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    New Jersey is known around for its beautiful landscape, rich history, and picturesque beachside boardwalks. Over the years, this city has gradually made its way to the top of the list of tourist destinations in the United States. But, the one thing that sure does make this one stand out amidst the other is the wide range of waterfalls that is visible there. There are multiple waterfalls all throughout the city and each one is better than the other. If you have been planning to see the waterfalls in New Jersey, we definitely do have some of the best options at hand for you.

    Top 10 Waterfalls In New Jersey

    Take a look at the best, beautiful and hidden waterfalls in New Jersey that not many people are aware of!

    1. Paterson Great Falls

    Paterson Great Falls

    Image Source

    Everyone who visits the New Jersey has one way or another seen the amazing range of the Passaic River. In Paterson, the Passaic River basically drops down and breaks down the cleft of rocks and boulders created in the bedrock. This was the result of the changes that dates back to the ice age. The Paterson Great Falls is basically the second largest falls located in the east of the Mississippi River in terms of volumes. Because of the rigorous flow and splash, there is no possible hiking spot around.
    Location: 72 McBride Ave, Paterson, NJ 07522, USA
    How to get there: Because of the lack of hiking trails, the only viable option is to park around and look for an overlook.

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    2. Ramapo Falls

    rampo falls

    Image Source

    The Ramapo Valley Reservation is yet another popular county located in Mahwah. When in New Jersey and if you visit this county, visiting the Ramapo Falls is an absolute must. The stream is not that rigorous like the other one. You will find a small yet steady stream of water flowing around from the MacMillan Reservoir till the Ramapo River. Majority of the tourists who go to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New Jersey tend to hike their way around the Vista Loop trail and also offers beautiful scenic landscapes.
    Location: Wanaque, NJ 07465, USA
    How to get there: Enter through the Ramapo Valley Corporation at the US 202 in Mahwah. Hike through the Vista Loop which is marked with yellow blazes for guidance.

    3. Boonton Falls

    Boonton Falls

    Image Source

    When it comes to cool waterfalls in New Jersey, the Boonton Falls definitely make it to the list. Located in the western part of Paterson in the popular Morris Country, this is yet another one of the waterfalls around the place that attracts a rush of eager tourists. The magnificent Rockaway river which runs through the entire town is embarked and highlighted with the steady flow of the Boonton falls. It is situated in the Grace Lord Park.
    Location: Boonton, NJ 07005, USA
    How to get there: walk through the eastern bank of the Grace Lord Park for an enigmatic view of the surroundings and for an easy trek to the destination

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    4. Otter Hole

    Otter Hole

    Image Source

    This is one of those waterfalls in New Jersey that is known for its name. Located in the southern section of the Norvin Green State Forest, the Otter Hole is a definite hit amidst the tourists and the locals alike. This specific waterfall is comparatively gentle and is located at a close proximity from the parking area. A bit downstream of the Otter Hole is home to yet another common favourites amidst the travellers which are the Chikahoki Falls.
    Location: Norvin Green State Forest, New Jersey
    How to get there: park your car around the area of the parking lot where the Otterhole Road transforms into Glenwild Avenue. Take the Highlands Trail following that and follow along the blue blazes to reach your destination.

    5. Wyanokie Falls

    Wyanokie Falls

    Image Source

    Next on the list of the cool waterfalls in New Jersey is the Wyanokie Falls. This is located in the western section of the Ramapo Valley Conservation highlighted in the Norvin Green State Forest. It is also known to sport some of the most popular waterfalls, especially in the southern section. Derived from its name, the Wyanokie Falls flow down the Blue Mine Brook which they further flow downstream to mesh with the Wanaque Reservoir.
    Location: Wanaque, NJ 07465, USA
    How to get there: Hike through the New Weis Centre located in the Ringwood. Follow the following sequence, from the Otter Hole Trail to the Mine Trail and finally to the Roomy Mine Trail to reach your destination.

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    6. Stony Brook Falls

    Stony Brook Falls

    Image Source

    The Stony Brook Falls is known for its division of the upper and the lower parts of the fall. It is located on the north side of the Stokes State Forest and has a steady upstream and a milder downstream. Majority of the tourists who witness the falls for the first time have time and time explained it as a gushing wave that mix into the smaller stream down.
    Location: Kittle Field, New Jersey
    How to get there: Park around the Kittle field and start walking along the stony brook trail. The brook runs alongside the trail and all you need to do is follow the downstream to reach the falls.

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    7. Buttermilk Falls

    Buttermilk Falls

    Image Source

    Don’t get deterred by the name, the fall isn’t made out of buttermilk. Located just south of the Tillman falls, the rigorous cascade of the Buttermilk falls is over 200 ft tall which make it taller than that of the Niagra Falls. It is spotted right in the beginning of the Buttermilk Fall Trail which is 1.4 miles long. Following the trail upstream can showcase some additional small falls too.
    Location: Mountain Rd, Layton, NJ 07851, USA
    How to get there: Park your car around the trail on the Mountain Road and then set sail towards the Tillman falls from where the road to the Buttermilk falls is pretty straightforward.

    8. Tillman Falls


    Image Source

    Quite a popular waterfall, the Tillman Falls is located in the south of the Stokes State Forest. It is the Tillman Brook that passes through the ravine to finally mesh with the Big Flat Brook. Avoid visiting the place after the heavy storm because it can get pretty intense.
    How to get there: park in either of the two parking spots in Dimon Road from where you can follow the Tillman Ravine trail to reach your destination

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    9. Van Campen Glen Falls

    Van Campen Glen Falls

    Image Source

    Located on the side of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is the Van Campen Glen Falls. There is a large pool at the end of the fall but if you are considering it as one of the swimming waterfalls in New Jersey, you are mistaken. The authorities prohibit any form of swimming, wading or even jumping in.
    Location: Old Mine Rd, Layton, NJ 07851, USA
    How to get there: The trails for this falls originate at the Old Mine Road which is located south of the Millbrook Village. Make sure to follow the yellow blazes.

    10. Laurel Falls

    Laurel Falls

    Image Source

    Last but not the least on the list of beautiful waterfalls in New Jersey is the Laurel Falls. It is located just south of the Van Campen Glen Falls and flows through three different cascades which makes it an amazing sight.

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    All the waterfalls in New Jersey behold a picturesque beauty to itself. If you have been on the lookout for a waterfall near New Jersey, this list of the top 10 could guide you through. USA vacation with TravelTriangle

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