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    waterfalls in texas

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    Texas is grand, vast and bigger than life itself. Located in the United States, Texas is a beautiful city to visit. If you love beauty, you’ll love Texas, if you love history, you’ll love Texas even more and don’t worry if you just like relaxing sitting beside the clear waters, Texas will not let you down. From vibrant festivals to mouth-watering food, this state is just perfect for your next holiday. If you love beauty and nature, Texas is the destination for you. Texas is also the land of waterfalls and like who does not like the voices of water splashing and flowing over the rocks and slabs and waterfalls in Texas are considered to be the best in the entire world. There are many mystic waterfalls flowing on different sides of this city which will help you enhance your holiday experience in Texas.

    9 Best Waterfalls In Texas

    Texas is full of beautiful waterfalls that would be just enough to make you forget all your problems. Below you’ll find a list of some of the best waterfalls in Texas that are too good to miss. Take a look!

    1. Cattail Falls

    Cattail Falls

    Image Source

    These glorious waterfalls are hidden from most of the tourists and have managed to remain far away from the eyes of most of the travelers. Located in Big Bend National Park, Cattail Falls also has a trail for hikers and adventure enthusiasts. The trail stretches up to a distance of 3 miles and not very easy. But those 3 miles are worth it all as your heart will skip a beat when you see the beauty of the oasis after completing the hike.

    Location: Big Bend National Park, Texas

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    2. McKinney Water State Park

    McKinney Water State Park

    Image Source

    The McKinney Water state park has some of the most loved waterfalls in texas. Located in Austin, the waters of these falls rush over the rocks of limestone and provides a picturesque view for all the travelers alike. One of the most loved waterfalls in Texas near Austin, you’ll be pleased to hear the voices of nature and the amount of peace its voices have. If you want an escape from the busy city life, visiting these waterfalls is a must.

    Location: Austin, USA

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    3. Gorman Falls

    Gorman Falls

    Image Source

    One of the biggest waterfalls in Texas near Dallas, you won’t be able to click the whole of a waterfall in one frame, that’s how grand Gorman Falls is. Hiking at Gorman Falls is comparatively easier than other waterfalls in Texas. You’ll notice a heavy flow of water during the rainy months and hiking is not advisable during those months.

    Location: Colorado Bend State Park

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    4. Hamilton Pool Waterfall

    Hamilton Pool Waterfall

    Image Source

    Have you ever dived or swim across a natural pool and not a man-made one or have you ever thought of witnessing anything like that? You will jump with joy when you visit the only natural pool cum waterfalls in Texas. Making reservations is recommended before you plan to visit this beauty as only a limited number of people are allowed to watch the waterfalls and swim at the swimming hole.

    Location: Texas, USA

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    5. Pedernales Falls

    Pedernales Falls

    Image Source

    A perfect place for you to relax and chill by the riverside, Pedernales Falls , one of the calmest waterfalls in Texas near San Antonio are slow and noise free most of the time. You can visit these falls with any purpose and it has all the options from hiking to relaxing beside the calm waters. You can swim amidst the sound of waters rubbing against the rocks of limestone or just bike around the trail.

    Location: Johnson City

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    6. Beef Creek Falls

    Beef Creek Falls

    Image Source

    Belonging to one of the priest’s family, this waterfall though small has all the beauty. The route to reach this waterfall is a little difficult as it is located in East Timberland and will require a guide. And only certified people can escort visitors to the waterfalls. This waterfall is a must-visit if you want to witness beauty in its purest form.

    Location: Hog Creek Falls

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    7. Westcave Preserve Falls

    Westcave Preserve Falls

    Image Source

    One of the most visited waterfalls in Texas, Westcave Preserve Falls is a place where unicorn must roam. Just like an imaginary fairyland, these beautiful waterfalls have a little cave, a perfect spot for you to get your aesthetic insta-worthy pictures. A natural habitat untouched by humans, this waterfall in Texas is the nature in its rawest form.

    Location: Hamilton Pool Road, Texas

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    8. Krause Springs

    Krause Springs

    Image Source

    Owned by the Krause Family from the last 50 years, this waterfall is located 30 miles in West from Austin. Krause Springs is the best escape to your dull life and one of the best camping sites in Texas. These waterfalls have everything from a pool and a camping site to a beautiful butterfly garden for you to have a walk to remember.

    Location: Spicewood Road, Texas

    9. Chalk Ridge Falls

    Chalk Ridge Falls

    Image Source

    One of the horizontal waterfalls in Texas, Chalk Ridge Falls located in Chalk Ridge Park is a very peaceful and beautiful place to be. The clear water surrounded by luscious green trees is just what you need for a successful holiday. You’ll often see the locals as well as tourists enjoying swimming at the shallow side of the lake. You should surely not miss Chalk Ridge Falls if you don’t want to miss the best.

    Location: Belton, Texas

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    So, if you are looking for an offbeat destination that has everything from grand architecture to serene waterfalls. Relaxing beside the calm waters and appreciating the beauty of nature is all you need to refresh yourself. What are you waiting for? Book your vacation fly to the US and for a blissful experience.

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