If you are planning your ultimate trip to Sri Lanka, there are several places to visit before having a peaceful stay at your favourite villa. From the natural scenic views in Ella to the historical Ratnapura, every place has its own significance and is a must-visit to make your trip memorable one.

Now if you are planning to visit the ‘City of Gems’ in Sri Lanka anytime soon, you must book a stay before buying flight tickets to Ratnapura. To note, Ratnapura is an amazing place that has been known for ages and is clearly the perfect place to visit. This place comes with some beautiful hotels that impart a luxury stay to comfort you, however, some people are not convinced of the quality of service. Therefore, finding a villa to stay in Ratnapura is a reliable option to make your stay more calm and relaxing.

You will see that finding the Best Villas in Ratnapura is a herculean task and consumes most of your time. However, if you put efforts and time into researching the villas in Ratnapura, you will get some excellent options to explore that will surely make your stay in Sri Lanka awesome. Now, here we bring you some perfect Villa options to make your stay in Ratnapura worthwhile and saving you a lot of time searching numerous websites.

Top 5 Villas In Ratnapura

Let’s get to know more about some great villas in Ratnapura that will make your Sri Lanka experience quite homely with your friends and family.

1. Serene Villa

Serene Villa

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Equipped with all the best facilities of a swimming pool, internal bar/lounge, proper air conditioning and fully functioning Wi-Fi facilities; Serene Villa is one of the best-known luxury Villas in Ratnapura. This place is famous for its home-like stay that is loved by all the tourists who visit this villa for the stay. Its location is covered by rocks and immense natural beauty. This place is also loaded with a plethora of kids activities that make their trip more fun-filled. Also, this villa enjoys an excellent central location in Ratnapura as there are many places to visit near it. Not only this, the travellers or first time visitors get an airport transportation included in their package that makes their deal more flexible.

The quality of food and service from the staff is just spot-on. The advantage of a newly renovated bungalow with all the spacious rooms and fine cleanliness in washrooms is just another attraction to make your Ratnapura stay serene. With so many things setting the travellers experience at the peak, it is a must-visit villa in Ratnapura.

Location: 245/55 A4 Main Road | Batugedara, Ratnapura, Ratnapura 70000, Sri Lanka
Tariff: 3,382 – 5,757 (According to Average charges for a Standard Room)

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2. Gem Field Rest

Gem Field Rest

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Renowned for its high-class cleanliness and super-friendly hospitality, Gem Field Rest is a must-visit place in Ratnapura so that you can enjoy your Ratnapura visit without any hassle. The location of this villa is near to many good attractions in the city. In addition to this, this villa comes with a beautiful balcony to enjoy your meals and time in the lap of the natural beauty of the green Mother Nature. Every traveller who reserves a space for them in this villa always appreciates the food being offered there. The food is served hot and fresh at your convenience at the balcony or even in the rooms. The best part is that the entire staff at this villa is very supportive and helpful. They will aid in every way to make your stay the best one. This is the only reason why this villa in Ratnapura is said to be in the second place in this list of the best villas in Ratnapura.

Location: No. 70 Sri Sumana Mawatha Mudduwa, Ratnapura 70000, Sri Lanka
Tariff: 2,375 – 3,814 (According to Average charges for a Standard Room)

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3. Hatton Summer House

Hatton Summer House

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Laid close to the panoramic view of Castlereagh reservoir, Hatton Summer House is a personal favourite of all the travellers who come to Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. This villa has several facilities to ease up the stay of travellers, from beautiful sight-seeing to a Free Internet along with many other services such as Laundry Service, Room Service, and Shuttle Bus Service. There is many different of delicious traditional Sri-Lankan food items served in places to get the most out of this Villa. Not only is this villa a perfect place for people who have visited Sri Lanka to escape from their daily life and get a peaceful break but also is amazing owing to its prominent location serving its purpose in the best way. The rooms are airy and clean while the staff of this villa in Ratnapura is very responsible and friendly. You will never see any fault in the quality of service provided in this Villa.

Location: No 15 Norton Road, Hatton 22200, Sri Lanka
Tariff: 3,310 – 4,317 (According to Average charges for a Standard Room)

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4. Mount View Bungalow

Mount View Bungalow

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This beautiful bungalow shares an exotic location from where one can easily love the Morning Sunrise and Evening Sunset without missing any details of the natural aura of the place. This villa is said to be one of the best villas in Ratnapura that comes with engaging experience and a trust-worthy staff to help you with all your stuff regarding the stay. This place is close to Hatton than Ratnapura and it takes a while to cover the distance between the two places, however, you will find it more apt to stay due to its great facilities and note-worthy scenic views that cannot be ignored. Also, the place has many exciting views to check out nearby, making it a perfect location for getting a homely stay in Ratnapura. You have direct access to the local places to visit and make the best use of your time.

Location: No. 23/75 Gamini Pura, Hatton 22000, Sri Lanka
Tariff: 2,878 – 6,260 (According to Average charges for a Standard Room)

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5. Mandira Dickoya Bungalow

Mandira Dickoya Bungalow

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Famous as one of the best luxury villas in Ratnapura, this villa has multiple room types from suites, family rooms, and non-smoking rooms. The staff here is keen to impart all the lavish services with the supreme quality so tat people enjoy their stay while in Sri Lanka. There is a number of facilities to cater to the special needs of the people, from providing breakfast facility to the free parking, quality room service, airport transportation, free Wi-Fi and dry cleaning. This calls out for showcasing all the exciting and classy features to make your stay a perfect one.

Location: Hatton-Norwood road, Dickoya estate, Dickoya, Sri Lanka., Hatton 22000, Sri Lanka
Tariff: 9,930 – 30,006 (According to Average charges for a Standard Room)

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All-in-all, these five villas in Ratnapura are the best accommodations to visit that will make your entire trip enriching and leave an indelible mark on your mind. So what are you waiting for? After knowing more about these places you can plan your trip to Sri Lanka to experience such homey vibes around this city!

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