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    Adventurous Water Sports

    Sharjah is a city on the coast of the United Arab Emirates or UAE. The city of Sharjah is part of the Emirate of Sharjah which is one of the emirates in UAE and is known as a major tourist destination. Sharjah has a history and culture that extends for thousands of years which are visible in its cuisine, architecture, music, clothes, and lifestyle of the people from Sharjah.

    Many people from other countries in Europe, Asia, and other regions call Sharjah their home, as it has truly become a global city with modern infrastructure, a booming economy and today expats contribute enormously to the city and its way of living. Sharjah is visited by millions of tourists every year and one of the main attractions is water sports. Sharjah has pristine beaches and tourists, as well as locals, enjoy different water sports in the city.

    Water sports in Sharjah for a fun experience

    Sharjah is known for its beaches. Sharjah has many lagoons, creeks, harbors and beaches and ideal conditions for water sports activity which has flourished in the region. These beach activities involve many different types of water sports, and men, women, and children of all ages can participate in these water sports activities.

    1. Canoeing & kayaking: Let the waves swallow you

    man in a boat

    Image Source

    One of the best water sports in Sharjah is canoeing. A canoe is a lightweight narrow boat in which people can sit and paddle their way through the water in the ocean. Canoeing involves using a paddle and paddling through mostly shallow water is a lot of fun. Similar to canoeing, kayaking involves paddling through water using a double blade paddle and a kayak is a narrow boat similar to a canoe.

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    2. Jet skiing: Let the thrill fill you with happiness

    Jet skiing

    Image Source

    Jet skiing is a major water sport in Sharjah. It is a very cool sport usually popular with young adults whether it is tourists or locals. Jet skis are personal watercraft that can be sped through on the shallow water near the beach and jet skiing is an absolute thrill for most people. If you’re a thrill seeker, this is among the best water activities in Sharjah.

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    3. Sailing, snorkeling & scuba diving: Explore the sea world

    Man in seawater

    Image Source

    There are sailboats available for people who enjoy sailing in the seas near the coast. Sailboats are available at the beaches and a peaceful sailboat ride along the coast is a great idea for many. Snorkeling is swimming and diving underwater with an oxygen mask and seeing the wonders of the ocean below. Generally, swim fins are worn on the feet to make it easy to swim in the ocean. Scuba diving is proper underwater diving which includes oxygen tanks and a recreational dive underwater to see the beautiful sites below the ocean.

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    4. Swimming: Relax in the warm waters

    children Swimming

    Image Source

    The best beach water sports activity is simple swimming. The beaches in Sharjah have good facilities like showers and changing rooms so that people visiting the beaches can simply change and go for a swim in the sea. There are certified lifeguards that keep a watch on the beaches making swimming in the sea a safe option at Sharjah beaches.

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    5. Windsurfing and water skiing: Talk to the winds


    Image Source

    Both of these sports are also very popular on the beaches of Sharjah. There are certified experts and instructors who give training to people visiting these beaches to learn many types of best water sports in Sharjah.

    6. Surfing: Live the beach life


    Image Source

    This is a great water sports activity available on the beaches of Sharjah. There are surfing schools on the beaches in Sharjah that give beginner’s lessons in surfing. Even if you’re a rookie, you can learn in a few hours and get ready to have this experience.

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    7. Sports like banana rides and donut rides: Have fun all day long

    banana rides and donut rides

    Image Source

    Wakeboarding, donut rides, and banana rides are some of the water sports in Sharjah that you must try. Flyboarding which is the most trendy water sport in the city is also available on the beaches of Sharjah.

    8. Parasailing: Float in the air, above the seas


    Image Source

    A parachute is attached to a boat and towed by a boat is another thrilling water sports activity available in Sharjah for people to enjoy. Besides water sports activities, beach sports activities like beach tennis and beach volleyball are all available at the top beaches in Sharjah.

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    Sharjah beaches are becoming famous all over the world, and locals living in Sharjah love to visit the beaches on the weekend or whenever they have time. People from other parts of UAE and the world are visiting this little heaven, are you ready for your trip t0 Dubai.

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