Moreover, if you love a bustling vibe, Lillehammer will take your breath away with its fabulous landscapes, thrilling activities and wild beauty.

Location: Innlandet County, Southern Norway,

Things to do: Sightseeing, Skiing, Shopping in Storgata

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2. Undredal

Undredal, one of the spectacular fishing villages in Norway

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Surrounded by marvellous mountains and a deep fjord, the village of Undredal offers spellbinding views to visitors. The village is well-known for its goat farms and cheese-making customs. From taste-testing locally-made cheese to trying out the goat sausage, this place is a popular vacation spot for food enthusiasts.

The natural vistas and rugged hike can satisfy the wanderlust of adventurers alike. Visitors can also go fishing if they are looking for a relaxing yet delightful experience in Undredal. This place is a must-visit if you love a community-oriented atmosphere.

Location: Vestland County, Norway
Things to do: Fishing, Trying locally-made cheese, Visiting Undredal Stave Church

3. Haugesund

The spectacular view of Haugesund village

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Haugesund is situated on the western coast in Norway. This beautiful village is home to stunning waterfalls, fjords, and scenic vistas, which makes it the perfect escape for nature lovers. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere amid luscious greeneries and wide landscapes. While you are here, do not forget to visit Akrafjord, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

Also known as the ‘homeland of the Viking kings’, Haugesund is a must-visit destination for history buffs. Dive into the rich culture and history of Viking heritage and see the Nordvegen History Centre in Avaldsnes while visiting Haugesund.
Furthermore, take a boat ride to the neighbouring islets for a pleasant experience. Don’t hesitate to spare some time to participate in the Sildajazz Festival and the Norwegian International Film Festival during your stay.

Location: Rogaland County, Norway

Things to do: Visit the waterfalls, Learn Viking heritage, Visit Nordvegen History Centre

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4. Harstad

The stunning aerial view of Harstad, one of the fishing villages in Norway

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Situated on Hinnoya, Harstad is a beautiful small village, considered as the “cultural capital” in Norway. This scenic village provides excellent hiking and skiing conditions for sports buffs. Harstad can be a wonderful starting point for visitors planning to tour Svalbard, the largest Norwegian archipelago. Take your time to see the countless craggy mountains, gorgeous white beaches, and undiscovered coves.

Take in everything that this charming old town has to offer. If something more relaxing interests you, take a whale safari or go fishing. Moreover, do not forget to see the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Location: Troms County, Norway

Things to do: Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, See Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

5. Roros

The stunning view of Mining town Røros, Norway

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Located in central Norway, Roros is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a must-see location for history buffs. This former mining village narrates the story in Norway’s historic mining past.
However, the major attractions of this village are its well-preserved, colourful wooden buildings and cobblestone streets. This stunning yet small village in Norway is the perfect destination for someone who loves architectural wonders.
While exploring Roros, make sure to visit the Roros Church and Museum. Tourists can also participate in Rorosmartnan, a wholesome ‘trade, culture and folk festival’ to experience a traditional event in Norway.

Location: Trondelag County, Central Norway

Things to do: Visit the mining ground, Visit the famous winter market Rorosmartnan

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6. Narvik

Have a look at one of the incredible villages in Norway

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Located on the banks of Narvik Fjord, Narvik is home to many unique tourist attractions. For skiing enthusiasts, it is the most entrancing place to visit. You may travel even higher up the mountains and take in the spectacular view by taking a cable car to Fagernesfjellet. The town’s ski area, Narvikfjellet, boasts one of Scandinavia’s biggest drop heights. This area is full of picturesque vistas.

Narvik is a fantastic place to see the Northern Lights in the winter, early spring, and late autumn because the sky is generally clear here. Whilst you are here, make some time to pay your respects at the Freedom Monument and visit the Narvik War Museum.

Location: Nordland County, Norway.

Things to do: See the Northern lights, Visit Viking villages, Visit the Narvik War Museum

7. Odda

Take a look at one of the most beautiful villages in Norway, Odda

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Odda is a charming fjordside town surrounded by towering mountains. This place is like a heaven for hikers. This Norwegian village serves as the beginning point for the famous trek to Trolltunga, also known as Troll’s Tongue. The hiking is considerably tough in this part due to the steepness of the mountain. So, you must be physically prepared for this experience.

You can also hike from Odda to Buarbreen, a branch of the Folgefonna glacier. The trek is way more entertaining as it doesn’t require physical strength. Tourists can also take an hour-long drive to take in the stunning view of the famed twin waterfalls, Latefossen. If you are interested in museums, make sure to visit Tyssedal, the Norwegian Museum of Hydropower and Industry.

Location: Hordaland County, Norway

Things to do: Hiking to Trolltunga, Visit the twin waterfalls, Låtefossen

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8. Henningsvaer

Have a glance at one of the best fishing villages in Norway, Henningsvaer

Image Source: Shutterstock

Situated in the Lofoten archipelago, Henningsvaer is one of the best fishing villages in Norway. If you are an admirer of artistic excellence, include this town in your upcoming itinerary. The brightly coloured classic Norwegian homes marking the coastline are a sight to behold.
Outdoor enthusiasts can engage themselves in adventure sports like mountain climbing and sea diving. Henningsvaer is also renowned for its astonishing scenery.

During your stay, make sure to find your way to the magnificent art galleries across the town. With the Vagakallen mountain in the backdrop, enjoy some other major attractions of this village including the Kaviar Factory, Engelskmannsbrygga, and Galleri Lofotens Hus (a museum and gallery).

Location: Nordland County, Norway

Things to do: Hiking, Fishing, Sightseeing

9. Skudeneshavn

This is one of the most majestic village, Skudeneshavn

Image Source: Shutterstock

Located in Rogaland County, the village of Skudeneshavn offers the best opportunity for kayaking. This village is regarded as one of the most beautiful villages in Norway due to its magnificent views. Visitors can find the streets of this village lined with hundreds of white wooden houses dating back to the 1800s. Whether you are a history buff or an architect, this fascinating view will take your breath away.

Another major attraction of this village is the annual “Skudefestivalen” boat festival, the biggest celebration of coastal culture. If you are visiting Norway, make sure you don’t miss this festival for anything!

Location: Rogaland County, Norway

Things to do: Boating, Kayaking, Enjoy the boat festival “Skudefestivalen”

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10. Tvedestrand

The beautiful pathways of Tvedestrand village

Image Source: Shutterstock

Located on the Southern coast, Tvedestrand is one of the most lovely villages in Norway. This picturesque town is a booklover’s paradise. Explore the Tvedestrand Library, to learn about the academic heritage of the town. As you wander around the little streets, you will discover some of the retro bookshops.

It is well-known for its fascinating wooden buildings and gorgeous dockyard. You can also relax by the shore while the boats gently bob in the port. Tvedestrand is the ideal location for a tranquil beach escape. It is like a dreamy little village where you want to rent a cottage and stay permanently.

Location: Agder County, Norway

Things to do: Visit the dockyard, Visit the Tvedestrand Library

11. Flam

Here is a reflective image of the village Flam

Image Source: Shutterstock

Located in southwestern Norway, Flam is one of the most panoramic villages in Norway. This tiny town offers the perfect retreat to train buffs with the 20-kilometre railway track between Flam and Myrdal. This route is not only among the steepest in the world, but it is also one of the most spectacular train routes. The scenic views of nature will keep you entertained throughout the ride. Moreover, there are so many incredible things to do in this tiniest village like taking a boat trip through the town’s astonishing fjords and surrounding waterfalls!

Location:Flam, Southwestern Norway

Things to do: Experience the 20-kilometre train ride, Enjoy a boat trip

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12. Reine

Immerse in one of the picturesque villages in Norway, Reine

Image Source: Shutterstock

Located along the picturesque path across the Lofoten archipelago, Reine is one of the smallest villages in Norway. It is one of the top destinations despite being the smallest village in Norway. Visitors can find red and white colourful houses on the side of the streets. Sports lovers can enjoy hiking and kayaking with a dazzling view of the Reinefjorden and the Lofoten Wall in the background.

To find some tranquillity, take the morning ferry to Horseid and Bunes beaches. Furthermore, make sure you see the Northern Lights. Reine is considered as the best place to see the Aurora Borealis.

Location: Nordland County, Norway

Things to do: Hiking, Kayaking, Visit the Horseid and Bunes beaches

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Explore these mesmerising villages in Norway with stunning splendour to have a wonderful experience in the Norwegian wilderness. Find out some of the perfect scenic retreats to relax your soul. Whether you enjoy tough outdoor activities or just want a peaceful environment, this itinerary has got you covered! So, plan your trip to Norway and visit these beautiful villages!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Villages In Norway

Which is the prettiest town in Norway?

Though all in Norway can hold onto your heart, you can start your journey through the Reign and Flam villages in Norway. They are not only the smallest villages in Norway, but also the prettiest ones!

What are the main towns in Norway?

Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen and Tromso are some of the main towns in Norway. But include the villages in Norway to explore the essence of wilderness and the magnificent views.

Is vegetarian food available in Norway?

Norwegian cuisine mostly revolves around meat and potatoes. But in recent days, many hotels and restaurants are introducing vegan and vegetarian food to welcome tourists from all over the world.

Is Norway expensive?

It depends on your financial situation and budget. But it will not stop you from visiting Norway.

Why is Norway famous?

Norway is famous for its magnificent mountains, pristine waterfalls, whitest glaciers, and beautiful small villages.

Which region in Norway is the most beautiful?

No matter what corner in Norway you are in, you will find it beautiful. From stunning wildlife to scenic natural beauty, everything seems spectacular here!

What are the best outdoor activities to do in Norway?

There are an array of outdoor activities one can perform. From kayaking, and boating to hiking and skiing the mountains, one can enjoy all the thrilling activities in Norway.

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