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A star-studded sky embraced with vibrant colours and sparkling dancing lights is a sight worth witnessing and cherishing throughout your life. Northern lights or as it is called Aurora Borealis is a bewitching phenomenon and catching a glimpse of this jaw-dropping view is undoubtedly on every wanderer’s list. Honeymooners and photographers obsess over visiting the best places to see Northern Lights. After all, there is nothing as mystifying present on Earth as the Aurora Borealis. Turn your dreams of reveling the ‘dawn of the north’ to reality by getting acquainted with all the places where you can marvel at this entrancing affair!

10 Best Places To See Northern Lights

For witnessing one of the most famous occurrences in the world, you need to be at the right spot that offers the best view of it. Here is a list of the best places to see the Northern Lights that you can check out for fulfilling your dreams. Keep scrolling down and get ready to be impressed by all these places!

1. Alaska

Best place to see Northern Lights in the USA

Image Credit: Paxson Woelber for Wikimedia Commons

Alaska is the best place to see Northern Lights in the USA. The beautiful night, the chilling cold weather, and the crystal clear sky make Fairbanks in Alaska the perfect spot for enjoying the view of Aurora. Imagine sitting in hot springs with your partner or alone and relishing the charming view of Northern lights, sounds magical right? Alaska offers much more beyond the dancing lights. You can visit the Denali National Park And Preserve, Mendenhall Glacier and Kenai Lake in the day and the night scenes are already sorted.

When: September – March
Where: Coldfoot, Fairbanks, Barrow

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2. Sweden

Sweden for experiencing the best of Aurora

Image Credit: US Embassy Sweden for Wikimedia Commons

Ever witnessed sky turning pink or purple? If not then head to Abisko in Sweden for experiencing the best of Aurora. One of the best places to see Northern Lights and the most famous one, Sweden will lure you with its snow-capped mountains, gorgeous sky, and a plethora of places that you can visit while you on your vacation. Sweden has four prim spots where you can catch the fascinating creation of mother nature. Kiruna, Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, Jukkasjärvi, and Porjus are the places where you can spend your night glancing at the Aurora.

When: September – March
Where: Kiruna, Aurora Sky Station in Abisko, Jukkasjärvi

3. Finland

colorful dancing streaks

Image Credit: Finnish Tourist Boardfor Wikimedia Commons

Finland is another terrific country where you can capture the colorful dancing streaks on your camera. Located in the middle of the Aurora Zone, Finland is undoubtedly one of the best places to see Northern Lights. From luxurious villas to glass igloos, this country will make your vacation extra-special. You can explore the churches, national parks, and museums in Finland. To make your vacation exciting you can try a husky sleigh ride in the daytime and make your night all about sitting in a cozy igloo and witnessing the wonderful sight of dancing lights.

When: September, October, February, and March
Where: Rovaniemi, Luosto, Nellim

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4. Iceland

Enjoining the Northern Lights

Image Credit: Giuseppe Milo for Wikimedia Commons

Whether you set up a tent or sit in your campervan, Iceland will surely offer you the best view of the dawn of the north. Get all comfy in a thermal hot spring and relax while nature takes it course and surprise you with the enchanting sight of the green and purple lights. Majestic volcanoes, stunning glaciers, and scenic waterfalls await you in Iceland and Aurora Borealis will be the highlight of your trip for sure. All adventure junkies can hike around the picture-perfect trails and relax at the beaches!

When: September – April
Where: Reykjavik, Thingvellir, Threngsli, Seljavallalaug Pool, Hvammsfjordur

5. Norway

Norway has a special spot

Image Credit: Svein-Magne Tunli for Wikimedia Commons

Spend your vacation glancing at Aurora in the shimmering sky full of stars in Norway. Among the best places to see Northern Lights, Norway has a special spot. Go on a cruise and witness this magnetic phenomenon while sailing across the country. Picturesque surroundings, great food, and a myriad of tourist places, Norway has it all! Don’t make your visit all about Northern Lights and explore the country and its food scenes. The best spots for witnessing Northern Lights in Norway are the Lofoten Islands, Alta, Andoya, Bodo, and Harstad. Star-studded sky with green light spread and dancing all over, isn’t it all worth it?

When: October – March
Where: Lofoten Islands, Alta, Andoya

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6. Greenland

The scintillating view of the Northern Lights

Image Credit: Greenland Travel for Wikimedia Commons

Dog sledding, camping, Icebergs, and tranquil surroundings, Greenland not only offers all these but it is also popular for the scintillating view of the Northern Lights. Considered as the best place to see Aurora for travelers who like spending their vacation at less-crowded destinations. For making the most of your trip, you should visit Southern Greenland as this part of Greenland is believed to have the visibility of the multicolored Northern Lights. All thrill-seekers can try cold water diving and skiing in Greenland.

When: August – April
Where: Kangerlussuaq, Nuuk, East Greenland, Disko Bay

7. Russia

best country to see Northern Lights

Image Credit: Gornaevv for Wikimedia Commons

Russia is the best country to see the Northern Lights as the northern parts of this country are less polluted and experience long dark nights. The Kola Peninsula in Russia will leave you spellbound by the wonderful view of the glistening lights dancing in the dark sky. If you are up for a chilly night spent with an outstanding view then Siberia will be an excellent spot for your journey. Siberia will keep you occupied the whole day with enticing activities like ice diving, ice go-karting, Kayaking, paintball, and rock climbing.

When: November – February
Where: Kola Peninsula, Arkhangelsk, Naryan-Mar, Novaya Zemlya, Taimyr Peninsula, Yamal

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8. Canada

best country to see Northern Lights

Image Credit: Unsplash

The Northern Lights in Canada are among the most astounding on the globe given the country’s unique geography. Travellers come from everywhere to see them light up the night sky, especially in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

When: November – February
Where: Whitehorse, Yukon, La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Muncho Lake Provincial Park

9. Minnesota

best country to see Northern Lights

Image Credit: Flickr

Many plan month-long trips to Scandinavia, Alaska and even Norway, to see the lights, as they will quite often be more noticeable the farther north one goes. But surprisingly, around Minnesota’s northern area, clear skies make it an unusual but glorious location to observe the aurora borealis. In the northernmost piece of the state, light contamination isn’t a lot of an issue, making it a great location for aurora chasers.

When: December – January
Where: Moose Mountain, Oberg Lake and Lake Superior

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10. Aberdeen, Scotland

best country to see Northern Lights

Image Credit: Pixabay

A port city in northeast Scotland, Aberdeen is one of the best places to see majestic northern lights. Since the weather in the region is cloudy, and foggy, and storms also often occur here, you need to be very persistent about the timings. For witnessing the lights, you can try in the early morning hours.

When: Mid October to mid-March
Where: Dunnottar Castle and Cairn O’Mount

Mother nature has created such ravishing phenomena and to miss out on them is a life wasted. With this list of best places to see the Northern Lights, you can have an encounter the breathtaking Northern Lights. Why stick to one of these countries when you can cover each of them in different years? For starters pick one of these spots and plan your blissful international vacation right away. Don’t forget to carry your cameras as capturing this heavenly affair and adding to your memories is an integral part of your vacation. Unravel the mysteries behind the Aurora and get a closer view of the little things that make you curious and make life interesting!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To See In Northern Lights

Which is the best place to witness the Northern Lights?

Fairbanks, Alaska is the best place for witnessing Northern Lights as it has the perfect location and weather. Other amazing countries where you can see Northern Lights are Russia, Norway, Greenland, and Iceland.

Which month is best to see the Northern Lights?

The winter season is the best time to witness the Northern Lights and September is the best month in most countries.

Where should I stay in Iceland to see the Northern Lights?

The best hotels in Iceland where you can glance at Northern Lights are Hotel Reykjanes, ION Hotel, and Hotel Ranga.

Are Northern Lights dangerous?

Northern Light is a phenomenon that takes place up in the sky and it is not at all dangerous for human beings.

Where should I stay to see the Northern Lights in Norway?

Tromso is the best city from where you can witness the Northern Lights in Norway. The best hotels in Tromso are Tromsø Ice Domes Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Scandic Grand Tromso.

Where should I stay in Alaska?

Fairbanks in Alaska is the best place for witnessing the Aurora and the best hotels where you can stay are Aurora Borealis Lodge and Northern Lights Hotel.

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